Bionicle Canon contest #1 : the First, Part 2 (art) entry by HB bricks

This is my take on Helryx the first Toa.

(All drawn with pencils and colored in with colored pencils )

I will go over some of this drawings features.

For the torso I wanted to look as close to a mata torso as possible without straight up replicating a mata. I made the torso very spindly and in some parts see through, it’s full of pistons and the like. I added some tubing going from the bottom to the top as a nod to the original moc. I enjoy that detail. I also added the weird technic ball some of the Mata had on their chests. Helryxs hands and feet are kept in line with the moc. I just added a few extra details on the back of the mata feet, to invoke more of the water element.

For the armour I made it look as alien as possible why still in line with the Bionicle universe. I took some inspiration from sea shells and the like hence the deep milky purple appearance,

For the background I took some inspiration from the Bionicle Gali 2001 instruction book cover where Gali is climbing a pile of rocks. I thought it would need to have a simple homage to it. I added some glowing rocks around Helryx, as if she’s using her mask to learn about them. (I also added a little “Easter egg” towards the top of the drawing :wink: )

For the mask of psychometry I tried to make it invoke the style of a mata mask. The mask takes inspiration from the mask of time, the hau and the kau kau. I chose to include some laments of the hau because the mask of time was one of the first masks ever designed and I thought it would be nice to add some nods to that mask in helryxs mask because she is the first Toa after all. The hau was incorporated because that mask is one of the most iconic so I thought it would be an interesting idea to take some inspiration from it. Finally the kau kau was utilized because it is the first water Toa mask ever released.I also incorporated some “fins” onto the mask to convey more of the water element. I picture the mask being the same color as Gali 2015. Makes it stand out.

The Weapons are fairly different from the base moc. The shield for example is now circular and the mace is slightly shorter and thiner. For the mace I wanted to invoke the idea that it was made out of gears and that it was something that looked alien. For the shield I took some more inspiration from the mata and made helryxs shield similar to kopaka mata. I decided to add the Bionicle logo as an additional detail. It seems very fitting.

Finally I tried to make this drawing a bit dark to invoke some mystery. I wanted to make helryx look very ancient and alien and making her a bit darker achieves that in my opinion. Her colors are pretty sillier to the mocs with exceptions with her shoulder armour chest armour and shin armour as well as mask. I’m pretty happy with how this drawing turned out. It takes lots of details from the mata and looks unique enough while not departing away too much from the original moc. :slight_smile:


That’s a really cool torso design, and I like how it integrates the hoses. The Vahi inspiration on the Kanohi is clear, too, and it’s pretty neat. I appreciate what you’ve done with the shoulders.

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Dunno this looks nothing like the original MOC


I really like what you’ve got here, but the contest criteria was to make a drawn representation of UnderscoredDouble’s winning moc entry
and uh, you haven’t done that.


Unfortunately, I have to deliver some bad news.

We have made the difficult decision to disqualify this entry. Please allow me to explain.

For starters, you’ve done a great job creating an entry you can call your own. Your explanations make perfect sense, and I can see the thought behind every decision you have made.

Our decision comes down to the fact that this is not an illustration based off the winning entry in majority. While this creation stands very well as one on its own, it is not based off the winning entry at all.

In our art topic, we state the following:

No part of this entry has any grounding in the basis. It does not bare any resemblance to the winning model for the MOC contest, and as it is not based on it, it fails to follow the guidelines of the contest.

As such, we do not feel confident permitting this entry to be voted upon, as it simply is not based on the winning model, and as such would defeat the point of the prior portion of this contest.

Thank you for your participation, and please forgive us for this decision. It is not one we made lightly, and it does not please us to make it. We are sincerely inspired by your entry and are grateful that you entered.

Once again, thank you. We will accept any ire that may come from those that are upset by our decision.