Artakha, The Forgemaster (Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker)

Here’s my rendition of Artakha, made in

When designing this moc, I kept in mind Artakha’s physical description while also keeping as true to the G1 aesthetic as possible. As such, this design takes inspiration from the 06-09 era titan sets, particularly 08 Takanuva.

Breakdown of the MOC

Mask by KhingK: File Here:!AodcoUDvzhiw4xe6qi3Cq4T54UWF?e=AE4Hb3
Note: despite what thinks, the mask is confirmed to be compatible with Metru heads.
Parts Packs used:
The BioPack (official parts) (Credit: SwampKryakwa and Lehvak Nuva)
The KhingK Pack (custom masks) (Credit: VootCaboot and KhingK)

If anything else is needed for submission, let me know and I will provide.


Very nice! Love the hammer and torso design!

-Solaris Magnus

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Just as a reminder, you’re going to need to link this topic in a post in the main Artakha contest topic to officially enter it.

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Done :slight_smile:

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Good moc, but it does not make sense for the hamer to be that big - it is originally just a crafting tool, not a weapon.

Good point. If I’m allowed to, I’ll rework the hammer and update the moc. The hammer is a recycled design from a previous moc so I thought I’d use it but now I totally understand why it wouldn’t fit this one.

@Eljay is there a rule against making changes to a moc after it’s been submitted?

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Surprisingly, no. We are going to add one, however. Sorry.

The mask i think it should be gold to match with the Vahi and the Ignika

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True, but it’s a bit late to change anything now. I guess that’ll teach me to be more patient before entering these contests.

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No need to worry, i anyways love the build and color

Impressive MOC, the red eyes and rounded fingertips give an eerie feeling to it in my opinion, and that hammer is definitely to big for him but has an excellent design. Best of luck in the contest!

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Cool design. I wish we could get all of those recolors haha

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Eh, I’m still a bit bummed out that I can’t change the hammer, though as I said it’s a recycled design. I’ll be posting the original MOC it came from sometime soon so keep an eye out for that. Thanks though.

Thanks, but yours is way better than mine.