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Pretty much.

In the Greg Farshtey and Christian Faber are credited at the end of nine :smiley:


Leave it to the master of fire! *

at least, thats what I heard.


That makes more sense.

All episode nine really is is Ekimu telling Tahu to come and find him. Although watch it if you want to see the hand of a summer set :stuck_out_tongue:


Tahu: “Leave it to the Master of Fire!”

Proceeds to bash his swords aimlessly at LOSS without using any of his fire powers


Guys i’m italian so i’ll try to do a translation of the episodes.Stay tuned!

Episode 8:
Tahu: Who is that…“thing”?

Pohatu: The Lord of the Skull Spiders,we can’t be more fast than him.

Kopaka: Stay cool,i can freeze that insect.

Lewa: mff,you’re too slow Kopaka

Gali: The water will take him away.

Tahu: Leave that to the Master of Fire (FIYAAAA).

Onua: We have to act together!

Narrator: The six heroes joined together and attacked like they were a single force.

Tahu: Onua,NOW!!!


Gali: We’ve done it!! If they join together,the masks have the power to defeat evil!


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Now where have we heard that before?


The padestal for mask was in the middle of fighting LOSS place

Episode 9 :
Narrator: The Lord of Skull Spider…was finally defeated.

Pohatu: Who know how it was here once.

Tahu: Shh,shut up!I can hear that strange voice in my head,again!

Ekimu(well,that escalated quickly): I am Ekimu,the mask maker.You all have shown great courage,you’re heroes! But now,you all must hurry,and find the place where i rest!

Gali: We must find Ekimu before evils.

Lewa: Find something among this ruins is like “trying to find a needle in a haystack” !

Onua: Oh!The masks will lead us!

Pohatu: I don’t like this place…there’s something bad here.



Yup Kopaka vs Tahu not surprised at all…

Anyone else bothered by Tahu’s neck in the animations? It’s got absolutely no texture.

I do no acrually speak russian nor italian and spanish :smiley:
I can speak only English, Slovak, Czech and German…

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Well, at least you translated stuff for us. And that makes you worthy, especially when it’s about BIONICLE.


Well,i’m italian but i’m not too good when i have to translate something…BTW,my translations desn’t seems too bad,i think.


Also, me and my friends are on VK just from pure recesy…
@Chro (Sorry for @ thing it’s pretty hard to quote on phone) I think that ruins of ancient city actualy are in the middle of island (according to MoC iOS game). But there are also some other ruins in Region of Jungle (this was mentioned on official page).

I was browsing on youtube and I came across episode 7, 8 and 9 of the MNOG style animated web series of bionicle in Portuguese on a channel called “HeroFactoryRU”.

Don’t read if you haven’t watched!

So, personally, I think it was intresting, and kinda funny with the fight between Tahu and Kopaka. So, skull spider is defeated, cliff hanger end and subtitles points towards episode 9 being the final episode. So, I wonder, will there be more for the summer? Guess we’ll have to wait. I thought these were ment to be monthly, well of course, they weren’t supposed to comming all in one month, but to fight 5 villians in 3 episodes seems kinda crammed, so I don’t think they were really ment to be 1 per month.


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I just started watching Episode 6 on LEGO’s YouTube Channel and it translated the captions to English for me. When the words “Mask Maker” come up, it translates to it as “Manufacturer of Masquerade” :smiley:


Wow, that was… anticlimactic. That being said, it definitely was a treat to see them all finally actually interacting, and Kopaka and Tahu’s brawl was oddly amusing. Pohatu as Aussie Batman, while not bad, is still incredibly surreal. Also, I can’t wait until the translations are worked out so we can read all the inscriptions on stuff.


I like how Lewa’s just flying over the others.
He all like “There’ll be no foot-walking. Just air-flying!”


@WOLKsite There are definitely going to be more than nine.