Brickonicle Contest Entry: The Nui Rama Invade Le-Koro

Nui Rama Infestation
653 Pieces

On the island of Mata Nui, creatures are running wild! Toa Lewa, Master of Air, returns to Le-Koro to find it swarming with the insect-like Nui-Rama. Can Lewa, Kongu and Tamaru defeat the infestation?
-Includes two Nui-Rama figures and three BIONICLE™ minifigures: Lewa, Kongu and Tamaru!
-Also includes a light brick illuminating the hidden golden Miru, mask of Levitation.
-Kongu’s hut features removable roof!
-Nui-Rama include posable wings and arms.
-Swing the minifigures through the vines of Le-Wahi!

Builder’s Note: Thank you for checking out my MOC! This was my first Stud.Io creation and so far I’m pretty impressed with the program! I had a ton of fun making this, and thanks to TTV for giving me a reason to build an old favorite :slight_smile: Also, the only things really not evident by the photos would just be that the light brick is activated by pressing the small tan gear on the lower right side of the MOC and also the minifigures: Ideally they’d have masks like the Hero Factory minifigures and lots of detailed printing like Nexo figs. Anyway, thanks again for checking this out, and I hope that you have a great day!

EDIT: A few people have been commenting on the figures and how they don’t look great, so I thought that I would redraw a sketch I did for Lewa and post it here. The printing and mask would be custom and the armor is from Ultra Agents but in silver. Thank you!


I am simply in awe at the amount of detail, shaping, and texture that you put into this; dare I say better than lego could’ve made. Nice unique design twist with the huts.


Thank you very much, friend! Means a lot to me to hear the kind words. :blush:

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Getting some major Yoda’s Hut vibes here. Nice job, pal!

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This is probably my favorite Le-Koro variant by far, shaping all around is excellent and Nui-Rama are unique as well-

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There’s a wonderful detail to the huts in particular, but also the scenery in general.The Nui-Rama are clever-looking builds with some nice differences between them to mimic the original set. The only things I’d add would be a function to make the ladder/bridge between the huts collapse and another minfigure or two; three seems just a bit low for a $70 set. Maybe include Turaga Matau?

This is freaking fantastic!!!
My only complaint is that I feel the Nui Rama eyes should be trans dark blue.

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Thats a nice price for something like this

Wow! This is really nice! I like the Nui-Rama and the golden Miru in the tree trunk.

The figures aren’t the greatest that I’ve seen for this contest but that build more than makes up for it.

Wow, the detail in this is absolutely amazing. The minis aren’t half bad either.

@HewksDKowlihad Thanks! Yeah, took some inspiration from that and a few other famous jungle or forest huts. I hadn’t built anything for a while, and I had a lot of fun with this one :slight_smile:

@Square Thanks! And thanks for the move, too-- this is one of my first posts to the boards and I’m still figuring things out :stuck_out_tongue:

@Scorpion_Strike Yeah, including Matau is probably a pretty good idea. In terms of pricing, when I originally thought about building this, I considered Bag End (or ‘an unexpected gathering’ or whatever) as a pricing guide in terms of how many parts I should use. That does include a few more figs and retains its $70 value, so I’ll consider it.

@Jack_Frost Thank you, friend! Nearly all of the pieces but 2 or 3 are LEGO elements made by TLG in the colors presented here, so I figured that I could just use the bright light blue heads which I knew were made for the Hero Factory minifigures. I didn’t think to look into whether or not they make fig heads in trans-blue, though, so that may also be a possibility while still maintaining the realism of the colors here.

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Impressive, I like how the huts were integrated into the trees without looking too out of place. The level of detail and the designs of the Nui Rama are also quite nice.

@Waj Definitely, sorry about that! I’ll be sure not to double post in the future.

@Eljay How do I post it to the topic? Sorry, just started out here ^^;

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Just copy and paste the link to this topic in a post over in the Contest topic. Generally the same as replying to posts here.

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@Eljay Thank you!

@Pavetsukkeli Thanks! There’s a light brick that illuminates the Miru as well :smiley: I’ve always really liked Nui-Rama, and now it’s kinda neat to have some brick-built ones.

@Xevins Yeah, I’m not a big fan of the figures here, but doesn’t have many minifig pieces. Ideally they’d have either helmets like the HF minifigs or moulded visors.

@BBricks Thanks! I love building details in.

@Stoax Thank you! Yeah, I did a lot of sketches before building. Maybe I’ll upload a few of them here just for fun.

The build of the tree huts and nui rama is wonderful.

The minifigs are a bit lackluster tho.

looks good, but isn’t that a bit expensive?