Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time(RP Topic)

Riku watches from the roof of a building

“He’s a scholar.” Hans tells her. “And his main area of study has been his old home, Kena. He’s very invested in seeing it become independent again, and he doesn’t like to see people run from their problems. You’re fine.” He says, partially lying on the last part.

Jacques looks up to the upper levels and sees the foreigner there. He waves, wanting to keep good relations with the people.


The Moonlit Knife cuts through the waves as it nears Gathens. The two islands of Gathens could be seen in the distance, as their tallest cities could be seen beyond the horizon.

Kasie hangs on the rigging, the wind blowing her hair. She smiles and stretches one arm out.

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Sarah looks out at the shore. “What a sight.” She mutters as she sees the two islands.

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Ryko leans against the mast, watching the two islands. He grins, excited for the rebellion to get a real foothold.

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Riku looks around for something to do

The Moonlit Knife nears Dulhen’s ports. On the ports was many wood-like structures that extended into the waters, extending the wooden ports further into the waters and creating what could be described as streets of waters, as pathways of water went in between the wooden structures. The structures themselves were filled with bustling people, as people went to by wares and/or work in their homes, these people made their livings by trade, most were merchants selling products that were imported, or selling products to be exported.

Blud walks out of his cabin and overlooks the sight,
“We’re here, prepare to dock!”

Jenkins barks,
“Get out signal flag up, we’re here!”

Moenir scrambles and puts the flag, hoisting it up, the other able sailor/pirates worked the ship as they dock.

Lillan untied his ship and docked it, hopping off. He stretches.
“That’s always refreshing.” He says.

Ryko grins as the ship docks. “Ah, land. Seems like it’s been an eternity.”

Kasie hopped off the rigging, adjusting the bow slung across her back.

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Valentine braced for the shuddering for when the anchor dropped

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Once the Moonlit Knife was docked at the port, the sailors got out and tied the galleon to the wooden platforms. Blud watches his men work and walks up to Sarah (@Runa),
“We’re here. I believe I’ve done my portion, now it is your duty to complete your task.”

Moenir scrambles down and hurries over to head off the ship, Blud stops him,
“We’re are you going so soon?”
Moenir replies,
“I desire to see the status of my mother, I want to know if she’s doing well.”

She nods. “Thank you.” She says, walking onto the dock. She looks on at the city. Then, she takes a deep breath, and walks on.

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Blud chuckles and looks back at Jenkins,
“Keep the her ready to sail, we should be back soon.”

Jen nods and continues to bark orders at the sailors before telling them to rest.

Moenir ran through the familiar streets and down the alley ways as he neared the deeper parts of the city.

Ryko follows Sarah calmly.
Lillan jogs after the two.
“Where do we start?”
Kasie quietly follows the three at a distance.

“I suppose that this is goodbye then…”

Blud nods,
“It appears that way. I hope safe passage does not betray you, and that you find what you look for.”

“…say, did I ever catch your name?”

Blud shrugs,
“I don’t believe you did, my name is Richard Davison, I hail from Marsada.”

“Pleasure meeting you Davison, regardless of how awkward it was”