countryside moc photography

this post is about my photography skills, not about MOCs in the photos, so I think it’s place is here, in the artwork category. Well, correct me if I’m wrong.

Recently, I went to the countryside for a couple of weeks and, since the nature was so beautiful there, I decided that it was a great opportunity to practice my photography skills. these are the results:

The main piece in the photos is my selfmoc (I will make a separate post about it in the nearest future)

some behind the scenes stuff

the only things telling about the existence of humanity were a few campfires and tiny wooden houses for the tourists to sleep (with no internet or electricity, of course)

So, do you like these photos? which one is your favourite? how should I improve my photography skills? please let me know :smile:


Some real striking stuff you got here, the composition and lighting is so brilliant, I’m absolutely loving these. I legitimately can’t think of any helpful tips you haven’t already nailed in these pictures! All I can say is keep up the good work :+1: :+1:


Very well shot photos! I tried taking photos like this myself, but they aren’t quite as good as what you did. Good Job!

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Nice shots. I specially dig the one where his walking on the water.

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There are some good contrasted colors on these and the shot of him walking along the shore has some nice framing and lighting. I also like the sun-flare in the railing shot, along with plenty of other instances of lighting and you do seem to have a good eye for location and general framing. Since you asked for ways to improve I would say that with most of these the illusion feels sort of broken. Most of them are shot at such a distance with all the countryside in view that it becomes difficult to really feel very immersed in the world and story. It just looks like a toy out on a railing and ends up feeling very disconnected from the viewer. The shot of him leaning against the tree overlooking the lake for instance. It’s shot so far back and he’s hidden in so much shadow the immersion into his world and story is broken and it ultimately becomes an after thought, if he’s even able to be noticed at all. Keep at it and keep looking to improve. Like I said before there’s good stuff in here, like some of the lighting, locations and framing. I’d recommend looking at some other toy photographers out there for inspiration, one of my personal recommendations would be a guy by the name of Chris Rose, and checking out the blog


Lovely photos you got there, although the two Gali hooks on their waist kinda form a stump on the back which makes it look like it should have a tail, but you don’t have to-only a suggestion, also what kind of camera+ settings did you use to take the photos?

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@ToaFautann @LegoDavid @ToaBion
Thanks, guys!

Thank you so much! It’s really nice to hear the opinion of a real photographer. And I absolutely agree with your notes, some photos looked kinda odd when I took them and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong… Well, you clarified that and I will use your advice next time :smiley:

The camera is Canon Mark II with Canon Zoom lens EF 16-35 mm 1:2.8 L. Sorry, but I don’t remember the settings, cause they were different for every photo.

I will make a separate post about my selfmoc in the Lego Creations category soon, so you can leave your opinion about it there, if you want


One word: WOW
Also, @NOTaHFfan is that a custom cloth, or is it official. If so, can you tell me what it’s from?

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Glad you like it :smile:

And about the cloth, it is custom (nothing more than a 15 cm long strip of fabric), but if you need a dark tan scarf for an inikabuild scale MOC and want it to be purist, than ,I think, this piece will do. I hope this helps!