Artillery The astral hunter

Hole in forth wall opens
Hey, No1inparticular here just wanted to say if you wanna skip all this story stuff ,just scroll a bit ,and you’ll get to the moc. also, little disclaimer: I don’t own the following characters: Voretha, Thanatosago, Finn, lucinia ,and malaketh
voretha’s owner’s name I don’t remember ,but the latter characters are owned by legolancer4. hole closes

Name: Artillery
Species: matoran (formerly), Hollow type f (currently)
Age: elements United,e.u. Shambles: 322 years,M.i.a 357 years
Status: Alive
Occupation: hunter class agent for the c.o.t.m
Hobbies: collecting/modifying weapons, listening to music.

Special abilities/skills: foresight, light manipulation, control over disconnected limbs, adaption, swordsmanship

Early life:

Not much is known about Artillery’s early life other than that he was once an Av matoran. The only details that the council has declassified so far is that at the end of his former life, he fell through a multiverse well ,which resulted in his current species designation. Type f hollows are usually defined as beings compromised of energy contained in a metal form to stabilize them though they can exist outside of them indefinitely.

as for how he compares to most members of his species; Artillery’s skill over light manipulation is slightly below that of the average av-toa( which is strange seeing as most type-f’s have an increased power output from their original forms.)
Artillery’s morals can be described as a more grey color compared to an av-toa’s white.
Personnel File.

APPEARANCE: Unlike most type-f’s, Artillery’s body is his original minus all of the organics, which he has modified over time along with most of his armor his eyes were also damaged when he was converted into a type f and had to be repaired with parts from a Spare, because of this, they have a patchwork look to them.
Artillery’s appearance is mostly compared to that of a pirate, which is fitting considering he’s a thief of any experimental weapons the council is developing.

ABILITIES: As a previous member of the Matoran species, Artillery has retained his ability to use his elemental and mask powers.
His mask’s power is that of foresight, allowing him to predict approx 31 seconds into the future at any given time, though if he focuses enough, he can exceed that significantly. Still, his mask will need a slight cool down, reducing its effectiveness to 12 seconds instead of 32. Artillery has shared that the mask has somewhat of consciousness, focusing more on self-preservation than issuing prophecies its original purpose.
Its name Saeleht directly translates to the matoran equivalent of prophecy.
The council does not have a Saeleht in its vault, so any following information is taken from Artillery personally.

According to his reports, the Saeleht is always activated and does not produce a glow unless peering further than 32 seconds into the future. It solely relies on the user’s reaction time and does not take control of the user to dodge attacks. Upon being asked what the Saeleht predicts, he responded:
“Mostly who or what I consider to be an enemy, as for betting on sports events, you’re outta luck.” But he attributes this to it being faulty.

Artillery once requested to go on a special mission to find the origin of the Saeleht after scans of the mask found that I did not originate from his home universe but branch 1438 of the Magnian universe. Though reasons for this could be from Artillery’s origins as a branch anomaly. Despite the possibility of this, the council accepted anyway on one condition: that he bring back a Saeleht for them to study. Upon his completion of the mission, Artillery was asked of his findings, to which he responded, “ you’ll just have to wait for the report.” as of currently, the full report has yet to be declassified (if it ever does, seeing that Artillery never lets them), but the info we do have is of no use.

history: As for his first few years working for the council, Artillery was assigned the hunter class and sent on his first mission to assist operator 26474957846 , also known as Kiria and freelancer 194768 Amera, to disable a corrupt power in the former’s assigned universe, the total time the operation took was 4 weeks during which he formed a close friendship with the two. Upon his return, Artillery was then assigned to a Hunter party to track down an agent who had went rouge and joined the [REDACTED]. Artillery would take on 53 different odd jobs the council had assigned him to, but his first real mission was to track down an entity who was labeled as the Universe’s end and keep tabs on him and figure out if he was a threat. Upon arrival into the universe, Artillery had materialized right in the middle of a battle between an S-class being known as Sepheragon and the E-class entity Malaketh. Artillery was quick to choose sides (something he shouldn’t have done.) and joined the s-class in his uphill battle. They were able to beat Malaketh back but not before Sepheragon was fatally wounded, In his last moments, he bestowed Artillery with his sword: Calvary, and told him he was to become Voretha’s bane and that this was the only thing that could stand a chance against the latter’s power, Artillery (stupidly) accepted. He buried Sepheragon and continued on his journey. After 3 weeks, he found him; Finn, son of Thanatosago and Lucinia Kosmos, he alerted this universe’s operator and told them to keep tabs on the child for him and to immediately alert him if anything were to go awry.

When Artillery returned and gave his report, he was questioned on the importance of his interference, to which he responded: “destiny’s really Stupid y’ know. This statement has cemented his disdain for the concept of the Three virtues and the Toa code entirely, as he feels that both have failed him time and time again.

His next mission was a Reconnaissance mission to Universe 1746367 and see the aftermath of the appearance of several members of his former species which caused a disturbance 50 years prior, the following is a segment from that report.

Universal report: 126
All looks fine here other than a couple of people on street corners shouting something about y2k and how the end of the world is coming.
But hey at least these Walkmans are cool.

The rest of the report spirals downwards from there, but the council had no choice seeing as most of our hunters were tracking down members of the [REDACTED], but I digress.

From here on out, the rest of the file will be written by Operator Kiria, seeing as the last writer has been reprimanded for mentioning sensitive information pertaining to the council’s activities.

Artillery had now been an agent for over 156 years and gone on over
16463 different missions and stolen over 500 weapons. But this next one would be one of his most dangerous.

Artillery had requested to go on a personal mission and investigate the origin of his sword and to actually find out who this Voretha was, This was accepted, and Artillery began on his Quest.

The following is a segment of his report.

Universal report:16464-1

Title: Voretha’s bane.

“I’m back,” I said aloud as I looked around at the city that seemed to have popped up since I was here last.
“How old was the Universe’s end now, 18? Yeah. Here that was 13 years ago .” I made my way into the middle of the town, the various items in my bag rustled, I looked over to a child who was trying to steal my stuff. “Ahhh!” I shouted in alarm, drawing my sword, fortunately hey hadn’t managed to nab anything, but I decided that I might as well scare him off. “YOU DARE CHALLENGE ME!” I shouted, pointing Calvary at them, my white cape billowing in the wind. they screamed and ran away. “Stupid,” I muttered as I sheathed Calvary “they’re gonna give me crap about that when I get back to the m.d.c.” I thought as I wandered around looking for any signs of a burial ground or monument, got lost in a few alleys saw a squirrel jump into a trash can. But after an hour or two, I found it. A monument not to Sepheragon but the Calvary. “What,” I muttered as I walked around it, on (what I assumed was) the front was a plaque that read: dedicated to the Calvary the last line of defense against Voretha and his Chaos-bringers.

“Ah, I see you’re not from around here.” Said a voice to my left
“How do you know?” I responded as looked towards the owner of the voice, she was old, approx 85 years old, and was wearing a cloak that hid her eyes. “Nobody in this town bats an eye at this monument.thats how I know.” She answered as I turned to look at the statue, it was cast in bronze and depicted a hooded figure wielding a sword. “Who’s Voretha?” I asked, still transfixed on plaque my eyes always seemed to wander to the word Choas-bringer. She laughed, “ you must really not be from around here!” She wheezed as she caught her breath then stopped, “to answer your question Voretha is a tyrant, a self-proclaimed god and formed the chaos-bringers a group of his most loyal followers, back when he was free, they slaughtered anyone that wouldn’t join and- but she was cut off as my vision swam and when I could see again I was in what looked like a hallway, behind and in front of me was a pair of doors, right below where I had been looking I saw a creature his pale-white almost translucent skin clung to his rib cage as if someone vacuum-sealed a skeleton, he obviously hadn’t been fed in days. “Get in there scumbag,” I said as the doors opened in front of me, except I didn’t say it…but how…the words had come out of my mouth - my thoughts were cut off as he glared at me, his snake-like eyes meeting mine. “It’s not too late for you.” He sneered. “You could join me.”
“As if!” I thought and said at the same time I nudged him with my blade he and I walked in. “Voretha , you stand accused of the murder of 327 people. What say you in your defense!” Said a hooded figure on what looked like a balcony on his left and right were other hooded figures. The being I assumed was Voretha started laughing, I was about to raise my sword when I spotted the unmistakeable runes carved into the base of the, no my blade; Calvary. “I DID IT.” He said loud enough for everyone to hear but didn’t shout. “AND I’D DO IT TEN TIMES OVER.” He shouted calmly as he turned to look at me. “ YOU, THEIF, HOW DO YOU THINK YOUR LIFE WILL BE ONCE IM LOCKED AWAY? DO YOU THINK IT’LL BE PEACEFUL, MABYE START A FAMILY? I CAN GUARANTEE IT WILL NOT! I WILL ORDER MY CHAOS-BRINGERS TO RAIN HELLFIRE UPON YOU, AND YOUR SUCCESSORS!” He breathed in and faced the court, “as for you, you will have tenfold his punishment.” He sneered. My vision began to swim again this time I, was outside the courthouse when suddenly a great bustle of noise came through, and a man in black and red armor walked up to me, a grim look plastered on his face.

“What did they decide?” Said the person whose eyes I was now seeing through, she was wearing a white robe with gold linings on it.

“In two days," he paused sounding almost out of breath. "They’re going to send him to a disconnect and let him rot in there.”

“Sounds like they’ll be needing me then,” I said…she said? dread in my voice. “What’re you doing later maybe we can go get a drink or something to-“

“No,” he said firmly, “I’m leaving, and I’m not going to return until I find someone worthy to wield this sword when I’m killed.”

My vision swam and, I was back looking at the monument again.

“Of course they were only able to defeat Voretha because they stole his sword,” she began laughing maniacally, a horrible rasping noise. “the same sword that’s now on your hip” I began to back away as she coughed, her voice Begining to Change “oh yes, I know who you are, Calvary!” She said, pulling her cloak off, which revealed she wasn’t old nor was she a woman.
“And I know what my master’s orders were.” He said as he grabbed the watch embedded in his chest.” You’re going to burn!” He grabbed my head and, suddenly, thoughts of freeing Voretha filled my head, clouding my consciousness willing me to do whatever it took to fulfill these thoughts. “No.this isn’t right!” I said stumbling back then breaking into a sprint, my body on autopilot, my voice was barely audible “I can’t, no, must find him, must find him, I MUST FIND THE UNIVERSES END!”

End report.

After this, Artillery wound up in an alleyway and attracted the attention of the thief Kalama and his friend Finn they fought, Artillery who predicted most of their attacks until Finn snuck up behind him, knocking him out, they then later brought him to lucinia’s inn where they met Snappie, and then brought him to the republicorin courthouse for Kardes toa of light to interrogate him, Artillery escaped and fought them both, Finn retreated to gather reinforcements in the form of his father. Not much about the later parts of this mission is known, seeing as Artillery is still not comfortable sharing them, though the things that are known are that Artillery did end up freeing Voretha , who would then go on to kill Lucinia Finn’s mother. after this, Artillery felt responsible, and even though it wasn’t his place, he vowed to avenge all the lives Voretha had taken.

Artillery requested an extension of his mission, which considering the context, was expected. Artillery requested that I help since I was the only person he knew skilled enough with the Code.

later, Artillery and I were assigned a mission to capture a great being residing on Bara Magna

Artillery has currently joined up with a group of toa on their mission to locate the toa mahri, believing that it might give him a lead on our target.

forth wall fricking dies

Salutations, everyone…wow, what you just read…that was heck to work on…seriously, my whole weekend was devoted to writing that, talk about a moc story summary to rival MiniGandalf’s. Anywho time for the actual moc portion of the showcase.

Moc type: self moc
Name: Artillery
Version age:10 months as of May 2020
Status: built

Inspiration: as the first moc I’ve drawn inspiration from, I decided to choose Altair 2.0 from re: creators,
more inspiration is also drawn from Jotaro from jjba.

Fun facts: Artillery has been my self moc for over 9 years as of May 8, 2020, and has over 15 versions, most of which are lost to time.

As it stands, Artillery has 26 points of articulation, 1 for the head which is only limited side to side,2 for the epaulets, a very decent ab crunch/ ark the waist isn’t limited whatsoever, the arms have over 6.the arm moves as expected same with the lower. The hand has moving fingers(the left hand has three “The one ring” pieces on each of the finger, further selling his pirate look), the leg has a decent tang of movement Right up until you get to the lower leg, which can get almost 180-degree bend. The foot joints are unusually tight and can pull off some crazy poses this would be great if the thigh joint wasn’t so loose.

Fun fact this isn’t the first jacket I made

Look at that thing it’s disgusting.

Here’s the main event…CALVARY.

The blade is painted and has a slight metallic shine.

And here’s epyon

Very nice…fun fact the blade is made from a cut gunpla piece.(the piece that held it broke.)

His saber

The ailterian sword… so cool very proud of this one.Legend says that it was created by a lost civilization with advanced technology.

This weapon draws inspiration from jet’s (atla) swords

Artillery’s formerly double-ended scythe

I really like the repaired look on this one. (Keep this one in mind it’s important in origin)

Torp’s head (yes he’s alive.)

Mainly just a joke…but hey who knows could happen?

Ice fan…

it’s meant to look like a fan. Nuff said. it’s oftenly accompanied by an onslaught of puns.

Changling blade

The Hint’s in the name. changes depending on what the user wants but has to be said verbally, not limited to just weapons.

Shiny boi

Shiny boi is really heavy in its first form but

It can split in two to be placed on the back of his arms.

Or dual wielded

Manifestation staff

Manifests the user’s soul as a unique energy attack

Bingo 2.0

So this weapon is probably the most metal thing in his “artillery”. It’s a shotgun mixed with a revolver. Depending on the ammo loaded ,it can do a variety of things.

And last but not least…

The Walkman

Uses the same hand as the saber

And now onto a lot of random pictures of Artillery.

edit: forgot to mention that Torp belongs to bluetorpedov2/ just torp and Kalama belongs to weirdweirdo06 ( I think.)


upload less pics next time omg


First off, dang that’s a lot of pics and weapons. Secondly, I don’t care, since they’re all great. The mac has so much personality and flare, it literally made my jaw drop. Idk why, but I just really like this moc. Awesome job.

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sorry. i got a bit carried away.



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@LegoDavid and @Xyatharus Thanks I really appreciate it.

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I love how you used those big shell pieces as shoulder pads!

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This is amazing!

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This is the type of moc that makes me feel unworthy, lol.

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now I don’t know about that you’re Amara the huntress Moc is fantastic. besides we all have our own styles.

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Aww, thanks! Just curious, but how did you get that ab crunch?

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glatorian neck and hand connector.

Ah, I should’ve guessed.

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Updated the upper arms, so they now can pull off a 180 degree bend.


I saw this a while ago before you updated the arms. Gotta say, I like your stuff!

Anyone that can put waist articulation is alright in my book


I love the use of gold here

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Ooh, nice update. I was wondering, how stable/fragile is he?

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The only semi fragile parts are the knees (I plan to fix this.)

Other than that the moc is extremely solid.

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I like the look of this moc, and that claymore-ish weapon is right stylish.

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