Michael’s grip around his sword tightened.
“I should have known. They shall pay for this atrocity.” he grunted.

Seeker walks up to him,
“There are certainly a few survivors. Perhaps, we could take you to Plexus’ homeworld? You Proto-celestials seemed to be in better condition compared to many of your counterparts.”

Gure responds,
“I don’t see why we couldn’t, though we still live with our creators unlike you, Celerions. That might be a big change for you.”

Seeker shrugs,
“That’s up for Kire and Lana to decide.”

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Four energies- Primordial Energy, Ignotium Energy, Absolute Nothingness and Crimson were placed in a controlled environment, and directed towards the sample of Xalnergy that had been placed in the tank.
The four energies shot towards the Xalnergy, and briefly latched onto it as the Xalnergy and other energies violently clashed.
This caused a chain reaction, resulting in a large, bright and loud explosion within the tank.

When the light faded, it seemed that all traces of the Xalnergy were gone from the tank.

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“Well, that just happened.” The ghost said in a surprised whisper as he carefully examined the remains for any traces of the reaction’s components.

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Suddenly, traces of Xalnergy would be detected.

Start particles floating around in the tank started coming back together. The Xalnergy then fully reformed back to its original state, and then a black hole suddenly spawned from it. The miniature black hole drew in all the other energies, completely consuming them before it imploded on itself, leaving behind no trace.
No energy signatures or matter would be detected in the tank.

This was disconcerting.

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“Blast it.” The ghost said. He looked over the notes and tried to see if the materials were 1:1 in regards to their amounts.

He writes down that this experiment worked in removing the Xalnergy for a short time before a black hole formed. “…perhaps removing other energies from environment before a singularity forms may starve it or it may just result in previous event regardless; further experiments needed.”

He tries the experiment again, anticipating the Xalnergy black hole this time and watches for signs of its formation.

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This time, some sparks and bolts of energy flashed within the tank around a specific boundary, as a faint black dot started to appear.

The ghost reaches out with its hand as if to grab something and tries to exert control over the Xalnergy to contain and starve the black hole and prevent it from consuming the other four energies.

Now, are you going to listen or am I going to need to run more experiments to try and stop this from happening again? he thought at the black hole, knowing it wouldn’t reply or react much due to it just being a hyperdense thing and having a strong gravitational force.

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Miraculously, he would be able to neutralize the black hole.

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The ghost then checks the status of the Energies, searching for something to come up that may bring some hope into his empty heart.

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Just the smallest traces of the other four energies still existed in the tank. But they were there nonetheless, and with it came a tiny bit of hope.

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The ghost wrote down his observations and hypotheses before beginning to carefully extract each energy and return them to their proper containers.

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“If you would like, I could easily teleport the both of you to the Proto-Celestial home world.” Michael offered.

Then what are you waiting for? I am ready when you are.


“It might be best to gather any other survivors or to at least check for them before anything like that happens.”
Adam interjects.
He walks over to Kire and Lana,
“I’m sorry I was unable to make it here in time.”
Lana speaks up,
“Kuru Reji! We missed you!”
The little celestial tackled him with a hug. Adam smiled.
Adam looks back at the rest,
“These two are Gridmaster’s children. The two lights he passed his torch to. If anything I would like to take care of them for now on.”

Seeker looks at Adam,
“You would be putting them in serious danger.”

Adam quips back,
“The universe is in danger, every universe. I can’t think of a single realm where they would be completely safe. That’s why I would rather take their safety in my own stead.”

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“Personally, I trust Adam’s judgement.” Raphael said to Seeker.
“I can sense a strong, determined will within him. I believe we should go along with him on this one.”

Michael nodded in agreement. “Very well. Adam, I entrust these children to your care. You are to guard them closely…”

Seeker nods,
“My only goal was to point out the possible dangers that would await them.”

Adam pats Kire on the back,
“I’ll make Maakaa out of the both of you, so stay strong… and remember your time here is precious… very precious, and you need to protect yourselves above all else. If I fail… if we fail then you must stay alive. Promise me that.”
Kire looks Adam in the eyes,
“Yes… Kuru.”
Lana looks at Adam sadly,
“Don’t…don’t die.”

Akem stood by a table, a dead Celestial body laid on it. He was welding parts together, making them look as he desired. Afterwards he took six wing-like pieces and modified them as he saw fit. Once he was finished he painted the body, there was a certain level of presentation that he felt was needed.

Finally after all his work the corpse was ready for a new soul. He opened its chest and plugged in several wires and grabbed a Celestial core. It was fading but there was a dim light. It was time.
Akem forced the core in and pulled a lever, power surged through the body as it was filled with Primordial Energy. Akem rested his hand on the core and he copied Angelica into the core. It was complete, Angelica had her new body.
He erased her old data once the transfer was complete. Akem smiled, his light-like body filling the room with a crimson shadow. It was time to return to the others.

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Angelica burst awake, gasping(although she didn’t really have a respiratory system) as she rose up on the table.
Angelica examined her hands. her hands. “So this…this is what it feels like. This is what it’s like, to have…form…” she said to herself as she felt her body, its wait and dimension in the physical plane. For so long, she had existed as a digital ghost. But now, she had been finally given substance.

“…Thank you.” Angelica muttered to Akem.

Akem looks at her,
“Yeah, it might be a bit weird at first…having a body that is. I suggest you lean on me and that we go to the main group. I’ll play it off that I found another survivor, seeing as your body is a bit different from how it was, they’ll likely believe that and we can complete our mission.”
He offers his shoulder.

Adam stands up,
“If I remember correctly that Celestial that showed us here, went down on of these halls.”

Seeker looks at Adam,
“Yes, though considering the names of the Celestials… he did have an odd one.”

Xano sighs,
“Probably wasn’t his name, but something he used when he first saw us.”

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Angelica struggled to stand.
“I don’t need your help.” Sge said, just as she collapsed onto Akem’s shoulder.
“Okay, maybe just a little…” she groaned, as she shakily balanced herself on her legs.


As Mark looked around, he saw a glowing out of the corner of his eye. It slowly started growing brighter and brighter.

The Angels started to notice the glowing too, and they turned around to face it with a look of surprised shock on their faces.

##“Excuse me, but it appears to me that you could all use some assistance…”

The light spoke, as it grew larger and slowly began to take on the silhouetted shape of an Angel…

Akem chuckles a little bit,
“Now it’s time for Plan Help.”
He helps Angelica walk and began to make their way to the rest…

Xano looks up for the first time in a while. he was busy fiddling with his device making what he considered to be improvements to it. His goal was to make his device as natural and strong in its system as he could. Although the crystal he used for his gauntlet could only hold so much Ignotium Energy, thus limiting his choices for actions. Perhaps if her got a gemstone that had a natural affinity for Ignotium Energy it would allow him to use more energy in one action.

He checks his body for the locket, making sure it was safe. It was safe.

Seeker watches the angel.

Adam stays by the two celestial children.

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