Bionicle Eternal

The second toa is now released and available to view at the link below!

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Second chapter has now been added to the site’s story. Be sure to check it out at the link above!

Our third toa model has been released!

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Third chapter added to the site’s story. Delay was a bit of a slip-up on my part.

You can now check out our fourth toa model at the link below!

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Apologies on the site delay for that one, had a day out at the zoo (wait, I have a life? :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Anyway, Friana’s expanded profile and such is now visible there. Enjoy!

Chapter 4 is now live!

Our penultimate toa model is now up! You can view it here:

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Chapter five is up on the site!

The last toa is now released!

Chapter 6 has been released on the site!

We have a small celebration to denote the end of the Wave 1 models, including extra pictures, how-to’s, and messages from members of our team. Check it out below!

@jayzor17 Is there any way I could help?

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At the moment we don’t have anything we need help with on the development end. If anything does pop up, though, I’ll be sure to let you know.

OK, thanks.

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Chapter 7 is up on the site!

Chapter 8, An Unexpected Visitor, is now live on our website!

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The final chapter for this wave, Unity, has been added to the site!

This concludes the story content for wave one. Wave two will begin in two weeks.

I can’t wait!

While you wait for wave two, we’ve decided to add a little bonus content to the site: a new lore page.
“Religion and Mythology” will be expanded, as currently it only covers Ruanism, the most widespread faith. Be sure to check out the site to learn more: