Bionicle Eternal Fan Project Model - Vineon, Toa of the Green

Welcome back to the BIONICLE Eternal Fan Project!

Bionicle Eternal is a story-based project, with custom constraction models representing important characters from the tale. Visit our advertising thread on these boards for more information about the project and its members, and also our website, where you can read about the lore, story, and characters.

For the first wave of content we have prepared twelve models, three written teasers, and one main story, split into acts and chapters. Our content will follow a weekly release schedule is found below, where you can also have quick access to all of our previously released content. Our website will also be updated weekly with the release of new models and new story content.

This week marks the second week of the new schedule, where we will be releasing six toa models over six weeks. We hope you enjoy these larger and more detailed models.

Week 1 (1/12018) - Matoran Group 1 (Sukiru and Melody), and one teaser
Week 2 (1/8/2018) - Matoran Group 2 (Brahn and Katta), and one teaser
Week 3 (1/15/2018) - Matoran Group 3 (Saburo and Shu-Tural), and one teaser
Week 4 (1/22/2018) - Toa 1 (Maerkon), and Chapter 1 (Beginning of Act 1)
Week 5 (1/29/2018) - Toa 2 (Vineon), and Chapter 2
Week 6 (2/5/2018) - Toa 3 (Kerila), and Chapter 3
Week 7 (2/12/2018) - Toa 4 (Friana), and Chapter 4
Week 8 (2/19/2018) - Toa 5 (Yeela), and Chapter 5
Week 9 (2/26/2018) - Toa 6 (Grillon), and Chapter 6
Week 10 (3/5/2018) - Chapter 7
Week 11 (3/12/2018) - Chapter 8
Week 12 (3/19/2018) - Chapter 9 (Conclusion of Act 1)

Vineon, Toa of the Green

Vineon: Some may call the Toa heroes. Anyone who knows Vineon personally knows that is only an illusion. Cold, harsh, and cruel – he will, and has done, everything it takes to win the battle. He is spiteful to his allies and borderline sadistic to his enemies – he has no friends, just people he doesn’t see the point in killing. Why he is this way is known only to himself.

Thank you all for your support! We hope you continue to enjoy our content. Be sure to check back next week for the third toa model release: Kerila, Toa of Ice.

See you next time!


That guy looks sweet! I especially love his scythe

Flashbacks to Edgelord McMantax.

He looks pretty cool though, the Hordika mask and spiked vines complete the look of a cruel Toa.


I really like this moc, everything about it to me is good. Except for the arms they seem a little simple for the custom body/leg build. And also "The Green", Is that a reference to DC comics?

I like the MOC alot. It would be cool if this was made canon

It's simply another way some people like referring to Plantlife in Bionicle.

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Although personally I've always wondered if it's because of DC comics that in Bionicle it's sometimes referred to as "The Green".

I doubt it, I don’t even know what “the green” is.

Well the term would've originally been official, supposedly. Whoever did it could be nerdy enough.
For anyone that cares, "The Green" is a sort of elemental force connecting all plantlife that the Swamp Thing draws his power from and is also the protector of.
And for anyone that cares this is what the Swamp Thing actually looks like:

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