Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time(RP Topic)

Taeland sighs,
“Quand il s’agit de prendre de telles décisions exécutives… Cependant, ce serait une détresse pour les gens si vous faisiez simplement du porte à porte. Si vous devez, vous pouvez poster des affiches recherchées des individus, et uniquement ces affiches. Toute autre solution nécessiterait l’assemblage de tous nos grands noms et cela prendrait plus de temps que vous le souhaiteriez. Les mers situées au-delà de notre territoire sont gratuites pour vos navires. Par conséquent, si les supposés traîtres sont ici, ils devront partir par bateau et je suppose que vous attendriez là.”
He walks away, to him the conversation was done. The Admiral could either take it or leave it. The Bear was against them searching or “question” each person who lived here, but he wasn’t against the Admiral posting wanted posters of the individuals. His suggestion that if said traitors were here, that they should wait on the waters might be useful.

Moenir takes several side roads from the small shop and detours to a small plaza that was only accessible via alleyways. The small plaza was maybe the size of a large house from where Sarah was from. There were several small stalls and Moenir smiled as he entered.
“Here it is. The best place in all Dulhen to find small trinkets and other bits and bobs.”
Each of the stalls had their own unique merchandise, one of them sold jewelry, one sold useful gadgets like simple pocket watches and compasses, and other vendors had their own unique wares.

Balthus turns away with a very low grumble. He would go around town to collect most of his crew back and get them to the ship, leaving a few for now, and do patrols around the island. We went out to find them, hoping the ship would be repaired by those left on it by time they all returned.

Sarah looked around, and wandered vaguely towards the jewelry stall.

The Bear continues his way to his office, at the bank. He walks by the attendant of his office, who promptly gives him a schedule of his day tomorrow. Taeland looks over the schedule and sees a meeting with a Moenir and Sarah. The first name was at least a Gathenian name, so one of his citizens, but the name Sarah couldn’t be further from a Gathenian name… He thinks back to the meeting with the Admiral at the ports. It was likely he was about to meet the supposed traitors tomorrow, although that’s purely speculation. Nonetheless, it would make a brilliant bargaining chip if he needed it.

Moenir strolls over,
“See anything you like?”

Ryko meandered around, examining the stalls. Lillan took interest in a compass, and Kasie leaned against a wall, arms folded.

She examines it all and picks up a necklace on display, looking it over. It had a blue agate arrowhead design for the pendant and onyx beads on the string. “This’s nice.” She said.

The stalls Ryko would see would mostly be filled with similar trinkets some useful others more decorative.

The compass Lillan found was pretty accurate, although extremely plain looking. On its back was the signature of the craftsman that had made it, it was written in Gathenian.


Moenir smiles,
“Well it’s a good thing that you’ll be able to buy it.”

“A madman!?” Grumbles the witch hunter as he strides through the streets flanked by a guard updating him on the information regarding this wild man.
“Such madness must be the work of devilry, you have done well to inform me.”

She nods. “Yes it is.” She looks up at the shopkeep. “How much?” She asked, before realizing that they might not understand her language.

Moenir translated for her,
“πόσο για το κρεμαστό?”
The shopkeeper responded,
“είκοσι αργύρια και δύο χαλκό”
Moenir looks at Sarah,
“It’s 20 silver and 6 copper.”

Sarah took out the money and put it on the table. “Thank you.” She said as she put the necklace on.

Moenir comments,
“Looks nice… I should go translate for the others.”
He walks away to see if he could help Ryko or Lillan with their purchases.

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Ryko was still wandering around, while Lillan was still interested in the compasses.

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Moenir walks over to Lillan,
“Found something you like?”

Lillan, startled, look up.
“Oh! Um. Yeah. I like these compasses. Mostly this one.” He pointed to the one he had seen earlier.

Moenir looks at the simple looking compass and asks the shopkeep the price,
“Πόσο για την πυξίδα του Λέοντος?”
The shopkeeper responds,
“Ένας χρυσός και δύο ασημένια. Είναι μια δίκαιη τιμή.”
Moenir whistles,
“Ουάου! Θα πληρώσω ένα εννέα ασήμι για την πυξίδα και όχι περισσότερο.”
The Shopkeep looks at Moenir,
“Έντεκα ασημένια και όχι κατώτερα.”
“Ένας χρυσός.”
Moenir nods and shakes hands with the shopkeeper. He looks at Lillan,
“It will cost you one gold piece. Sorry, but that’s about the lowest I can get it.”

Lillan searched his pockets, procuring some lint and a dirty gold coin.
“Will this work?” He asked sheepishly.

Moenir looks at Lillan,
“Do you still have the coin I gave you? That should have what is needed. Gathenian currency is a bit different. It should have a marking of a bear on it.”

“Oh! Right!”
Lillan rustled through another pocket and grabbed it.
“Sorry.” He said, embarrased.

Moenir chuckles,
“It’s no issue.”
The shopkeep took the coin and handed the compass to Lillan.

Lillan carefully took the compass and tucked it away.
“Thank you!” He said, smiling.