“Who are you?” Mark asked the light, mesmerised.

#"I am…The Grand Seraphim”
He said, as his silhouetted form then solidified, revealing a very tall and beautiful angelic figure. His aura emanated a brilliantly bright holy light, and his wings were larger and wider than any other angel. He towered high above the other beings.

“Father…!” Michael exclaimed, as he bowed before him.

#"At ease, my son. You may arise.”
The Grand Seraphim commanded.

He then turned to face everyone else, and their likely shocked or awed expressions.

“Hello, grand Seraphim” Tarkur said as he did a gentle nod motioning Zaktras to do the same.

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Luxatium bows his head in acknowledgement. “We meet again.” He whispers.

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Xano had stopped looking at the seraphim after he introduced himself and was still busy tinkering with his device. He jokingly quips,
“That’s good and all, but I only have so much time in this multiverse and I like spending it by working on my inventions.”

Adam watches Xano, before respectively nodding tot he seraphim.

Seeker’s blue eye glows in what might appear as excitement. It was hard to tell what emotion it was portraying.

Akem helps Angelica walk, taking her to where the rest were.

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Zaktra was confused about what Tarkur was trying to say, and when he finally realized what he was saying he felt a sense of embarrassment.
Zaktra dramatically threw himself before The Grand Seraphim in an attempt to compensate.

#“Do not stress this. You may arise”

Zaktra nodded, as he awkwardly got back up.


#“And I myself extend much the same feelings, Luxatium. Well met.”

Bruce ground his teeth in frustration as he made his way through the group, but Connor took him by the forearm. “Bruce…stop!” He whispered in a low voice.

Bruce growled at him and took his forearm away from his grip. “Listen, Connor. There are somethings you don’t understand and that is because you are young…” He looked away, his helmet dissolving itself back into its color.

Connor sighed and his mask dissolved as well. “I know, Bruce.” He said. “But what I also know is that even though you are on the edge, sometimes you need to maintain your cool to ever hope to deal with the problems you are facing. Everyone here is trying their best." He said.


“So, what is our intended goal in infiltrating this group?” Angelica asked Akem as they walked along.

“For the time being we are helping them.”
Akem replies,
“Only for the time being.”

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“Understood…” Replied Angelica, nodding.

“I don’t underatand… what are you doing here?” Michael asked, confused as he tried to make sense of the situation.

#“Michael, you know I would I only reveal myself in person if it were an especially urgent situation. And this time, this matter may be The Most Important ever.”
The Grand Seraphim replied. He then turned to everyone else.

#“I have come here to personally inform you that The Xir’algath are nearly finished in their preparations to go to war against the entire Multiverse. And I am here to bring you all to The Realm of Life, where you we can prepare to fight back.”

Kyran and Rohan bowed to the Grand Seraphim.
“Thank you for coming, Sire. We depserately need divine interference.” Kyran said reverently.

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Akem joins the rest of the group, helping Angelica with walking. He sees the Grand Seraphim and respectively nods.

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#“If you want, I can spirit all of you to The Realm of Life right now.”
The Grand seraphim said to everyone.

#“However, you all must first tell me to do so, as it would violate my moral code to perform an act against another’s own wishes.”
He warned.

Kyran nodded.
“I would be fine with it.” He said.
Rohan agreed.
“Sure!” Katrina replied, agreeing as well.

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“I am always willing accept an invitation to the realm of life.” Luxatium says.

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#“Then it is done.”
The Grand Seraphim Declared.

Suddenly, everyone would find themselves surrounded by the brightest, whitest Light. Everyone would then briefly lose feeling in their bodies, becoming almost ethereal. An ominous yet beautiful sound played as this all happened.

When the experience concluded, everyone would feel their bodies return, and they all found themselves in a completely new and vibrant environment.

Golden sunlight poured down from the heavens, piercing through the perfectly white clouds in Polar Light-like streams. Not too far below, Angels flew about, carried on their grand wings. Colors of gold, silver and white could be found everywhere.

The most advanced Science and Technology, the most powerful magics, the tallest Towers, the cleanest Streets. It was a perfect Utopia.

#“Welcome, to The Realm of Life.”


Charity woke up and stretched. She looked around, and rubbed her eyes.
Where was she?
She looked behind her and saw a large group of people in weird costumes.
“…did a cosplay group show up at my house…” she wondered.
She got up and rolled up her sleeping bag.

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Hydron stared around in amazement “Unbelieveble!” He shouted

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“Indeed it is.” Replied Michael.
“Believe it or not, you actually have been here before long ago…”

“Wow, this isn’t like anything I have ever seen!!!” Connor said, amazed by the sight of the Utopia and everything surrounding it. “It looks like heaven!”

Ugh…that is because it is heaven, dum dum.” Impulse said as he wasn’t so overly amazed about it. That’s who he was, rarely did anything amaze him, especially nowadays.

While Connor was admiring the view Bruce had other things to worry about, he didn’t care if it was made out of Gold and Silver with hints of white everywhere, nor that it was the most Advanced place regarding Science and Technology with a slight hint of powerful magics attached to it.

“I can’t believe this.” He had a slight edge to his voice and his eyebrows were narrowed. He found this to be a mockery at best. Instead of going to action and fighting against the Xir’algath or probably flee and make a base of operations to defend themselves when they would attack they were talking to some rather unknown being that was talking high and mighty.

But luckily for Bruce, he wasn’t someone who would shut up and not say what was on his mind just because of the Grand Seraphim or any other deity. “Excuse me, Seraphim.” He talked with a loud and clear voice as he walked in front of him.

“While everyone here seems to be amazed by your domain such as the Realm of Life with its overly luxurious appearance my question for you is.” He looked at him with a serious look that made them equals no matter the power scale between them.

“Where in the hell were you when we needed you to fight against the Xir’algath?” He asked as he crossed his arms. “Am I here the only one who is sane enough to ask questions as to why weren’t you there and why in the hell you decided to help us now, at a time like this?” He gestured with his hands as he looked at everyone.
“I don’t care what and who you are, Grand Seraphim or whatever.” He said with an upset tone, he was really on the edge today. “I need answers to every question I ask and I demand to know it now!” He rose his voice at him.
“Because for all I care I can take my wife, my children, and Connor and get the hell out of here and leave you all alone to fight against an enemy you choose not to share enough information we need to better know what we are up against.” He said.

There was a temporary pause of silence from The Grand Seraphim. Bruce and the others would hear nothing, save for the humming that emanated from The Seraphim’s aura.

Then, he spoke.

#“Jonathan, things are not as simple as you may think. We are not omnipotent, and The Xir’algath are very resilient. If we are to defeat them, it must be executed in a very precise manner. We cannot yet fight them head-on. If you yourself wish to do so, then be my guest. But it is your own funeral.”
Bruce smirked. “Careful there. Maybe if you face them you’d be the one who would have his own funeral.” He bites back at him with his eyebrows frowned. “Clearly you are not the strong beings you proclaim yourself to be…if you were. You wouldn’t be here asking us for our help.” He crossed his arms stating his point.


The Grand Seraphim surprisingly answered.
#“We do need your help, but you also need our own help too.”
“So why have you brought us here then?” Mark asked.

“To prepare.” Answered Michael.

“You see, when you first faced The Xir’algath, you were not properly equipped. You may be skilled and powerful warriors, but you did not have the right weapons and technology to exploit The Xir’algath’s weaknesses. That was why you failed in the first place. However…”
Michael unsheathed his sword, Lightbringer.
We do. And so now, we shall forge weapons and armor for all of you, so that you may be properly prepared for the coming battle.”

“And where will we get our gear?” Asked Richard.

Michael pointed across the horizon, to a tall structure in the distance.
“The Forge is located within our palace. Let us head there now.” Said Raphael.

Raphael leaned in towards Seeker.
“I know many things must seem different here, and you might be slightly confused. But I assure you that this is very much the same Realm of Life you lived in before you left.” He said, specifically to the “Errapel” half of the being.

Richard stopped just as he passed by Charity.
“Excuse me, but who are you? What are you doing here?” He asked her.

Charity looked around.
“This isn’t my house…” she muttered.
“Who are you, where am I?” She asked Richard.

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“I am Richard Servastus.” He answered.

“And you apparantly are in The Realm of Life…”.

She looks at him,
“I’ve lived two lives and two lives I am familiar with.”

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Raphael solemnly nodded.