Biovival Discussion (aka Christian Faber's mysterious project)

Fancy tech is hardly exclusive to Spherus Magna. :stuck_out_tongue: Given everything Faber has said about new beginnings I’d guess that this is meant to iterate on the themes and ideas of Bionicle more than the specific world and characters. This is likely a spiritual successor to Bionicle, not a continuation or sequel of some sort.

Granted, I wouldn’t have expected to see the word “Turaga”, especially this early in… teasers?, but I don’t think that changes anything. For one, I don’t remember seeing a Turaga Beach anywhere in Mata Nui. :stuck_out_tongue: But more than that, it’s not being used in the same way; it’s not a title of respect for an elder or leader, it’s a location.

Also, I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle here but I need to say it:

The fact that Faber was “just an ideas guy” in the production of G1 in no way speaks to the potential of whatever this project may grow to be. Now, it’s possible that what Faber is planning is just a conceptual endeavor, but until he makes his plans clear we have no way of knowing. Claiming that this project will go nowhere because Faber has traditionally been a concept artist is claiming that he has no ability or intent to expand beyond his previous skills or build a team that’s skilled in ways he is not, which seems a bit absurd to me.

He’s already working on Rebel Nature, a project that goes beyond just concept art. Just off the top of my head he’s gotten Cryoshell on board to make music on it, and I’m sure I could find many other examples of Rebel Nature involving things that go beyond the scope of “just an ideas guy” with a bit of research. Faber has already demonstrated that he is willing and able to go beyond his traditional role as “just an ideas guy.”

Now, again, I’m not trying to prove that anything specific will happen; we won’t know Faber’s plans until he shares them. I’m just pointing out that claiming that the project won’t pan out because of his previous work experience is building an argument on a false premise at best and willful pessimism at worst. It’s something that keeps popping back up and I’m getting tired of seeing it.


Turaga Beach is a reference to an earlier artwork he posted in the Faber Files, I believe after G1 ended


The new picture seems to be related to this image that Mr. faber shared several years ago.

“Goodbye to Turaga Beach”

Maybe Turaga beach is the Ta-Wahi Beach on MNOG starts? Or it could be a new location on Spherus Magna, named after a notable Turaga or group of turaga.

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this one also references Turaga Beach

granted based on the context I’ve seen I believe “Turaga Beach” is not a literal location in the Bionicle Universe and is more metaphorical of Faber working on something related to Bionicle


If I remember correctly, “Turaga Beach” refers to a bunch of Faber’s old conceptual Bionicle notes (and some Boneheads of Voodoo Island stuff).

This could be taken to mean that he is returning to those early concepts. Perhaps “Alternate Bionicle”, where it sticks with the tribal island theme. (and probably different characters)

EDIT: I was thinking of the Turaga Files:


It was never referred to as such in any Bionicle media. I just searched the phrase “Turaga Beach” on BS01 and the Bionicle Wikia to be sure. :stuck_out_tongue: That beach seems to be referred to as “Ta-Wahi Beach” everywhere that I can find.

That was what I was going to suggest, yeah. Which, again, supports the idea of a new take on Bionicle rather than something connected to the original Bionicle.


this kinda supports the relation to the Turaga Files

Turaga Beach is a made up location by Faber and was used alot during the Faber files era.

Some sketches of it from faber

FaberFiles_Turaga driftwood


i like the design too.

makes me think of these two characters:

and now i’m actually hoping that this is a Survivalist/bounty hunter like character.