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Welcome back to the Bionicle Eternal Fan Project!

Bionicle Eternal is a story-based project, with custom constraction models representing important characters from the tale. Visit our advertising thread on these boards for more information about the project and its members, and also our website, where you can read about the lore, story, and characters.

It’s been a while since our last release, so thanks for sticking with the project. For the near future, models will not follow a regular release schedule, but there will be advance notice given in our advertising thread.

You can find all of our previous models in more detail below:

But now, we have new content to show. We hope you enjoy!


Behind Icarax’s smug, overconfident, self-important exterior lies the soul of a fighter: a bloodthirsty sadist whose sheer power and control over gravity itself can devastate any foolish enough to incur his wrath.

As always, thanks for looking and supporting our work. Your comments and critiques are very valuable to us so we can continue to improve our content.

See you again next time!


Interesting concept with the overall rusty look👍

Cool take on the character! Nice work!


That color scheme is fantastic! I never would have thought of that, even if i had the corrupted Hau. The torso is pretty cool also.
Just out of curiosity, is the name a reference to the Makuta from 2008?

@Sabretooth and @Teridax16, thanks for looking!

@RubiCon-001 Yes it is. We have borrowed a couple of names from the original Bionicle lore (especially from around 2008) and this is one of them. The characters however are completely rewritten.


Bar a few characters, key ideas and mechanics, I believe pretty much everything we’ve got is original. I’m not the best on the lore though, it’s been a good while and there might be something I’ve missed. Back when we first started on the LMBs, we were discussing it being set in the far future of G1, but we swiftly decided that doing our own thing, set in our own setting and free of a lot of the lore of G1 allowed us to do pretty much anything we wanted, and gave us the pretty fun challenge of developing the land of Inoria. We must’ve gone over enough ideas to develop a decent amount of another universe, if not two.

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Trans-red where is dispersed pretty well throughout the moc and looks pretty wicked.

What a nice rusty boy.

Are… Are those chicken Legs on his thighs?

Yes. Yes they are.

I love you guys so much. i promise I’ll finish reading the project eventually.

Interesting take, I like him for the most part, but the torso build just doesn’t work with me with the rounded chest plate in the middle and Bohrok eyes under it, I like the mahri armor for the chest, thats a good idea, it’s just the rest that bugs me.

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@Genericon and @LTVmocs, thanks for looking!

@AwesomeJoel27, thanks for your feedback. I can see what you mean and I might work to improve that area of the MOC in the future.