BIONICLE 2016 Discussion Topic

I kinda like that idea.

Well, yeah, it was ugly if you used it with regular white, same way the new blue looks bad with Mata blue. This in no way makes either a bad color.

Also, teal is never coming back, people. Lego decided that long ago.


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Guys, as much as I agree or disagree with your opinoons this is getting really off topic, the netflix show topic is there if you want to keep discussing about how horrible adventure time style (or how cool) it would look. And as for wishing the colors return it isnt the correct topic.

Sorry for being a killjoy (not sorry)

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Dont let your dream just be dreams.

Just DO IT LEGO, bring back old colours. You did it with Purple.


There is a dog like creature in the graphic novel preview, pohatu was petting them, It would have been better than ketar



lego doesn’t bring back old colors, as a matter of fact the first purple was replaced by the current dark purple. There was never a point when one of the two purples wasn’t used

First of online and physical petitions dont work.
Second lego doesnt make teal any more for a reason.
Third lego has never brought back a color, ever, they have only made new shades

Guys, we are getting off topic. Please stray back into BIONICLE 2016 discussion.

All this discussion of colors can go to another topic or something.


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I just made a colour topic if we want to continue this discussion.


But don’t all horns vaguely resemble a banana shape anyway?

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wait wait, “the beasts lived in harmony too” what?


Good, then you guys can continue there.

@Asriel Shouldn’t that go in the 2015 topic instead?


Pohatu has doggies now.

he also is hungry.

you decide the rest.


Well it talks about beasts, but I dont know what kind of beast, maybe the 2016 sets, maybe random animals in okoto

the beasts are just recolored LoSS sets, obviously

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Still, I feel this would be better in the 2015 discussion topic.

So far we have nothing on the beasts from later on this year. I’d say we should focus on the actual sets we have now and speculate the story.


So since Umarak won’t be able to get any of the Creatures, he will choose some of Okoto’s regular wildlife and turn them into monsters by using Makuta’s evil powers?


Ok, so the creatures, the carvings on their heads and the armor, do you guys think its natural or ekimu made them
Or what do you think,

Jang explains why he took out the click sounds here


I like to think of the bests as ancient demons of the island.
Anyway, do you guys think Umaraks horns are unnecesary or do they really improve his looks?

Personally, after watching him without the horns in that one pic, can’t even imagine what would have happened if they didn’t put those amazing horns. Sure they still make the mask pop off easier, but if you are like me and play the kanohi game G2 style you know how much OP is a character when they have the skull sword, so I’d say they are great for playability, and looks.

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No. Actually the Creatures are the most ancient beings on Okoto made by raw elemental powers. They helped hiding the Golden Masks of Unity away from Makuta.