BIONICLE sob stories

Yeah would be great! We could call it “The i have no irl bonkel friends club”


That name…

Is perfect.


I’m usually called the name maker.

No one calls me that :unamused:


I made a moc for my younger sister using Onepu’s mask and Axonn’s ax, she proceed to lose it.

I broke a mata head. Not the brain, the head.

It broke on the MASK CONNECTOR.

That means i can’t connect masks to it anymore.

Feels bad m8

Has happened to me too more than once.

I had a chance to buy all the 2008 sets for around a 20 pounds at a car boot (including the ships, mistika and phantoka and the titans) but I pawned them off as stupid trash

My dog chewed up Strakk’s armor and and Thok’s head piece lol

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I took my Matoro Mahri set to my grandparents, then, when I got back, the ball joint had been snapped off the cordak blaster.

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Practically every set I ever got ended up having a socket piece break.

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Welcome to the club.


Used to have Huki McToran… he mysteriously vanished in my house sometime around 2002. Never found him again, but I never stopped looking while I still lived there.


I just remembered something that is the sob story of the century.

When I was a kid, me and my brother had a big collection of both regular Lego and Bionicle. I had Brutaka as a set, and like many of us, he was my favorite. One time I had a friend over, and he had Irnakk at home. I brought up the theoretical idea that if we could combine some piees, we could make a almost entirely golden Piraka. You could tell that he was really excited about this. Sometime later two of the golden Piraka thigh covers dissapeared from my Brutaka. I didn’t think much about it, just thought they may be somewhere in our pile of pieces.

Likewise, me and my brother had a golden Vahi. It also disappeared. I checked BrickLink today, and saw what that mask costs. It is quite a hefty price, as you might know. I wish I knew what BrickLink was back then. Because then I could have fact-checked if my friend was telling me the truth when he suddenly had two golden Piraka thigh covers, and a golden Vahi. He claimed he got the thigh covers from a comic or something like that. The same story for the Vahi. Would have been so easy to just go on BrickLink, check if there is any record of those pieces appearing in that way (there isn’t), and call out my friend on his lies.

I want my Vahi back. But I’m not gonna pay the price it is on BrickLink right now. Rant concluded.


One time at a car boot there was a stall with practically every 2001-2003 Bionicle set and some of the 2010 Hero Factory sets. Having the mindset of hero factory good, bionicle garbage at the time, I bought Xplode, Furno and Stormer.

No only that, but that exact same day I had a chance to buy a box with Fero and Skirmix, and Toa Mata Nui inside. I instead bought Malum’s empty canister littered with half complete Star Wars advent calendar builds.

I still don’t have either of them.


once upon a time when I was young, I lost all my toa mata masks except Gali’s


I just remembered something even worse than the Hero Factory thing.

So I once gave my Gali Nuva to my cousin because I thought that she wasn’t that cool, only for Gali to become my favourite Mata within a few years. I then returned to his house last year only to find my poor, poor Gali smashed to bits with her remains aimlessly scattered through several bins of parts. I asked if I could have her back if I could build her, and he agreed, so I began to piece together what I could. Her canister had been just lost entirely, along with one arm, a propeller, all of her technic axles and gears, her mask, her instructions and several sockets. To make things worse, I had given him my duplicate Turahk at the same time I gave him Gali, and Turahk was complete with his Kraata and canister, so somehow Gali had just fared a lot worse. I recovered what I could, and as of now she still isn’t complete.


This is why I don’t own a single pair of shorts.

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Soooo all the set i had in cart on bricklink got sold. But that doesn’t matter. I found cheaper and nearer ones. The real sob story here… actually the sob storieS are: 1) when my cousin grazed, damaged and basically tortured gali’s golden mask (2015 set), and i was/am reeeeeally angry at her because gali 2015 was my first bionicle set. 2) i built Wairuha with the 2015 sets and my cousin smashed it to the ground.

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