Bionicle Deceiving Dreams: Official Topic

This is a work of Bionicle Fiction based on my own head canon. There is a Hand Guide that can be found below.


Deceiving Dreams


A Ta-Matoran named Gavan stood remembering his past. He had been told of what happened in Metru-Nui. How he had won the Akalini Tournament, won the copper mask, the mask that he wore to this day. He couldn’t remember why, had he been vain and wore it just to spite the other teams, or if his first mask had broken and being a Matoran he didn’t care to have a mask that would contain a power. All he knew now was that it was mistaken for a Huna by so many other Matoran. That was the problem, he barely remembered anything, a Matoran Sphere would do that to you. That was why he did not dwell on what he had been told, he had real memories, memories of Mata-Nui, the Rahi, the Bohrok, the Rahkshi, the trip back to Metru-Nui, Teridax’s takeover and his oppression under his once friend Ahkmou. He also remembered the defeat of Makuta, the migration to the newly reformed Spherus Magna, the creation of New Atero, the reunification of the Agori and Matoran. So much had happened in the past thousand years, and he remembered almost all of it. But now his memory had gotten him in trouble once more, as he could not remember how many widgets a Kohli stick cost at his local seller.
“Come on buddy, your holding up the line.” Said the Jungle Agori who owned the stall.
“Just a minute.” Said Gavan as he counted out the widgets in his satchel. Mata-Nui forbid he was buying it for himself, he couldn’t play Kohli worth a Muaka, he was buying it as a replacement for the friendly Ga-Matoran Vani who had broken her’s helping him fight off a rogue Tarakava when he was defending her hut the last day. Occasionally even the most peaceful of creature would attack the Matoran, so it was not a far cry for a Tarakava to attack, and he had been on Ga-Magna watch as a member of the Ta-Manga guard. He set his satchel upon the stall and began sifting through his Widgets.
“There, forty widgets.” Said Gavan. The Agori took the money and passed the Kohli Stick to Gavan. He walked over to the canal boat owned by a Ga-Matoran that lead to Ga-Magna. He gave her the five widget fee and began his journey to Ga-Magna. The boat was sparsely populated, only a few Matoran and Agori. The Glatorian generally used their own transportation, and Toa were seen ever more rarely. He walked up to a Golden and Blue Matoran and said.
“What takes you to Ga-Magna.”
“This boat.” Said the Ce-Matoran. Gavan looked at her strangely. Most Ce-Matoran were more, thoughtful. The Ce-Matoran sighed and said.
“My partner, Rasija, is visiting the Ga-Matoran astrologer Nixie. I’m going to pick her up, she’s a little, eccentric.” She then looked at Gavan’s back and excitedly said,
“Is that a brand new Kohli stick?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Do you play?”
“No, I’m bringing it to a friend.”
“Shame, I play, and I’m good, I think I’ll be joining the Ce-Magna Kohli team this year.” She was talking quickly and Gavan summarized that she was a Kohli head.
“Who’s this friend?” She asked.
“Just a Ga-Matoran who broke her’s fighting a Tarakava.”
“Board off!” Shouted the Hau clad Ga-Matoran operating the boat.
“Goodbye.” Said the Ce-Matoran.

Here is the Hand Guide, this will also contain links to other Deceiving Dreams based work.