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But what people see as “best and most accurate” is already a headcanon.

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Is Artakha being sand green, extra tall, not having any other green on his body, and wearing the mask of creation a headcanon? Because Greg Farshtey is therefore the greatest headcanon writer of all time.

That’s part of Gilahu’s argument for simply not having canon contests.


The topic is made here: Metru Build Definition (Canon Contest)

I recommend after doing this poll, we give this topic a rest. We have a while before the rules are solidified, so there’s no rush.

That’s why these discussions happen, so that they can gauge community opinion. I just don’t think we need anything as formal as a poll except to decide what a Metru build is, since that goes beyond contest-specific rules.

You aren’t exactly wrong, but the same thing could be said for all of these contests.

I’m offended :stuck_out_tongue:

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While these polls aren’t official or binding in any way, I think they serve as a nice summary of the community consensus (or lack thereof), and is much better than wading through 100+ messages of heated discussion.

In the spirit of bringing the discussion back to some other topics, here are a few other polls I’d be curious to see the results for:

Select all that you would be fine with:

  • A winning MOC should become canon without an art contest if it has a ‘standard’ mask and no 3D printed parts
  • All Toa Hagah should have art contests regardless of who wins the MOC contest, making all MOCs non-canon
  • All have an art contest, but the art must follow the MOCs closely, and both are sent to Greg to become canon

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This third option is more of a long shot, but I think it would be a reasonable compromise given the BS01 situation.

Select all that you would be fine with/apply:

  • Each Toa Hagah that requires an art contest requires a separate entry
  • The art contest should include all four entries together in a group in a single contest
  • If the contest is done with all four at once, the artist should be allowed to change the metallic colors for balance

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And finally:

  • If a MOC contains a 3D printed mask, the art must follow the design closely
  • If a MOC contains a 3D printed mask, the artist can redesign it
  • The artist can redesign the mask regardless of the entry, to avoid duplicates

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This about sums up my feelings. If we’re just making the Toa Metru but with spears, shields, and different masks, we shouldn’t be bothering with this contest at all. At least not a MoC contest.

At this point a proper poll might be necessary. We’ll take the ones in this topic and elsewhere into consideration but there is a strong likelihood we will open something more official in the future.


Now. This back and forth arguing about Metru Builds has occurred a few times in this topic. I want to impress upon everyone that above all else, board rules should be followed.

Quite frankly I don’t care how much you hate the idea of a custom torso build, or how much you want to impress upon others that the Metru Torso in and of itself is perfectly acceptable. We have not decided one way or the other how to tackle this issue, which means that your discussions, above all else, should be aimed at helping us figure out the best course of action. NOT a pissing match between two camps.

Consider this your final unofficial warning. As Eljay said, by now we should all be adults. Start acting like it.

Failure to remain Civil in these debates will result in warnings and/or suspension from this point forward.


Are you referring to a Metru build poll, or polls for other things as well?

All of the above, not particularly picky about how we get community input right now lol

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For the one poll about a group shot Art Contest, I would think that any hypothetical group shot would also include Norik and Iruini, no? Not just the four entries?

Hm, I’m not sure if we can do that since technically we already have canon artwork for those characters. Having them done in another style might be seen as going against canon, but I do see the appeal as having them in a group.

Even the “official” character appearances have been done in multiple styles. Just look at the difference between the sets and the Miramax models and the comics.

I don’t really see any problem with including Norik and Iruini; even these last two contests have allowed previously-established characters to be included in the art, as long as they follow the canon appearance. (and stick to the background, but that rule would probably be different in this case.)

Of course, that last bit is important. You couldn’t suddenly give Iruini gold shinguards or something, but that is no different than the current rules for the contest characters (no major colour blocking changes, etc.).

Stylization should still be allowed for Norik and Iruini, but that is also no different than the regular contest rules.


I think I agree, it would certainly make the group photo look “complete”. But for the moment we still have to decide if we want the art of the four entries to be together or not at all (or even if all four will get art), so that detail can be decided later once the community consensus is more clear, given it’s pretty split at the moment.

But, for the reasons you gave I think the consensus on including those two will be more clear, in the event we go with a group picture.

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Here’s an idea for the “changing masks in Art” question (assuming that there is a separate Art Contest): what if the MOC builder can indicate whether or not they want the mask to be changed? (or at least don’t mind if it is changed)

Because some people are choosing specific masks with a specific idea in mind for a specific Hagah, while others are just using a certain mask because it’s the only one they have available in a certain colour.


I don’t know if this has been discuted before, (checking 3600 replies in this topic is a lot of work), but why not make a Hagah team contest instead one for each member?

In my opinion, the Toa Hagah won’t be and shouldn’t be complex (with custom torso or not), being more like clone sets. Spending one month for each character will be a waste of time. On the other hand a full Hagah team contest (excluding Norik and Iruini) will have a little more complexity to make look like a team (especially for the metalic colors).

If someone only wanted to make a MOC for one of the Toa, he/she could group with other members to complete the team, and one of them would upload the entry on behalf of the others.

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Most likely not due to the super rarity of the shield piece, and just how extreme limiting it would be in general. Doing individually gives a lot more people a shot rather than a few niche people who have the massive accumulation of necessary parts

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That’s another thing about the whole Metru torso debacle – why are custom shields allowable, but custom torsos are an instant no?

I thought the shield could be a placeholder.

The shield must have a rhotuka launcher, but is it necessarily the same shield that Norik and Iruini have? Did Greg say it? A custom shield with the same function would be interesting to see.

None its set in stone yet. But the issue still arises from exclusivity. Much better participation with it individually

It has been discussed before. The problem with doing them all at once is that there is no guarantee that each Toa will be the best individual version.

Maybe the Bomonga from one entry is better than the Bomonga from a second entry, but the second entry has a better Kualus. Voters will have to compromise, or choose which Toa they want to prioritize.

Though you are correct that this method would ensure that the Hagah look more cohesive as a team. It’s just that some people think that the individual appearances should be prioritized over the team appearance.

This isn’t a bad idea, and it makes the idea of doing all four at once slightly more tolerable. However, this doesn’t fix the issue of whether or not to prioritize the team appearance over the individual appearance.


The shield is a contest-specific thing, while the definition of a Metru build is not. That’s why the debate got so intense. We weren’t just talking about if the Hagah could have a custom torso; we were talking about if a Metru build can have a custom torso.

Additionally, any custom shields would be replaced by the “official” one in the Art (I think). Having a placeholder shield is much different from having a placeholder torso.

Nothing is set yet, but I’m pretty sure that this will be required, at least for the final canon version (however that will be decided). The Hagah don’t just have “shields that can launch Rhotuka”; they have Rhotuka Launching Shields, which are a specific shape, just like Cordak Blasters or Kanoka Disk Launchers.

Well, each contest have a compromise, especially the art contests where you must choce if you want the best draw or the best mask design. To me is more important the team look rather than the individual look. Besides, since they will be most probably clone sets, I don’t think a team would have a great Bomonga and an awful Kualus, so is a compromise I’m willing to have.

Good point, I didn’t think about that.

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