Continuing G1's Story

Hi Mr. Farshtey, big fan. If you couldn’t surmise.

Have you considered continuing G1’s story recently? I feel enough time has passed that the state G1 was left in makes it prime material to be continued for recreational purposes and experimental story telling.

I’ve always been a big fan of all the new plot threads that got started which really had me excited for the sandbox the story was turning into. Takanuva’s destiny, the gold skinned being, Velika’s scheming, and the hunt for the Great Beings to name only a few.

I would also be very interested in seeing how the “zombies on a space station” red star scenario would’ve played out.

Do you think it could be a fun project for you to pick back up?


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The major hurdle in your question is that I have no plans to leave LEGO Company, and as long as I am working here, I can’t write fanfics.

As for connecting G1 and G2, you can pretty much fit my knowledge of G2 in a thimble, so I doubt I could give a good answer on that. [/quote]

Unless he’s no longer working for Lego, he can’t write anything with their say so.

That’s an answer to a different question, so I’m going to leave this open for now.


Will all due respect, though it answers a different question, doesn’t the answer Imply That Mr. Farshtey would have to directed by Lego to write Bionicle content. Not to mention the fact that The Lego Group seemingly has no plans to reintroduce Bionicle as a theme?

Greg has stated very recently that he is not allowed to continue the G1 story. He actually approached Lego about finishing it while they were planning G2, and said he was met with silence. The higher-ups at Lego just have no interest in it, and without their approval he can’t do it.

He discussed this a bit on the latest episode of Gathered Friends.


But, couldn’t he just write it as “fanfiction”?

(Highly canonically substantial fanfiction at that)

No, he’s not allowed to write fanfiction as long as he works for Lego.


I know @TuragaNuva already answered this question, but I just wanted to clarify specifically why he can’t.

Anything he would write that deals with G1, even if he were to call it a “fanfiction” and do it as a personal project, is still directly associated with the original IP that LEGO owns the rights to.

Considering it’s LEGO’s property and Mr. Farshtey (to my knowledge) is still currently employed from time to time by LEGO, the company does not want their own employee producing content for their product that they can’t make money off of. The circumstances are either he makes content they use to sell their toys or he doesn’t make any content at all.

The reason he potentially could continue G1 if he didn’t work for LEGO anymore is that he would then have no valuable attachment to LEGO or the Bionicle IP. He would then basically be like us, just a fan producing fan content. As Eljay would aptly put it, he would be “some guy.”


@Greg The recent video from the TTV youtube channel stated that you would be up for continuing the G1 story, at least in regards to wrapping up plot points, now that you’ve had the time to handle your grieving period. Wanted to ask if it was possible for the serials to start running again, as I know many people from the Amino(where I frequent the most) and other avenues have shown the interest in Bionicle is still there given the cryptic posts by Christian Faber. There’s a good chance many people will be let down when/if his project isn’t what they were looking for, so I think news that you would be continuing the story could soften the blow/give them the Bionicle fix they desire.


darn, you got to it first!

Same here. I remember Greg saying that on the Eljay Johnsen show, during Eljay’s interview with him.

The problem remains the same, Ocbeth. For me to write anything new for BIONICLE, LEGO Company would have to okay my doing it and someone would have to be available to do approvals of what I wrote. I don’t think they will devote resources to that when the line is not active. On a side note, I would not be able to create any new characters because there would be no budget to get legal checks of names done.