ColdGoldLazarus' Overdesigned MoCs

A good thing to do while MOCing is to try and make the heart light the same color as the eyes/brain stalk.

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That's very subjective. stuck_out_tongue I would personally agree that it looks good, but I think that (for some of the MOCs above) CGL has good reason to not do so.

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Ah, okay. Good on him for at least doing that much. I kind of want to make an alternate shirt that says "Lego killed Teal, but Mark Stafford saved Purple"
Heh, probably. XD

How dare he, indeed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, that is awesome. And you are correct, it's one of those. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'd like some!

Yeah, usually I do do that, pieces permitting. With Lazadahki, the problem was more that I couldn't put eye pieces in period, with the way I'd built the head.

Which ones? Just curious.

Hm... coulda been confusing some of your MOCs with someone else's.
But the Vortixx up top has decorative colors that are not the same as her eye colors, right?

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Well, her eyes have been left blank. In-universe, they match, but here there's nothing really to match or not match with.


Well thats true

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That can be one of the problems using Vahki heads. I personally always use the metru, but that's just me. Love the name by the way, I'm really anticipating that game!

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I only ever got two Exo-Force sets, both from the first wave, so I'm not sure what you're referring to.

Yeah; I normally don't use Vahki heads (at least, not as heads) but I had to do so here since she was a Vortixx.
@ToaKeravnos Also, what game are you talking about? I don't think I mentioned a game...

He's talking about these (the pieces used for the hands of the Robots), and no, they don't come in trans-green.

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Oh, I see. And I wish they did come in that color; would be immensely helpful.

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As far as i know, trans orange i only trans colour for these parts!


Indeed; that's my understanding of it.

So, first off. @legomaster1378: I'm sorry, I forgot to remove the datestamps this time, though I'm doing it right after I type this sentence. And done!
Second. @Creep: Your guess was indeed correct!
Third. Nobody guessed about the names, (though given that was edited in later, I understand that many probably didn't even notice it) so the cat is out of the bag now. All of the characters from Remnants, aside from one, are named after stars.

Part 2C: Antares

Relevant Music: 1 and 2

Story: Antares is somewhat contradictory; he is one of the older individuals among the eight survivors and an utter progidy besides, but his openness, circular thought processes, diminutive frame, and hyperactive personality make him seem much younger. Even those who are fully aware of his sheer intellect and wit often find themselves underestimating him without meaning to. Perhaps as a result of being a native of the Polar City, he is gifted with mechanics, and alongside Kaus, spends many of his days experimenting with various inventions.

Along with Heze and Menkar, this is another guy I want to redo someday. (Once I have more Teal pieces to work with, probably) I also don't like how the camera made said pieces look so blue. :confused:

Back view with his 'butterfly' panel setup. As you can see, the tail is basically holding him upright - one of the reasons I feel this guy needs some further work.

Forearm. Pretty simple, but somewhat gappy. I know how I can fix it, too; I just need more pieces. In-story, the big tread wheel above his hand unfolds into a mechanical claw thing that fits over his hand to let him operate certain machinery.

Upper arm now; fairly simple build as well. Added some smokestacks or pipes because why not.

The tail. I'm actually considering getting some Hero Factory sets (There was a monster from IFB that looked teal-ish, though it may have just been Azure) to replace this with CCBS. Also, Antares is one of only a few to have their disk arm integrated directly into the build.

Lower leg. Crappy and gappy; probably one of the worst parts of the model.

Upper leg. When the leg is straight, the top of the teal technic rack can fit into the open ball-socket.

Main torso. I hate how exaggeratedly wide the shoulders are, especially with the absurdly short actual body. I also wnated to make the teal panels that make up the chestplate to be less flat. I think I know of a better way to do all of this, too - the main issue is having the pieces at hand.

This should look a bit more familiar.

The feet have brake lights on them.

I don't like how long his neck is, how close the back and front wheels are, the way the wheels point slightly inward rather than forward, the disparity between the wide front wheels and thin back ones, how high the knees jut up and forward, and the lack of big teal spoiler-thingies on either side atop the back legs. However, I'm happy with how the tail and the headlight hands turned out.

However, when I was dusting him off to take photos, I figured out a rough fix for the lack of spoiler thingies. They still aren't teal, sadly.

Couldn't do a comparison as many of Turbo's pieces were used in Antares, but here's him with his disks, at least.

I couldn't decide between the good picture with the disk the wrong way or the crappy picture with the disk the right way, so here's both. I had to hold him up by one of the fins without his tail able to support him. Car mode is a lot better in that regard.


Antares likes to avoid conflict whenever possible, and so while Dubhe has never really treated him harshly, her general irritability and unfriendliness is enough to make him avoid her when possible. For her part, Dubhe actually regards him as a little brother (despite him being the older of the two) and is somewhat envious of how he's managed to move on despite the circumstances.

Antares and Lesath have a rather odd relation - most of the time, Lesath acts his usual obnoxious self, and Antares puts his wheels to work avoiding him. Once a month, however, Antares will intentionally seek out the fiery Sehran and retune the mechanical eye he built for him after the real eye was burnt away. Lesath is far more grateful for the gift than he'll probably ever admit.

And the group shot. We're most of the way through Part 2!

Next Time: What? Not covering one's entire face up with some sort of mask or faceplate? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.


Okie... it willl be that mining guy whi has small visor! Light beige one! (I remember 2 much)

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No, I'm talking about your name, Lazarus. He's from Evolve.

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I like the torso and upper arms on Turbo. Some of the rest I'm not as fond of, but you had to sacrifice a bit of design for the transforming function, so that's alright.

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I'm going to be out of town until late tomorrow evening, so I won't be able to reply until then, but if anyone else sees it and has anything you want to share; feel free!

You're close, but not quite. :stuck_out_tongue:

Huh, never heard of it. I got my username from an episode of Stargate SG-1 with the word "Gold" thrown in.

Yeah; that's why I want to redo him eventually - so that I can have the transforming function without sacrificing his design. Still, I'm glad you liked at least some of it!

Heh, not quite.

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Aha! Its the Ski Slizer! The white and light blue one! I still would prefer dune miner guy... mabey in future?

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Oh. Welp, the more you know!

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