Bionicle Eternal Fan Project Model - Friana, Toa of Air

Welcome back to the BIONICLE Eternal Fan Project!

Bionicle Eternal is a story-based project, with custom constraction models representing important characters from the tale. Visit our advertising thread on these boards for more information about the project and its members, and also our website, where you can read about the lore, story, and characters.

For the first wave of content we have prepared twelve models, three written teasers, and one main story, split into acts and chapters. Our content will follow a weekly release schedule is found below, where you can also have quick access to all of our previously released content. Our website will also be updated weekly with the release of new models and new story content.

Week 1 (1/12018) - Matoran Group 1 (Sukiru and Melody), and one teaser
Week 2 (1/8/2018) - Matoran Group 2 (Brahn and Katta), and one teaser
Week 3 (1/15/2018) - Matoran Group 3 (Saburo and Shu-Tural), and one teaser
Week 4 (1/22/2018) - Toa 1 (Maerkon), and Chapter 1 (Beginning of Act 1)
Week 5 (1/29/2018) - Toa 2 (Vineon), and Chapter 2
Week 6 (2/5/2018) - Toa 3 (Kerila), and Chapter 3
Week 7 (2/12/2018) - Toa 4 (Friana), and Chapter 4
Week 8 (2/19/2018) - Toa 5 (Yeela), and Chapter 5
Week 9 (2/26/2018) - Toa 6 (Grillon), and Chapter 6
Week 10 (3/5/2018) - Chapter 7
Week 11 (3/12/2018) - Chapter 8
Week 12 (3/19/2018) - Chapter 9 (Conclusion of Act 1)

Friana, Toa of Air

Friana: Cheerful and a light-hearted jokester, Friana has always believed that you must do everything in your power to protect the ones you love. And to that end, she’s created ruthless traps and ended many lives without a second thought. Even before she was a Toa, her skills were unparalleled, creating a glider that took as much lift from the wind-patterns of the island as possible. When she became a Toa, her repertoire only increased. She now has full control over her glider, able to fly overhead and rain arrows down from above and create devastating tornadoes. She’s quick-thinking, flexible and creative, making her not necessarily as powerful or experienced as some of the other Toa, but definitely as dangerous.

Which toa is your favorite so far?

  • Maerkon
  • Vineon
  • Kerila
  • Friana
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Thank you all for your support! We hope you continue to enjoy our content. Your feedback is very valuable to us and is always welcome. Be sure to check back next week for the fifth toa model release: Yeela, Toa of Earth.

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Hoooooh that silver Miru Nuva looks SWEET! Really nice silver and tan and bio-luminescent green and metru brown color scheme, even though it does not make me think of air. However, my love for whatever Norik’s mask is and the nostalgia of those Surge shoulderpads brings me to like Maerkon more.

In our project the element stone was dropped and sort of combined with air, hence the new look for the element. One of the story guys could probably explain it better than I could, but anyways, really glad you like these models, and thanks for your feedback!

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It’s always interesting seeing the polls progress with each new MOC.

This is great. The mask as a shoulder pauldron is fantastic

And I’m loving the series as a whole. Keep posting these!

If I’m being honest this looks like a toa of stone, but I don’t mind it. Great work all around and nice job on the bow.

I find it interesting as well. I expect that in two weeks time, when the last toa model has been released, the numbers will all be more even. Thanks for checking this out!

Thanks for looking! We’ve got two more toa to be released in the coming weeks, and after that, we’ll let you all know what the schedule will be for future models.

Again, that’s probably due to how we redesigned the element of air. Thanks for your feedback!

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That is a good bow design, is it compound or just curved like that?

I did take inspiration from the shape of compound bows but story-wise it’s just a regular bow. Thank you for looking!