Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time(RP Topic)

She nods and gets up. “Gives us time t’explore th’city then, I guess.” She sighs. "I guess it could b’worse.

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“Well there’s plenty of shops…and more place to spend money…yeah a lot of shops now that I think about it.”

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Sarah chuckles. “Great. Now if only I had money t’spend.”

Sean sends messengers into the fray of the battle, trying to get them to send the rebel troops away from the fight.

Jacques, meanwhile, did much the same, sending one message time and time again among the orders to temporarily fall back.
La Mademoiselle sera ici demain.

The Mademoiselle will be here tomorrow.

The letter he had read had been sent a week ago from Reamworth, saying that the right hand of the Grand Commander herself would be leaving a day after the message had, and arriving much the same, to inspect their spoils here in Kenasa. However, in this current state, that was far from a promising prospect, and, Jacques feared, could mean his rank, if not his life.

Jacques silently taps his fingers against his thigh as he awaits the troops’ fall back, hoping against hope that this plan would work.

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Louisa sighs, crouching down next to the woman. “Now I think that you should not look.” She scans to see where the bullet wound was, also reminding herself if the woman was still conscious.

She would find the majority of the blood nearest her right hip, along with a rip in her dress.

After shambling into the Town of Leefej (and asking several people for directions) Nacha arrived at the village hall, he walked towards the reception desk and spoke "Greetings Mortal, I would like to make a compliant. Some scabrous individuals have been trespassing upon my land and unlawfully taking my lumber. I will require 30 logs of your finest Oak as recompense in addition, to the heads of those responsible. " The Receptionist stared at him for several moments, dumbfounded and slightly perturbed they replied “Sir… I’m not sure we can provide you heads, as that would be murder, although if you provide me a deed to your land we could probably reimburse you?” Nacha’s expression darkened “Deed! Since when did we require Deeds to maintain ownership of lands and its holdings within!?” “A-A-Always?” replied the receptionist, shaking at the crazed woodsman. Nacha pondered for a moment, after regaining his composure and returned his attentions to the receptionist “Hypothetically speaking If I were to not have a deed for the land, where would I be able to apply for one?” “P-P-Probably the Capital… You s-s-should be able to head to t-t-to the Office of L-L-Land Registry?” The receptionist replied with great trepidation. At the news of this Nacha’s expression brightened “Brilliant! thank you, you’ve been very helpful… for this I will spare you” Nacha stated nonchalantly as he exited the building… Only to return a few minutes later asking for directions to the Capital, when satisfied he left in search of the Nikidian Capital.

OOC: Just saying, Leefej would probably be about the size of a large town, not so much a village.

IC: As he left behind the town of Leefej, the large watchtower at his back, he’d find the road to Reamworth to be a well kept one, and find little adversity on his trail.

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After arriving in Reamworth Nacha scanned the area for any large and particularly important looking buildings. Doubtless this process would incite the attention of onlookers and the occasional comment made about Nacha’s appearance, and smell.

After the roughly week’s travel from Leefej, he would see the large, grandiose city. All the buildings would tower above him, tops ending in a swirling point, or sometimes multiple, with decorative arches stretching over the roads every few yards. The dull whir of early industrial technology could be heard throughout the city, and the smoke would rise from the tip of most, if not all of the buildings, except those nearer the other end of the city.
The most eye-catching building would be the castle at the other end of the city, atop a hill, surrounded by a well guarded wall, each tower along the wall topped the same way the buildings were, but open-walled near the top so guards could fire from them.
The castle itself was large, with at least ten towers outside the main building, and the main building ending in a swirling dome, instead of the points of the rest of the city, that would have a circular area rise out slightly, with four pillars holding up a smaller roof for it, that would end in a swirling point.

Outside of that, it seemed the more important looking buildings were all nearest the castle side of the city.

Seems about right” He mumbled to himself and began strolling towards the building, whilst stepping out of the way for carts, large crowds of people, livestock etc. After the better part of an afternoon Nacha was reasonably close to the Castle’s outer gate.

“I need water,” she says to the boy. “And… a ■■■■■, or something.”

The boy nods and goes out to the store front to grab some water and cloth.

While the door was open, Louisa might be able to hear some stuff from the battlefield, including what the messenger was saying. She likely wouldn’t be able to hear much, but what she would hear would be enough to elicit a reaction.

“…Le Mademoiselle…” The messenger would say, panic in his voice.

Guards would halt Nacha, getting in his way. “Stop right there.” They would say. “What business do you have here?

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I am looking for the department of Land registry… I require a properly written deed for my land, so that I may claim monetary compensation for the unlawful seizure of my lumber!” replied Nacha, his tone brusque and formal.

The guard looks at him, unamused, and points at a nearby building, away from the castle. “Try over there.” He tells Nacha.

Much appreciated, enjoy the remainder of your day Mortal!” Says Nacha as he heads towards the building the guard is pointing towards.

The guard rolls his eyes. Another crazy one. He thinks to himself. No wonder he wasn’t conscripted.

Moenir smiles, “Yeah, considering we have our own currency I do see how that is difficult. Knowing myself I most likely kept a small bit of coin, a few bits of copper and silver, so nothing much, but it should be enough for most things here, of course that is if you can barter.”
He starts to head out, mentally preparing what he will say for Sarah, most likely as a translator or at least a helper. There was always the chance that this big name could speak her tongue, but there was also the chance he couldn’t.


Ryko, Lillan, and Kasie all stood awkwardly by Sarah.

Sarah decided to follow Moenir, not knowing what else to do. She gestured for the others to follow.

The three did so.