BIONICLE Headcanons

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Iron has the ability to create metal, but aside from that Magnetism appears to have more advantages. Both are ridiculously overpowered, however.


My headcanon is that there are only a handful of Toa of Magnetism in the universe because to me it isn’t befitting of a normal matoran/toa/turaga element :gregf:
(I would say the same about some of the other secondaries)


I don’t mean to go off topic, but how is Magnetism superior?


Greg mentioned a few superior skills here.

Also, think anything Magneto was able to do with Metal (in some versions he’s kinda OP)


While this might be a bit too technical for anything that would actually be written in Bionicle canon, Magnetism could allow generation of an electric field in the right circumstances.

A proper degree of control over a magnetic field would allow a Toa of Magnetism to heat up metal extremely quickly through induction. A Toa of Iron may also be able to heat (and cool) metal if he had atomic-level control over the metal, but that seems less likely.

Also, Magnetism could plausibly allow for a similar degree of metal manipulation as a Toa of Iron, though Greg has said otherwise in the past:

As for a more general idea, I’ve thought before that Toa of Magnetism, Lightning, and Iron would be a ridiculous team, and could form a very synergetic kaita.