Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time(RP Topic)

Blud nods,
“It was an understandable misinterpretation of the situation. That being said I do have a relit interest in a matter at hand.”

“Oh?” Quizzes Valentine “wouldya mind explainin?”

“One of my passengers reminded me of my youth, and I can’t tell if it was a good thing or something to worry about.”

“I don’t see what’s so scary ‘bout yer childhood manifestin’ in someone else, prolly just a coincidence y’know?”

“Depends on how your childhood, some of us, don’t like seeing another making another make the same mistakes.”

“…I know that feeling all too well…uh…who was it, if you don’t mind my nosiness”

“The boy, who was helping my sailors, with the red hair. Never caught his name, but he reminds me of what I was like as a child.”

“I know you’ll probably already do this but… talk to the boy, alright? It’s the only way to spare them the pain.”

Blud scratches the back of his head,
“I suppose that is best.”
He heads off the ship heading in the general direction, where Moenir went.

Valentine removes his helmet with a “pop” before searching for a pub

She stops, then turns on her heel and walks back the other way. “By getting our guide through the nation.” She says, beginning to look for Moenir again.

Lillan nodded.

Kasie glanced around, looking for potential enemies… and people to rob.

“Well, as eet so happens I have more eemportant things to conseeder - such as my life.” Louisa picks up her glass, toasting to herself in the air before draining the rest of the water. “And you? What might a keed like you be doing with a rebel such as heem?”

“…making myself a home.” He said. “I was a nobody kid back in Imilli and a poor smith in my time at Darsa, so I’m trying to make a place I can belong.”

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Riku marches through a village, growling as he goes, he may be wise but he is cruel and cunning

“Hmph.” Louisa looks off into space. “And you want to do that by fighteeng two nations at thee same time?”

He shrugs. “If that’s what it takes.” He responds. "Besides, they’re too busy fighting each other. By time they can get back here from the front lines, we’ll already have a big enough chunk of land and allies that we could find a way to defend ourselves.

She might see Moenir run down a corner, and Blud following shortly after him.

She follows them.

OOC: shall we say for the sake of convince that Riku’s in Gathens?