Cold Steel: Lord of the Soulless

I don’t know why I’m wasting my time posting my creation here but since he’s one of the few I’ve put serious time into (and relatively complex and custom compared to my other MOCs), I might as well throw him in cause I’m legitimately proud of him.

Without further ado I introduce to you Cold Steel, Lord of the Soulless.

Cold Steel Sixth Edition by Brickobotface, on Flickr

“Enshrouded in mystery and his ultimate goals never truly known, Cold Steel will outmaneuver, distract, or utterly crush anything that stands in his way.”

Cold Steel Sixth Edition (2) by Brickobotface, on Flickr

Cold Steel’s character has been evolving since about 2013 and he is one of three or four OC’s/Self MOC’s of mine (Or, if not considered that, then one of my most involved creations, I’m not in the mood for technicalities at the moment).



Holy cow this is sweet! Nice colour scheme and parts usage, I especially like the sword.

I didn’t know you had an account here. I’ve gotta say; the more I see CS, the more I like him.

You didn’t know because I’ve used it for like three MOC’s and that’s it.I pretty much never frequent here. The last time I posted here was when I made RWBY’s Crescent Rose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that’s what I figured. Though if you made Crescent Rose, that’s something I need to find.

Idk if that’s a shield or a spinning blade or something else in his right hand but either way I love it. The moc itself looks amazing too

Amazing moc as always, bbf!

Thanks! I just call it a rotor but it’s pretty much all of the above.

Nice moc dude looks cool :moneybag: over yourself. Yours will beat it look what’s I posted and you will know what I mean

The Stormer head really gives off an eerie feel to the MOC, which works extremely well with the rest of the MOC’soverall looks, The sword is a very interesting design, integrating system well with other parts. The only problem is the wide shoulder length.

I’ve seen a few of the editions that this character has gone through and this is my favorite. Everything is great. The color scheme of white, gunmetal gray, sand blue, and trans red is brilliant. Stormer’s head works very well here and I really like the build of the entire figure, including the weapons.

Here it is if you want it.

Thanks! In my defense of the shoulders he isn’t based off human proportions and squeezing his arms in would make adding any armor in between even more troublesome. :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, Stormer’s helmet is one of my favorite helmet/mask pieces ever made. Depending on the angle you can make it seem reflective or outright sinister. The fact that this MOC uses transparent red eyes makes it even better (at least, in my own opinion, I’m rather proud that I managed to pull it off :stuck_out_tongue: ).

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I actually saw it when you first posted it, I just never looked at the username to realize that it was you. Thanks, though.

Besides the super generic edgi name, not bad. It has a nice shape to it and is pretty consistent. The weapons look nice, and somehow you made the stormer helmet work. I’ve only seen one other person do that, and they had to paint my face onto it. Maybe a nitpick, but it could do without the open sockets on the back of the ankles. Maybe use a balljoint and put a spike/spur there?

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I beg of you to change it

Regardless, moc needs a lot of work. It’s a little cluttered, lower leg build is ugly, random exposed hand joints, ugly shield thing, could use some custom hands, the akakus are out of place (you shouldn’t use asymmetrical masks for shoulderpads). Crotch build could use some work and the colourscheme is mighty dang generic

torso is interesting but I dislike the crotch area as I said before.

Followed you on flickr regardless though, you got a ways to improve but you have a lot of potential

and to repeat myself, please change that name

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The strong build, along with the pose in the first pic…

psh, nothing personnel kid…

in all seriousness, i’m impressed with this one. however, i think he could use more white around his body, maybe replacing some of the gunmetal.

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Yeah, if I recall correctly the name was a placeholder for a placeholder… then the guy got put into a Roleplay and the name just stuck. By the time I came up with a name that’d be better it was given to another character (although… I never made that guy a MOC and my story needs rewritten badly anyways…).

I see what you mean about the feet-hands. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a structure fanatic and I tend to try and add ‘support’ for parts with pressure on them whenever I can (even if it doesn’t really help at all). I also tend to not add as many details such as that unless I’m in competition (too many parts to consume and too much crud that can fall off randomly. Hence, why there’s hand parts lying around instead of adding extra details in the lower legs, but whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if I’m both obsessed with preserving my pieces and preoccupied with giving him the ability to carry oversized, heavyweight weapons (You know, the kind custom hands wouldn’t hold in a decade). Sorry if I don’t feel like making him an overly greebled, fancy shmancy, every limb is made completely custom kind of MOC. I don’t have the parts to waste on that crud luxury to make him that way when his weapons aren’t downsizing anytime soon (Thank you, by the way, for your most informative comments on my rotor, I’ll be sure to include that level of detail if I ever comment on one of your MOC’s in the future). You honestly might be onto something with the crotch… ah well, I’ll figure that out later. I was considering changing his name to Scitrenithron the next time I made a publication involving him…

…But for your sake, and your sake alone, I’m gonna keep the name for a good, long time.

Edit: I don’t actually think that making MOC’s in that style is bad, I just don’t plan on doing it aaanytime soon.


attach a shield rotor thing to the arm and big weapons can be held by custom hands.
As for your obsesssed with preserving pieces debacle… So?
Doesn’t take dumping out all your parts to make a good MOC

Over-greebled, you mean like your moc?

You mean like the vast majority of your MOC?
I don’t make my MOC’s completely custom either

Thank you, I’d appreciate the critique and respond accordingly!

As I was with the Akaku’s, shield rotor thing, colourscheme and lower legs.

You do you, good sir. You do you.

Closing statement:
You oh so do remind me of me from 3 years ago when I first joined this site, if I had to say anything major about that whole paragraph, it would be to watch your attitude.
I give harsh critique not to offend you or anything, if you were offended… Sorry I guess???
I give harsh critique because it’s the best way to improve. I told you that you had potential but I guess you ignored the part where I was being nice to you just to write a snarky comment for some reason.
Don’t take my critique and take it as an insult to your work, take it as advice to improve
Don’t pretend your a special snowflake for using a low budget, it’s not a big deal and I’ve seen a bunch of people work around it before

I don’t understand why people can’t take critique.

To close off my closing statements. I do hope you read my critique again and actually work to improve your stuff rather than just writing snarky comments. Your system stuff is good, I like the thing you did with the torso (although it reminds me of another MOC I’ve seen), the sword is pretty cool albeit blocky.
You have potential, you just need to listen to critique to improve yourself
or you can disregard everything I say because haha


Really heavily greebled, and the sand blue akakus break the already messy color scheme. The hands seem a bit small, and the pelvis seems set too far back. As for the weapons, the sword looks good except for the black, and the rotor/shield seems sorta messy, but an interesting play feature/

I’d say to work on color blocking and keeping a coherent texture, as that’ll help it look a lot less messy. With the pelvis, orienting the mata hands so they point down instead of back would probably be a start you can work with, and maybe some custom fingers for the hands would make them look a bit more whole.

Also, your other mocs look cool too, you should post them here.