Belgahn - Absolutistic Capitalist (Gilahu's BP Makuta revamps)

Name: Belgahn
Kanohi: Atuma, Great Mask of Charisma
Assigned region: Kurai, (Balrapahi), (Gavoya), (Bogadu)
Status: Dead

While other Makuta were driven by a hunger for power, knowledge, renown or conquest, what motivated Belgahn’s every action was ruthless, never-ending greed. He relentlessly exploited the regions he was assigned to and their inhabitants, leaving behind him bled-dry resources, industrial wastelands and impoverished people.

For Belgahn, this never was about personal wealth, however. He took his satisfaction from the pure challenge of thoroughly exploiting others behind their backs while managing to uphold an image of benevolence towards them. Many discovered far too late that in the eyes of their generous, wise and kind Makuta they were nothing put tools – to be used to generate the maximum amount of profit and then discarded.

Many of Belgahn’s brethren accordingly were careful in dealing with him, even though by all accounts his loyalty towards the Brotherhood of Makuta was absolute. In fact, the vast majority of his gains went to the organization, ascertaining that even during the rule of Miserix a blind eye was turned on his operations as long as they stayed within certain boundaries.

Belgahn’s greatest assets were his economic knowledge and intuition as well as his charisma and political skills. He was a brilliant actor and rhetorician as well as easily capable to outmaneuver others, if necessary by reading their minds and giving his arguments an edge via the use of his Kanohi. He even adjusted his appearance to support the role of a wise elder he often played – none too tall and portly to the point where wielding a weapon with any grace seemed impossible. As a Makuta, he possessed a natural aura of authority, and he used it to great effect where necessary. Unlike most other Makuta, he could also easily manage to appear forthcoming and friendly, however, leading many officials to let down their guard around him.

War and open conflict were things Belgahn detested. They led to nothing but destruction and interruption of trade. If given the opportunity, he would always either seek peaceful solutions or – if he deemed the price of peace too high – would leave the field to others. Small rebel cells in his territories – there inevitably were some people who saw through him sooner or later – he usually dealt with through his minions, particularly his Rahkshi bodyguard or hired Dark Hunters. If the rebellion grew, the Visorak horde became Belgahn’s primary tool to settle matters while he moved on to find new opportunities.

At the Convocation where Teridax proposed his plan, Belgahn immediately supported Teridax. To put the plan of overthrowing the Great Spirit into action, it was necessary to undermine local governments and maintain large armies – both of which would demand enormous financial assets. Miserix had always tried to hold Belgahn back. with Teridax at the top, restrictions on his operations would be dropped as long as he didn’t raise too much suspicion.

Teridax indeed immediately rewarded Belgahn with a free hand in managing matters on Kurai, which subsequently transformed into what resembled a penal colony for the local Urakiri (Primal’s species) population which was forced to mine the large local deposits of elemental stones. In other, better connected regions, Belgahn for the time being only conducted limited operations or acted as adviser for other Makuta, however.

This only changed after the Hagah rebellion, after which the Brotherhood was starting to abandon all pretense of justice and loyalty to the Great Spirit. Already some time before, the Urakiri of Kurai staged an uprising and Belgahn had to abandon the island as the Visorak horde marched in. Now reassigned to the regions of Balrapahi and Gavoya after Rerekei fell victim to an attack by ex-Hagah, he intensified and sped up his operations, spreading them to Bogadu as well after the Great Cataclysm, until a good part of the Southern Continent was slaving away for the Brotherhood.

Nevertheless, resistance against the Brotherhood was spreading, and sabotage as well as the inciting of rebellions by both Toa and Dark Hunters became a real nuisance. Belgahn therefore decided that more remote parts of the universe could possibly be better suited for his undertakings – and perhaps even bore new resources and opportunities. Shipping a sufficient workforce of enslaved Matoran there certainly wouldn’t be the problem.

And so he left – never to return. Who or whatever he met in the south, they did not seem to fall for Belgahn’s tricks. Teridax later merely discovered various items that seemed to have been fashioned out of Belgahn’s armor as testimony to his fate.


Belgahn wore the Atuma, Great Mask of Charisma that allowed him to manipulate others’ perception of his Belgahn’s words and opinions. He was known to use it with great finesse, though considered it more “interesting” to persuade others without its help. In order to mask the Kanohi’s power, he usually shapeshifted it to resemble other or masks or gave it a completely new design.

Belgahn preferred not to dirty his hands with weaponry. If necessary, his powers were more than enough for him to hold his own. As a nod towards the traditional badges of office Turaga wielded, he occasionally was known to use staffs or canes. These were usually purely decorative, however, just another requisite for the role he was playing. The same went for capes and cloaks he donned.

Finally he’s done - Makuta Belgahn, based on the original MOC by @Ahkmou :


Took me over a year, but that was mostly because I had to wait for a good deal on those Carapar limb armor parts on Bricklink (he’s using a total of 10). Worth it, though, since it gives him a unique colouration. And then I decided to spend some more time on giving him a cloak with embroidery. Does its job pretty well, I think, though clearly I need some more practice with embroidery. The cane was a last minute addition, but that really rounds off the look in my eyes.

As probably can be imagined, poseability is probably the most lackluster point here. Knees can get their 90°, but everything else is more restricted than I’d usually like - especially the shoulders and neck. But I suppose with a chunky guy like him this is tolerable :stuck_out_tongue: . I should probably have taken a picture from the side as well… maybe I’ll add one at a later point, but my camera needs to recharge first.

That’s 23 Makuta done, I’m nearing the quarter mark…

As usual, feel free to give C&C and otherwise enjoy!


Someone had Carapar for dinner.


He looks really cool, l love his avohkii pauldrons and his little cane


He’s a chubby, friendly guy.


Exactly what he wants to make everyone believe.