Brotherhood of Makuta: Zirolius

Name: Zirolius
Assigned Region: None
Mask: Kanohi Zatth
Status: Dead

Zirolius was an architect who designed the layout and buildings of Destral. He was wise but also very power hungry. He died from trying to absorb his Toa Hagah after Teridax’s orders to kill all Toa Hagah.
MOC by me, bio provided by @Gilahu.
CC is always appreciated!


Well, not much to be said about the MOC - he looks good. Not very special but by no means bad. I feel like custom limbs would be nice to have should you consider to work more on him, but this MOC really shows how easy it is to make simple stuff look good with CCBS.

While the liftarms on the lower legs maybe don’t look perfect, I really appreciate that the lower legs are covered all around. It’s also nice how the staff is so simple but just looks good.

As to backstory stuff: His assigned region should be “none”, and I would ask you to elaborate a bit in his backstory. I guess you could say that the Toa team he absorbed were his Toa Hagah, for example.
Otherwise I’m just going to make up stuff I need for his backstory myself eventually.

Change the assigned region part and write down why he absorbed the whole Toa team at once (in the case they were his Toa Hagah he of course absorbed them following Teridax’s orders to kill all Toa Hagah)

Then I’ll accept Zirolius.


RIP him

The moc looks very nice n sleek, with a good colour scheme to boot, though nothing great about him. What’s with the vine growing out of his thigh?

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Well, elaborate backstories don’t seem to be your thing, eh? :wink:

Thanks for participating! MOC accepted!

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Really cool, the green and sliver looks cool. It nice he can store his shield. I would run if I saw him in my house in the dark.

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Indisputable justification :ok_hand:

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Thanks :smile:

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Interesting design. It’s nice to see the Zatth used and I like how the torso and weapon came out.

He is a Phantoka or a Mistika?

Not a bad MOC here. Sure the mismatched thigh armor is slightly annoying, but other wise a pretty nice MOC!

Phantoka, I guess.

Then were is the place for that sphere?

the sphere can go in the massive plot hole