BIONICLE 2015 Set Images Found!

first off!
I want to get lewa and loss out of the way
lewas new miru is...a cross between all the mirus strange but it looks less matau hordikish
but something I realised is that his weapons are a nod to his original ones
lord of skull spiders (now apperently skull krata <--spelt krata)
so now it can be seen that it is with a gold krata? skull spider? whatever its called
but thats all I want to say about that guy
now onua
seriously look how bulky he is its freaking siiiiiiiicckkkkkk
nothing much else to say
his mask really does look like a kakama which is great! and he has boomerangs for weapons! they are pretty cool also trans yellow bone parts!!!
this looks perfect, its amazing, that board first of all, looks great..and that hau tho
that hau is great
gali is probs my fav and least fav
the mask is ugly
the rest is cool
pretty much it
my fav, my absolute fav
this one was done great, for a preliminary
it is amazing he even has a shield and a that...look at the tip of his staff, the one pointing downwards
It cant be! this is amazing! they still have old parts!
as for the protectors
they look cool and they look noncloney

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So decided to give my thoughts on each of the sets;

Protector Of Earth
Honestly not feeling the purple colour sheme, would have preferred black to match Onua. The additional of the launcher in the chest is nice, helps minimise the kibble. The shoulders seem a little bulky however.

Protector Of Fire
Fairly simplistic design, some nice trans-red pieces however I already have quite a few of them already. Not sure how I feel about the 'War Machine' style shoulder cannon... however it has potential.

Protector Of Ice
Honestly the worst looking Protector in my opinion, the chest armour doesn't cover the upper parts of the chest and would have preferred a trans-white to the trans-blue we got... but ah well.

Protector Of Jungle
Honestly I'm a little disappointed in how this set looks, lacking a majority of the detail I thought it originally had. The bow is nice however it seems like a parts grab... would have preferred more focus on the body details

Protector Of Stone
Not sure why a protector of stone has a trans-green weapon... would have preferred Trans-brown or something...

Protector Of Water
This thing looks a mess to me, the shoulders look bulky due to the kibble fan things. If their was a set I would probably pass it would be this.

Tahu: Master of Fire
One of the better looking sets mostly due to his shoulders... the legs seem a little too bulky due to the Hero Factory chest pieces... Not sure why he has a gold ass plate... The surfboard is a nice addition.

Gali: Master Of Water
My god... what happened to your face 0_0 I like the double-bladed axe... could use that for a revamped 'Axonn' however the design looks too smooth and simplistic looking for me.

Kopaka: Master Of Ice
Looks like a good set, slightly disappointed in the re-use of the blades from Tahu's surfboard however its a nice note that any of the trans-flame pieces can be put inside instead, opens up a lot of possibilities for MOC's. Not a fan of the over-use of gold though.

Lewa: Master Of Jungle
The head is off to me... not sure why... looks like a mix between Bulk and Breeze from Hero Factory. The axe's look nice and I think I see Trans-lime green so it could be good.

Pohatu: Master Of Stone
Looking rather 'meh' to me, not a fan of the uneven looking body or the fact that half his body is silver. Either do him all brown or all silver, but not both side by side. The boomerang is interesting... think that Lewa should have had that though...

Onua: Master Of Earth
What happened to you? Seriously this figure is a mess of Silver, Gold and Black. Worth noting for fans is that the silver pieces appear to have the face of Mata Nui... similar to the stones. Definitely will be getting this primarily for a Mata-Nui stone MOC.

Lord Of Skull Spiders
Looks fairly nice, simple, but nice anyway. Already have a bunch of pieces and hope that the face is printed rather than a sticker - I like the lower jaw part that presumably opens and closes.

Definitely a lot to hint at for the Summer Wave. We'll definitely be getting some vehicles and some titans via the looks of things. Can easily see a combo model of Onua, Kopaka and Tahu to make a golden warrior... tempted to buy several of them and have a golden team of Toa's... however that depends on wallet...

The Mata-Nui style piece on Onua intrigues me the most, definitely a lot of potential with that piece.

Recommendation of the high-priced Toa would be to get Tahu and/or Kopaka.
Recommendation of the lower-priced Toa and villain would be to get Lewa and maybe Pohatu if you have spare.
Recommendation of the Protectors would be to get Jungle and Fire

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onua has purple
and the gold "ass" plate on tahu is on his leg

True Onua has purple but it isn't the focus of the set itself - black is the primary colour of Onua and Gold is the secondary colour, he only has 2 parts in purple.

While attached to the leg it reaches way too high-up so it'll limit articulation to say the least. The angle of the photo also makes it look like it is positioned their.

but it isnt positioned there, and it doesnt remove articulation that much

This calls for some great art.


Girly Squeal smile

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No, you are not.

Also, @Political_Nuju, you once said that this:

Bothers you.

Am I the only one that, when he hears any "this isn't what it's supposed to be,LEGO is bad at {insert the object of your random, meaningless rant here}" shpiel, he thinks of this?

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These images give me nearly everything I asked for. New
colors, new armor molds, good quality masks, well executed builds. Just give me
mask packs now and it will be complete.

In general, it appears that the small Masters still carry
the silver tang of the Mistika, while the large Masters bear the Golden Armor.
Which is interesting, given that they all have golden masks.

I’ll start by looking at Pohatu. He has a rather simple CCBS
build, but at least five trans yellow bones and at least four brown armor
plates make him worth it for parts collectors. The Kakama doesn’t look as good
as the classic, but it’s still a well-designed mask. The boomerangs look pretty
cool, and it’s nice to see he can hold them in his hands. The spinners in them
are interesting – can they propel themselves through the air? Like all the Toa
he has a new armor add-on, very well detailed and slightly reminiscent of the
piston elements, but more attuned to the new BIONICLE “feel”. In his case he
has two of them. I also see an exposed balljoint in the side of his torso – it’s
speculated that these Toa have functional arms built in the manner of Bruizer
and Scarox. This might lead to some problems with poseability, but both his arm
appears to be fully built with limb elements, so at least it can still pose.

Gali does not look feminine at all, but it’s difficult to
accurately show femininity in an official set, so I’ll give them a pass. Her
mask is very different, pretty nasty looking, but I’d prefer that over another
case of Rau syndrome. She has the long awaited azure armors, four of them in
size four, some trans blue bones and armor, and another silver armor add-on.
She has an axe-spear combo with some yellow Technic elements, and the Super
Heroes add-on chest, which is a downer, as I was hoping for something more
feminine. Like Pohatu, she looks to be better as a parts pack than as an actual

Lewa is interesting – I’m all for forest green armors (of
which there are four not counting the torso piece), but it looks weird with the
gold (or keetorange) on his legs. He also has both silver and gunmetal parts,
and a mask that is slightly reminiscent of the old Miru, but very lacking. The
armor pieces he have (including what may be gunmetal add-ons) are rather small
and don’t cover up the bones very much (as such his Friction ball-joints can be
seen. His axes are made of the same pieces as the blades on Gali’s axe,
combined with two Brain Attack swords. Overall, he seems to be the weakest of
all the Toa sets, without the bonus trans elements of his fellow small Masters
for parts or the design aesthetics of the larger Masters.

Speaking of the larger Masters, Tahu looks AMAZING. His
lavaboard, which originally looked very gappy, is actually very well designed,
with two Brain Attack fire pieces in the lavaboard. He has six of the new
add-ons in gold, three 2.0 torso armors in red, and a very solid looking
backside with what could be another 2.0 torso armor. Mask looks pretty good,
very similar to the original Hau. The box art has his Golden Hau on a platform
similar to the one that the old mask on the display, but dripping lava. The
Skull spider in color might be in a different bright green as well.

Kopaka is literally cooler than ever in his bulky armor. He
has more trans blue bones, which can be seen connected to balljoint beams for
armor on BOTH HIS FRONT AND BACK (at the expense of the sides. He also has white
versions of the new add-on, brain attack torso, and larger size armor, plus a
shield which is composed of the same pieces as the lavaboard (but with trans
blue blade elements) and a spear.

Onua is a beast. He has the large Beast Feet, purple armor,
more golden add-ons, and a huge custom torso which could very well contain a
gear function (possibly indicated by some handles on his back.) He also has
some unique silver armor pieces, two of which combine to form his hammer. All
three large sets look to be very well suited for display, although we can’t yet
judge play.

Skull Kraata/LOSS is rather meh. The face looks pretty
cheesy. But, he looks like a gold mine for Glatorian necks and what might be
trans orange liftarms, plus the gold Skull-mask.

Earth protector has purple limbs. PURPLE LIMBS. If they are
trans purple that would be awesome. Like most Protectors he has a composite
torso, and his has the new stud launcher ingrained into it. He has a purple
version of the Protector Mask, and he has a trans purple mace, stone knife, and
grey versions of Bruizer’s add-ons.

Fire Protector has pretty short limbs, and trans orange
armors aren’t exactly knew. The trans hands are a plus, but for MOCers who use
custom limbs not really worth it. Custom torso (or Frost Beast torso) which
clearly visible Glatorian necks, silver/grey add-on, and partially molded
defender mask. Also, he seems to have a solid head underneath the mask.

Ice protector has two trans blue limbs, but so do some of
the Masters. Other pieces of interest include more white add-ons, white feet, a
trans blue saw, white mask, and blue Brain Attack element blade, but Kopaka
already has many of these.

Jungle protector shares Lewa’s weird coloration. Trans neon
green armors and the silver add-on have been seen before, but Keetorange limbs
and green blades might be worth it to some people.

Stone protector has more brown armors, trans yellow arms,
and silver add-ons. The brown mask and trans yellow Brain Attack blades set him

Lastly, the Water Protector. I might see a pair of dark blue
armors on her leg – which is a first. Also has azure Defender mask, translucent
turbine blades, and more trans bones, but the smaller kind seen on Splitter

Pohatu has gears too! And so does Tahu (maybe)!

LOL, I can see where you are making that comparison. Probably 98% of members here are MALE, and here they are complaining about lack of femininity in Bionicle. Like Kahi I get annoyed because they're defending a point they don't need to defend.

But I digress. This could have a WHOLE topic by itself...not a bad idea actually...


hi pet rain

how are you?



Oh goodness smile

I'm crossing my fingers on the brown though. As I'm working on a moc that uses the reddish Avak brown, I'm hoping that it's that shade. If not that, I honestly don't want yet another shade of brown, or else we'll end up with 50 shades of brown... ._. ( yes, that's the best pun I could come up with ).


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WHOA - I just realized that Pohatu has a Guurahk staff piece coming off his back.


It means he has an extra weapon.

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A lot of people are guessing it's for a combiner, which is pretty likely. I just hope it's not just awkwardly sitting there on him.

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kopaka has a gurrahk staff

pohato has a gurrahk staff



@Political_Nuju Hahaha or what if..... drumroll

They just use the same weapon piece.