Combiner: Light Attacking Drone

Requested by @Omega_Tahu. Jango Fett + First Order Trooper + Rahaga Iruini.

He’s a javelin thrower!

And he has guns. For… reasons.

I’ve been wanting to use this head design for a while. Although it didn’t come out quite as I’d planned because of a lack of parts.

A mini rocket launcher. First time trying to make star wars CCBS weapons.

This was really fun to do. If you have a request, check the topic above.

@Omega_Tahu, since you requested this; what do you want to name them?

And, of course, let me know what you think.


Light Attacking Drone

Very cool. Especially the face. Reminds me of @Joe’s Sorano.


Sorano O found your cousin! @Joe
Yeah, pretty good.


Pretty cool actually!

it’s a bootleg @Joe XD

As three people have mentioned so far, it kinda looks like my Self MOC, Sorano.

Welcome to the faceless club :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a pretty neat MOC, at least considering how limited the parts selection was.


Never seen this before. Pretty cool though!


This is really interesting looking, it definitely seems like a drone of some sort.

For what it is, it’s alright, but I feel you could have gone further with this MOC. Minus the head, it’s a pretty basic CCBS build. I like what you did with the upper arms, but the rest of it just seems…blah. I understand that this was a Combo Model and that you only had certain parts to work with, but I just feel you could have gone outside the box a bit more. :grinning:


this. You didn’t even utilize Iruni that well.

like, at all.

I used iruini… in the… staff. His colors weren’t enough to make a secondary color, or not the right pieces to have as an accent color. A lot of his pieces just didn’t fit anywhere. Though I understand why you’d say that.

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