Chiara MOC WIP

Just a early take on Chiara. Idk if it’s necessarily canon accurate as I started taking it into more of a direction of a study on frail bodies. I need to add much more blue. Thought process behind the fragility was more that I could show a lot more wiring and generator like detailing.


That’s an interesting take, but I’m not sure I agree with the hunchback.

I actually don’t have any problem with the torso, it’s a quite unique design. However, you may want to move the neck to the top, since with the scale, it’ll look like his head’s coming out of his stomach.


I agree with Winger here; the torso looks nice, but the way you have the head attached the torso turns it into a complete “U”, with the legs sticking out in the exact same direction as the neck. Having it a tad more upright would make it look more natural, and also make some of the detailing in the torso easier to see.