BioCraft: The Island of Mata Nui and Skins

Forgive my prehistoric Minecraft knowledge but you should be able to download the file in the link and stick it where your Minecraft world files go. It should then be openable in Single Player to explore.


Great, thanks!

FYI, this is for Java minecraft, not Bedrock edition (Win 10, PE, Xbox, Wii U)


great, thanks

Massive update:

-Added two additional Matoran skins, and added fixes done by @DarkTakanuva to several Matoran and Turaga, which fixes their masks.

-Made a fix to Pohatu’s skin.

-Added skins for the Toa Mata’s additional masks, including gold masks, and infected/Krana for Lewa.



fantastic to hear eljay.

How does one specifically download the file from Dropbox?

I’ve never downloaded a map before, so I might be hopelessly lost.

Click on download in the top right corner and then select direct download

Much obliged! Thank you.

Guys, is there any server with this map? I would love to play on it with some bionicle and minecraft fans. Minecraft could be easily the only chance for Bionicle fans to play together. Hell, I would love to host a server, but I don’t play MC often.

We really need a good bionicle mod for minecraft… I know there was NuiCraft, but it’s pretty much abandoned. No servers, no mentions… Seeing how much Bionicle being loved on bioniclememes subreddit gives hope for something bigger, than old single player games.

Why do you think there is no mods/servers/resource packs for Minecraft? Suddenly I’m so hyped to initiate something, yet I don’t know any programming language, yet I can draw…

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I know a bit of java (although I’m still learning, I admit) and have thought about making a mod based on Bionicle using the new 1.14 mod loader called Fabric for a few days now. It could take advantage of the new village mechanics to have actual Matoran villagers.


The map has been upgrade to the latest version of Minecraft (14.1). If there are any issues, please let me know!


good to hear.

hey is anyone else getting the 429 error and not being able to download it

So here is the scoop thus far.

The files for all versions of the map as well as the skins were hosted on Dropbox. Unfortunately, Dropbox has entirely revoked our ability to create any links to anything on our account. The current theory is that it’s due to the high traffic cause by the links themselves.

While we slowly look into how to resolve that issue, it doesn’t really solve the problem. We’ll need a different website to host these files on so we can share them with all of you. If anyone has any recommendations, we’re open to them.

As a note, MEGA Share is out of the question. We’ve tried, and the site simply will not allow us to upload anything or even load half the time. It’s terrible.


As a suggestion you could make a TTV google drive and simply put the files there then share the link set to viewing only (so no one can edit the files on the drive)
That should allow us to download the files easily enough, because even when it is set to viewing only, we can still download the files.
This is my though process, though probably wouldn’t be the best long term, as that suggests you guys create a drive for this and at worst a new email if you were going down that route.


you could pt them up on planet minecraft its an easy download from there and the link wont expire unless you take them down


Has there been any progress on the upload? Skullbomb’s recommendation about Planet Minecraft is a good one. I’ve given a pretty good look through the rules just now and it seems perfect, honestly.

Been waiting for years to see this project complete, can’t wait to finally have the chance to explore the glorious island you guys created!

Let’s give this a shot!

All the links have been updated and should work. I’ve put all of the skins and map versions up on our Google Drive. Let me know if there are any issues.

Additionally, the latest version for the Island is 14.1. There have been a couple updates since, so if you upgrade/convert the island to a later version of 1.14, let me know if there are any issues.

Finally, new skins! In addition to the Toa, Turaga, and Matoran skins that we’ve made and used in the film, I’m releasing the Toa Metru as well! Thank you to @Wolk for some assistance in fixing an error with them. Please enjoy!


I’m actually curious if there might be a day when we might see another Biocraft project happen when Hytale is released: