BIONICLE Science - Nova Blasts are insane and everyone should be scared of Toa

Well, this is possibly the most insane piece of BIONICLE related science I’ve done so far, so buckle up.

A Nova Blast is the most powerful ability a Toa has, where they unleash their full reserve of elemental energy in one massive destructive blast, the effects of which vary depending upon the element of the Toa in question. I got the idea that I might be able to actually calculate the level of that energy and I’m happy to say that I succeeded, and oh boy is it ridiculously large.

I decided to use a Toa of Iron’s Nova Blast as the basis of my calculation for the below reasons:

  • Iron is a very specific substance that exists in the real world with a known density etc., making it a lot easier use in the calculations.
    • It was really between Iron and Water for this, as the other options either didn’t have real world equivalent (e.g., Psionics) or had too many variations (e.g., different kinds of Stone would have different properties that would affect the numbers).
  • Iron is denser that the other options like Water and so would theoretically take more energy to create the same volume of it. Given that I am looking for a value for the amount of elemental energy contained in a Nova blast, Iron made sense to go with for this reason.
    • Initially, I thought each Toa would have the same level of elemental energy, with the less dense physical elements meaning their blast radius would be wider than the denser ones. However, this led to some … interesting … conclusions for more energy-based elements such as Fire and Light – see below for more details.
  • Iron is one of the elements that we have a very specific answer for what its Nova Blast does, thanks to the following Greg Quote:
    • “What would Nova Blasts of Stone, Earth and Iron do? Would it just like shatter all of the stone, earth, or iron in the area? Or would Earth cause massive earthquakes?
      Actually, it would cover everything for miles and miles around with rock, earth or iron”
    • Official Greg Dialogue | Page 306

From a different Greg Quote, we know that the blast radius of a Nova Blast would extend beyond the borders of Metru-Nui if it was set off there (Official Greg Dialogue | Page 5), but let’s be conservative and say that it would be as large as the City. Metru-Nui canonically has a length of 47.6 Kio, which works out as being 65.212km. So, lets make the blast create a circle around the Toa creating it that has a diameter of 65.212km.

Given that the Greg quote above states that the blast “covers everything for miles and miles around with … iron” let’s also say that the blast creates a layer of iron 1cm thick over everything within that distance (this may seem like a very small thickness, but trust me, with the numbers we are getting to in a moment, it’s really not).

For fun, let’s say that Toa Zaria has found a nice open plain on the Northern Continent somewhere and sets off his Nova Blast because someone bet him he couldn’t beat the Matoran Universe record for the creation of the largest ever Kanoka Disk. Within seconds, a disk with a diameter of 65.212km (radius 32.606km or 32606m) and 1cm (or 0.01m) thickness is created all around him. This would actually be a very wide but very short cylinder, whose volume can be worked out using the below equation:

V = πr^2h

Volume = π x radius of the circle squared x height of the cylinder

Volume = π x (32606^2) x 0.01

Volume = 33,399,881.13m^3

The density of Iron is 7,800kgm^3, using this fact, the volume above and the equation below we can figure out the mass of the cylinder:

Mass = Density x Volume

Mass = 7,800 x 33,399,881.13

Mass = 2.605190728x10^11kg

(Or 2.6x10^11kg rounded to two decimal places)

To give some context to that number, Blue Whales, the largest animal to ever live on the Earth, have a mass of around 150,000kg. this disk of Iron Zaria just created has the equivalent mass of 1,736,794 Blue Whales!

But we aren’t done yet, we still need to work out how much elemental energy it took to make that disk. The disk of Iron was created in that instant by the Nova blast after all, with the elemental energy of Zaria being converted directly into the mass of the Iron. Energy and mass are directly related, as described in what is most likely the most famous equation of all time:

E = MC^2

Energy (measured in Joules) = Mass (Measured in Kilograms) x the speed of light squared (measured in metres per second)

The speed of light is a very, very large number (299,792,458 metres per second) and we are multiplying our mass number by it. It takes a stupendous amount of energy to be converted into mass. This is going to get big, very, very fast.

E = MC^2

Energy = (2.605190728x10^11) x (299,792,458^2)

Energy = 2.341428658x10^28 Joules

(Or 2.34x10^28 Joules rounded to two decimal places)

That is a very, very big number. That is a 2 followed by 28 zeros.

To give you some context of how much energy that is, Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear weapon ever detonated, had a blast energy of approximately 209x10^15 joules. A Nova Blast is 1.12x10^11 times more powerful that Tsar Bomba (that is a 1 with 11 zeroes after it). A Nova Blast is 112 billion times as powerful as the largest ever nuclear device ever detonated.

To put it another way, our Sun puts out approximately 3.8x10^26 Joules per second. The Nova Blast we just calculated was created from an elemental energy reserve equivalent to the energy output of the ENTIRE SUN for 60.66 seconds – just over a whole minute!!

It is insane how much elemental energy a Toa must contain in order to create matter out of energy like they do. But if we assume that all Toa have the same amount of elemental energy at their disposal, that’s when things start to get really dangerous. What would happen if a Toa of Light or Fire, whose element is energy based rather than matter based, were to go Nova?

Remember, the energy of a single Nova Blast is 112 billion times more powerful than the largest nuclear bomb ever made. If all of that energy were to go into one single blast of light or heat, you can say goodbye to life on whatever planet the Toa went Nova on, along with a sizeable chunk of the planet itself.

Hopefully the Great Beings has the sense to limit the elemental energy of the energy-based elements like Fire and Light to a more reasonable level, because if they didn’t… well, I can certainly see why they created Marendar.

As if you annoy a Toa of Light enough, they have the power to destroy worlds.



bruh you literally spent time calculating exactly how powerful nova blasts are. +respect. Now thats dedication.


The nova blasts are too big I think, it should be a ten meter diameter AT MOST.


Dang, Bionicle is ridiculous and you just proved it.

This was a fun read, cool to see elements of bionicle explored in a realistic manner.


I never really understood how a Nova blast was really practical considering the main thing in the toa code is “Do not kill.” How is that not going to kill people?

Elemental powers never did make sense physically. Something like a nova blast for most toa, would create a huge shockwave. Think of how much air displacement there would be, and how quickly it would happen.

I do wonder how toa energy is measured. Is it by the weight of what they’re creating, or the volume? Depending on the answer, toa of air, are either very weak, or very strong. Also how does any of this really work for toa of sonics, or psionics?

So many questions, I’ll just have to suspend disbelief, and say Bionicle is built different.


This was a super cool read. The only assumption I disagree with is the use of iron in the calculations (since Toa of Iron are really Toa of Metal), but the specifics of the exact properties aren’t going to change the fact that this is an inconveivable amount of energy.

That’s not much of a last-resort emergency measure.

It absolutely would; that’s why it’s a last-resort emergency measure.

I’d assume it’s by mass, since mass and energy are related by E=mc^2.


“Why doesn’t Marendar go after Makuta?”
THIS This is why!

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Another amazing piece of content @RahiWatching :ok_hand:
This is exactly the type of analysis I enjoy.
Here are a few things to consider in addition to your calculations. The effects of the Nova Blast can vary even within the element and the Toa can control these effects even after the blast is already set off, albeit it is very difficult for them to do. You assumed a two dimensional plane with a third dimension of 1 cm, but we could also consider a spherical blast area using the same radius.
To add to the reserves of elemental energy, Toa can also draw upon the existing element in the environment to boost the Nova blast further.
The only Nova Blast we see fully performed in story had several special things about it: Gali Nuva first “silently” released the Nova equivalent of elemental energy into its blast radius and used it to extend her elemental reach and condense all of the moisture in that area. She then materialized all of this water which she drew toward her in a form of a gigantic circular tidal wave which leveled all of Karzahni. While keeping herself and her allies from drowning using her KauKau Nuva, she was manipulating the currents in her immediate location to try and wrench the Staff of Artakha from Icarax’s hands. However as you can imagine her control under such extreme conditions was hampered and she failed to do so before Icarax escaped.

What we can gather from this is that a Nova blast can have various forms, can be boosted further using environmental resources and can at least crudely be controled during the actual blast.

Nova Balsts become even more extreme when we take into acount the predicted gravity and material density of the MU/Spherus Magna.

To finish my commentary on the extremity of the energies involved in a Nova Blast, there is a quote implying that the Nova Blasts have even greater planet-wiping extinction event potential than we were led to believe and the domes of the MU are actually designed to restrict and isolate the power of the Nova Blasts to a smaller area.

Happy nightamers Agori, I hope Marendar comes to save you.


At least it’s an emergency measure instead of an emergency.

Also once you do the math, that still has more energy than the Tsar Bomba.

If toa are supposed to be peace keepers why do they have these? I see no practical use for nova blasts

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Perhaps it was meant to be something along the lines of the Ignika killing the entire universe if something went wrong, just on a smaller scale.

It’s also possible that Nova Blasts are an unintentional ability that the Great Beings didn’t mean to give to the Toa, and is just something that the Toa can do as a result of the way that their power work.


I think the later is probably what it would be, what was the first time a character used a nova blast in story?

The first ever appearance of the Nova Blast was in Bionicle: The Game, though this is non-canon (and it was known as a “Nuva Blast”).

The first and only Nova Blast confirmed to have been performed in the canon story is when Gali Nuva unleashed one in Karzahni while battling Icarax. However, it is not known if one was ever performed before this, or since.


Very nice theorizing, now im wondering what levels of nightmarefuel Tuyet with her two hundred times the power of a toa or empress Tuyet with her god knows how many hundred toa worth of power could accomplish if a regular toa is already that terrifying.


Greg wasn’t kidding when he said real-world physics don’t apply to the Bionicle world, we wouldn’t be able to comprehend the sheer magnitude of how powerful this is!
Just wish we got a full breakdown on the physical and chemical properties, atomic structure, molar mass, etc, on the different types of protodermis so we could better power-scale Bionicle characters.


This is insane! Mad respect for doing all the calculations!

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Jaller started to perform one on the Barraki’s armies to stop them from getting to Matoro. He speculated that such a thing would have destroyed Metru Nui.

I want that AU now: Matoro sends the Mahri back seconds before Jaller goes Nova and he isn’t able to stop it and just destroys Metru Nui and the other Mahri. Yay, Mata Nui is alive again! Also his brain was just destroyed and everyone in it is dead except for Jaller, so he will inevitably die again unless Matoran from some other land come to the city to work.


I’m pretty sure that Toa Power and Elemental Energy are different things; Tuyet’s increase in Toa Power doesn’t correspond to an increase in the amount of water that she can generate.

Yeah, I’ve always wondered what would have happened in that scenario. Or even just what happened in the prime universe when Jaller (safely) released all of the heat that was teleported with him from Mahri Nui.


They are different things, but despite that, there is a correlation. I describe it in my “Many flavors of energy in the Matoran Universe” topic:

The earliest Nova Blast we know was actually used in story, was by some unspecified Toa, and was witnessed (and survived) by Pridak.
Given what we know about timeline, this probably happened 80 000 years ago when League of Six Kingdoms was still active. It must have happened during one of their many conquest campaigns.


That makes sense, but do you have a specific source for it?

I figured that there was a reference to a Nova Blast before Gali’s, but I couldn’t find anything. Where is it said that Pridak once saw one?

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