Bionicle What Ifs

In this topic we’re gonna use Karzahni’s mask of alternate futures to peer into what Bionicle could have been, or still could be.
I’ll get the ball rolling. What if Bionicle Heroes caught on with pop culture the same way other 2000s shooting games did? Imagine a reality where not only would G1 still be going strong, we may have soon been getting hyped for Bionicle Infinite, promising a returm to the roots of the franchise and such.

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What if Bionicle cashed into the big Zombies surge of the early 2000s?


Bioncle Heroes is a great Game. I got it second hand, and I don’t regret the money I payed for it
The be honest, I won’t change it into a pop culture of the early 2000 (I still want it to be a PEGI 7 game)

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what if love was cannon?


Well, you could make an argument that it kind of did, what with all of the horde enemies, infected characters, and mind control. That said, if it went hardcore, I imagine we’d have gotten a situation similar to 06, with a hyper-gritty atmosphere. That and lots of chainsaw weapons/guns that would somehow manage to stay PG.

I’m just saying what if it got more popular, not got M-rated.

Not even the Olisi can peer into that veiled future.

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What if Bionicle was cancelled?



one true ship: maku and hewki

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So basically this topic?

Not really; the intent here was real world effects and such- it could also apply to G2 or possible G3s

Ah, I see. Well, I’ll still leave it here. It’s close enough.

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What if Kopaka finally admitted his feelings for Tahu? Would Tahu love him back, or just leave him standing alone in a world so cold?
Am I doing this right

Tbh I sometimes feel like I live in an alternate reality where Bionicle never ended.

Bionicle only ends if you believe it did. As long as you hold on to that little spark, Bionicle lives on.

Bionicle was definitely the theme that saved the LEGO company, but LEGO themselves have declared that 2003 was an all-time low for the company, and I I think that’s when Kjeld hired the first CEO outside of the family. Evidently, while Bionicle did great, everything else was failing, so while Bionicle did save LEGO from collapsing earlier, it took a change of management to pull them out of their seemingly fated collapse.

What if Bionicle had never existed? What if the idea was scrapped after Roboriders, and they moved to a different concept? would LEGO still be here today, as the superpower that it is?


That is indeed something to think about…

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What if Bionicle wrapped up in 03, like it was initially supposed to? Do you think we’d even be here? Would Bionicle still be fondly remembered, or would it be looked upon like Roboriders and Slizers? Or, do you think there’s a chance, that if it wrapped up in 03, the writing would have been so tight that its legacy would have endured better than it has as we know it?

What is G2 never existed? What would have happened to constraction? The newer LEGO fans would have completely forgot about Bionicle? The constraction would have only been limited to Star Wars?

I dont think they would even do Star Wars. Constraction would be as dead as it is now.

I personally love that fact that G2 was a thing. Sure the story was poorly made, and way to basic, but the sets kept Constraction Alive, and I have to say, I love the sets. It’s like in the case of Invasion from Below. The story was terrible, with only a short and awfully lazy animation, but the sets were awesome.
I wish they at least kept the sets from G2, even if it had no story whatsoever.

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Hey guys,

I have a suggestion for something that I thought was fun.

Let’s say that you were a Matoran in the Bionicle G1 universe, and there was a Vahki apocalypse.

You had to choose a up to three canon weapons/tools and have to choose up to 5 canon characters for your team. You may also choose one mode of transportation in the Bionicle universe.

Let’s see what we got.

I’ll start

For my team I would choose: Axonn, Brutaka, Lhikan, Kopaka, and Mazeka.

Weapons/Tools: Air Axe (underrated design) and Kanoka Launcher.

Transportation: Destral Cycle

Your turn. :wink:


I would choose nobody for my team except for my best friends (cause even if I am a completely unknown species in the Matoran Universe I would still have friends; seriously now, what I should supposed to be? A Matoran? A Toa?) A weapons I would take two of Toa Tahu Nuva’s swords and I would hide myself somewhere inside of the Matoran universe, in a bunker, for millions of years, until the Vahki would die and I would recolonize the whole universe.

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