LEGO Colour/Color Discussion Topic

Continuing the discussion from BIONICLE 2016 Discussion Topic:

I didn’t see a BIONICLE colour discussion topic, so let’s make one! If this already exists, feel free to close this.

Anyway, what started this topic was the discussion of Teal and Thok Grey. Teal is out, people. LEGO got rid of teal and kept purple after 01.

Thok Grey might be cool to see again. Some people say it was bad for MOCcing, but that was only because their was so little of it.

Gold, burnt orange, and sand blue beg to differ.


Gold, has gone through so many different versions I wouldn’t say it ever left.
Burnt orange was never discontinued it just wasn’t used. A color never replaced it and as far as I know it was never officially discontinued

And sand blue has never stopped being in production.

Just because a color stopped being in bionicle doesn’t mean it was stopped being made for other lego themes


I feel like Thok’s grey only existed so that his pure white teeth wouldn’t blend as much into his body. :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably. But then again, they’ve been around for as long if not longer than Ekimu, so…

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But purple came back after 10 years of no purple. Sure its not the same purple, but neither was the gold, blue, silver, green and such…but still it was purple non the less.

Well, they were probably used in some capacity in system sets. Maybe not the G2 green, brown and blue, but…

These are most certainly all the G1 related colours that were used in Bionicle (Minus the oddities like shiny gold, metalic, or sparkly glowy stuff). Some were also used in G2.

And yes, Teal, Red, and that Yellow stuff deserve to be in two/three pictures cause they are awesome.

PS: Can you name all the colours of the wind (those above) here?

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The first purple got discontinued with original brown, grey, dark grey, sand purple, teal, sand red, and many others.

The current purple, known as dark purple has been used since then. Like I said just because lego stops using a color in bionicle doesn’t mean they stopped using it all together

And again, you continue to miss the point of what I was trying say.

Please tell me what you are trying to say, because by the looks of it your trying say that purple left for 10 years and came back differnt, while that may be true for the bionicle theme its not for the rest of the lego system

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The purple used in system has always been dark purple. Only BIONICLE ever used light purple, and it’s since been discontinued.


I would just like to see teal again

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While it is true that lego never brings back the exact same shade of a color, i feel that the 01 teal was succeeded by bright azure in the ifb monsters in the same way the new blueish violet suceeded the old reddish violet in g1 bionicle. The biggest difference is that bright azure is more of a cyan color, and while that was also useful to fill out the lego palette, I think a true aquamarine color would be more than welcome. It would esentially be a true blue green mix (leaning more towards green to set it apart from azure) and I feel that would at least satisfy me in my mourning of old teal, lol.

Here’s my preferred way of telling which color is what.

Step I: Go here.
Step II: Figure the rest out.

Now I know that Bricklink does not use the exact names for the colors, but they’re better IMO.

I really enjoyed the vibrant color aesthetic of the early years. They seemed brighter on BIONICLE pieces than on the standard brick system. Maybe that’s just nostalgia talking…
I haven’t gotten aroundt to seeing the new sets for 2016, but for the 2015 wave looked like it tried to bring that back, which I appreciate. (Except it still doesn’t pop as much IMO. Oh well, what can you do?)

I feel like BIONICLE has been good at color choice and design throught the years, there haven’t been too many atrocities concerning ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ of colors.

No sure if this belongs here or not. But has anyone notice that the trans-blue used in 2015 sets is not the same as in G1 (at least in 2007 sets)?

I mean the new ones are not as fluorescent as the old ones. I was playing with the UV black-light, and notice that, while all trans-red and trans-green pieces light up under it, the trans-blue pieces on Kopaka and Ekimu did not. But when I tried shining black-light on the old G1 sets, Takadox and Nocturn, their trans-blue pieces did glow.

early g1 sets used trans-medium blue aka ice blue post 2003 it was replaced by trans-light blue.

Takadox and nocturn have glow in the dark in there pieces thats why they glow

yes, both trans blues are completely different colours; you can tell even without UV black-light

The old blue is known as trans fluorescent blue (which still exists, but rare), while the other is simply called trans light blue.

the newer one is noticeably greenish

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I meant their trans-blue pieces, not glow-in-the-dark ones. :sweat_smile:

Oh, so they are completely different colors? My sense of color must be really bad, since it seems that I can’t tell them apart. :confounded:

And I tried the same thing with older sets and I found out that trans-light-blue bohrok eyes also don’t light up under UV.

I just wish the new trans-blue eyestalks are more fluorescent, so they might pop up a bit more, making the sets “lively”.

They are really similar but the new one is darker and more green, I personally think the old color looks more like ice but it drifted to close to trans clear hence why it was changed