Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time(RP Topic)

Louisa freezes, all else pushed from her mind. Le, le… Le Mademoiselle? Non… Her body is rigid, her lips pressed together in quiet shock. There was no way that monster was here for her… right?

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The boy returns. “Are you alright ma’am?” He asks as he gives her the stuff, seeing her panic, which made him start to panic again.

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“Oui, oui…” She takes the given objects automatically, her motions mechanical as she field-dresses the wound. “I… I am good. It… yes, good.” She nods to herself, trying to repress the panic.

Not entirely convinced, but not wanting to panic himself, the boy tries his best to ignore it.

Nacha enters the building and strides toward the central foyer, locating the reception desk he approaches “Greetings, where may I be able to find the department of land registry?

The receptionist absentmindedly points to a door on her left side.

Smashing” smiles Nacha as he strolls nochalantly through the door. “I was informed this is the department of Land registry. I would like to have the deed of my land properly written up! As well as lodge a complaint with whom must I Speak!?

The secretary looked up. “Sir, you’re going to need an appointment.” She said.

Moenir strolls down the wooden pathways until he reaches his mother’s house. He walks in waving to his mother and glances at Blud, wondering why he could see a sweat bead slowly drip down from his forehead. Moenir shrugs and grabs a small jar, in which he grabs a bit of coin. He turns to Sarah and the other three and offers them the coins.

Sarah, not wanting to be rude, accepts. “Thanks.” She said.

Moenir nods,
'No problem."
He puts the small jar back,
“It’s kinda something we have for extra spending.”

Katie, almost greedily, takes a few.
Lillan eyed Moenir nervously. “I… I’m good.”
Ryko shook his head.
“I’ll do well enough on my own. You keep it, you need it.”

Sarah shrugs. “So should we head out then?” She asks.

Meanwhile, another beat up ship approaches the docks of Dulhen. On its mast flies the flag of the Nikidian navy. As it docks, among the first to the exit ramp was the Admiral in charge of the ship. “Aller.” He says. “Trouvez les rebelles.” With that, sailors start leaving the ship and looking around the city.

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Louisa finishes dressing the injured woman’s wound, sitting back as she finishes.

“Stay back here until those idiots are done fighting, okay? Then you’re going to need to find a doctor.” She forces herself to stand, adjusting her musket and saber as she does so.

The colour rapidly drains from Nacha’s face as the realisation dawns upon him… He’d forgotten to make an appointment. Then in a fit of rage and frustration he flips the table (or nearby furniture resembling a table) bellows “Curse you! and your Bureaucratic Sorcery!” and spends a few moments deeply breathing. Regaining his composure (and realising that he may be arrested for such and inappropriate display of hostility) he bolts for the door and attempts to flee the building.

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Moenir shrugs,
“I would assume so.”

A man walks toward the admiral, muttering something under his breath. He bore the emblem of a bear. The shape of the emblem was very similar to what could be found on the gathenian coinage this year.

The boy nods. “Alright.” He squeaks.

“Thank you.” The woman says weakly.

The secretary sighs. “I don’t get payed enough for this.” She mutters, returning to what she was doing before.

“Alright. Lead th’way.” Sarah says to Moenir.

The Admiral sees the man and walks towards him.

“Γειά σου. Είμαι ο Ναύαρχος Μάλθους της Νυκίδιας.” He says in semi-broken Gathenian, pulling out a poster with rough sketches of Blud, Moenir, Sarah, and Ryko. "Έχετε δει αυτούς τους προδότες? Έχουν επιτεθεί στο στρατιωτικό σκάφος μας και πρέπει να εισέλθουν. "


"Geiá sou. Eímai o Návarchos Málthous tis Nykídias.”

"Échete dei aftoús tous prodótes? Échoun epitetheí sto stratiotikó skáfos mas kai prépei na eisélthoun. "

“Hello. I am Admiral Balthus of Nikidia.”

“Have you seen these traitors? They have attacked our military vessel and must be brought in.”

Taeland looks at the Admiral and speaks in Nikidian,
“Pas de soucis. Je parle ta langue. En ce qui concerne les supposés traîtres, je me demande pourquoi un citoyen Gathénien est considéré avec eux.”
He gestures to Blud’s portrait,
“Pour être un traître, il faut d’abord être citoyen du pays. Malheureusement, je ne peux pas vous aider car je n’ai vu aucun de ces supposés traîtres au cours des dix-huit dernières années … Et je sais que vous préféreriez garder les pays en paix, la ruine de nos relations commerciales serait une perte de profit.

The Bear stands firm and unmoving,
“Je suggérerais de ne rien faire qui puisse nuire à cette relation.”
He was always the most annoying of the three Big Names to deal with. Known to be a quick thinker and a friend to the people of the port. Out of the three he was the most concerned for his people’s safety and wasn’t afraid to stand for their protection. His popularity was the source of his wealth, as he started a business training the locals to defend themself, and they paid him a handsome price for it. It led to his rise of power, of a company that trained those to protect themselves from dangerous folk. He was known as the Bear for there is a rumor about him, of how he slew a bear barehanded. Of course that is only a rumor. However, it is the most realistic rumor of the bunch, some say he is a bear that transformed into a human after he lost his love. Others say he becomes a bear in the night. There are many rumors surrounding him and his symbol.

After a moment, Louisa nods. “Is there another way out of the building?” she asks. “Something upstairs?”

“Il est plus un complice qu’un traître, contrairement aux autres.” Balthus elaborates. “Et je veux seulement les chercher. Peut-être demander à certains locaux. Est-ce que ça irait?”" He asks. “Ils peuvent très bien constituer une menace autant pour votre peuple que pour le nôtre…”

The lady coughs. “Up the stairs in the back. Into…our living. You can access an upper path from there.” (@jayzor17)

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