Bionicle MOC - Jayfa: The Reconfigurable Weapon Wielder

Hey guys, been meaning to share this for quite a while now. Introducing my self moc: Jayfa. He’s been made mostly using bionicle parts but has a fair bit of system thrown in here and there for texture/greebling etc. He’s been a work in progress for a long time and I’m constantly changing and updating him but i feel like he’s finally reached a point which I’m happy with. The colour scheme uses almost exclusively white and light grey parts but has accents of gold scattered throughout. The overall feel that i went for was a sort of light themed warrior, and hence i took a bit of inspiration for the blades from Brickthing’s Vos-Eon moc as i thought the idea to use these wing pieces as blades was really cool. The head, as well as much of the rest of the moc, is completely custom built and uses a piece of nuva armour, which i always thought looked like a face and conveniently is hollow which allowed me to even fill out the space behind with gold ‘eyes’. I hope you guys enjoy seeing what this moc has to offer and any constructive comments and feedback are much appreciated :^) also a brief apology for the relatively poor camera quality.

Front View

Rear View

Head Closeup

Weapon Closeup

Legs Closeup (Has sheathed gold daggers on waist)

My Profile Pic :^)

Closer Shot of Torso

Jayfa also has a function as it were. The components of his blades are made up of interchangeable parts, and hence can be easily and quickly modified into different weapons for different scenarios.

Configuration 1: Light Bow

Configuration 2: Sniper (in this configuration Jayfa also acquires wings allowing him to reach better vantage points)

Configuration 3: Dual Scythes


Awesome! love the gear textures!


Its kinda blocky but them greebles tho.

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Such is the nature of lego :^)

Lower legs are an eyesore but nice

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That’s a fair enough complaint, I was practically unable to do custom lower legs as smaller white ball joints are hard to come by, so these were the best i could do really

Very, very awesome.
Very cool design choices.

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Very cluttered, could use some work in that aspect, but at first it’s very striking and impressive to look at.

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I like this guy a lot. The head and weapons are my favorite parts in particular. I think I need to buy some of those clear blade/wing pieces.

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Those greebles are great man…
A wonderful blend of Bionicle and System.
My only big issue is the lower legs. They’re not bad, just kinda plain looking compared to the rest of this MoC’s greebled glory. I really like the head design though.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys, every bit helps! Honestly wasnt expecting this many people to like it :slight_smile:

This is a really good MoC! I love the Starscream/ Seaker-esq shoulder spikes! The colours go very well together and give it sort of an angelic vibe. The head is very well designed and I really like the rib cage.

If wanted to really nitpick, I could say that the black ball joints used for the shoulders kind of break up the colour scheme, and that the swords are so long, they look more like staffs, but even that’s reaching.

Over all, this is an astounding MoC that uses colours very well, and is built even better! Final score: 20/10

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Woah haha thanks so much man, really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Wow you’re self MOC alone beats all of mine. Nice!


Hey guys, added a few more shots to this post showing off Jayfa’s multi-weapon function!

I really like the chest design, it looks incredible. I would encourage you to try applying similar designs to the limbs making them fully custom.

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Loving the multiple weapon functions! 13/10

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Thanks guys, really appreciate all the support :blush: and thanks for the opinion on the weapons, the feature was a fairly last minute addition and not many people saw it unfortunately

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