BIONICLE sob stories

I just remembered this one from seeing the said books on google images just now. Gosh, I have a lot of sad stories. Anyways when I was younger I went to a school book sale, I saw that Rahi Beasts book. I remember wanting to buy it but my mom said we could get it later. The next day I went there and it was gone, I was bummed out. Then the day after I saw the Bionicle World book and later that day I brought my mom in the buy it, AND IT WAS GONE! I remember being really annoyed and I still am to this day. I guess it isn’t really a sob story but it’s a negative one.


This 'aint my story, it’s Vrahno’s but it was so nice that I had to share it here…


That’s not a sob story, that’s a smile story.



That’s the twist :stuck_out_tongue:


If only that would happen with my Matoran Onepu. He doesn’t have his head or mask


Had a set with sentimental value stolen from me when I was younger, by a kid in my elementary school.

Got it back.


I got Lesovikk. I was unaware of lime green pieces at the time.

Now I’m afraid of connecting lime green pieces.


made the mistake of taking 09 figures apart over and over…needless to say they are completely ruined.


Once when I was around 7 I took my best friend’s Bionicle outside and then immediately lost his mask (we never found it.) I felt terrible for the next month.


My brother broke two of my masks: Photok’s noble Kakama and Tanma’s noble Miru.

(honestly could care less about the noble Kakama, but I really liked the noble Miru :disappointed:)


This isn’t really a sad story, just disappointing.

A kid at my school said he had some of the old Lego Bionicle sets, and when asked, he said that they were the McToran, and was willing to trade them for really cheap. Turns out that he was mistaken and they turned out to be the dumb Mahri action figures.


I would perform a Nova Blast on him.

Nah, he’s one of my friends; I’d probably just mutate him with the powers of the Ignika.


In that case, Hordika venom is the way to go

I think that would only make him more powerful and vicious, eating you alive shortly after :grimacing:


yeah, you summed up the problem with using both the Ignika and Hordika venom.

personaly i think it would be better to just send the persion you want to punish to the “Field of Shadows” for a day or two… or for a few hours.


Just remembered one. My family won a 30 lb. lot of bionicle off of eBay. Not only did the seller not realize we had paid for it (which delayed the shipping for about a month), but they decided to send it in two separate boxes. Both of these were very minimally packaged. You can probably guess what happened. One of them likely split open in the mail and got lost. 15 lbs of bionicle basically gone and likely auctioned off later to someone else.(What happens when your packages can’t be identified or sent back) It’s annoying, but at least now I know to remind others that they need to package things well (as well as buy from credible sources). The buy was pretty much a steal, so the stuff we did get was still worth what we payed for it.

Needless to say I was pissed for a while. That other half also had some peices I was looking to building with.


My dad got me a new box of lego we found loads of bionicle sets, Nui-Rama, Takanuva, Toa mata Toa Nuva More Bohrok More rahkshi a third lewa nuva masks from mask packs, Krekka and Nidhiki (Just the parts I needed to complete my old Krekka and nidhiki) and turaga dume and nivawk (I could finally build ultimate dume) not to mention loads of classic harry potter and classic star wars and lego vikings and more parts for Vakama Metru (I can now build about five of him) Matau (Now all the toa metru except nokama) More whenuas more onewas

None of it was complete


Well, my sob story is that I got into BIONICLE in…

This is so hard…

2014, gosh how I missed out on everything.

Even worse?

I apparently hated BIONICLE before that. So yeah…


I’m honestly shocked a fan was made during that period. I’d like to hear how this all happened.

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