Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time(RP Topic)

The shopkeeper and the crowd followed out, forming a circle around the two. The shopkeeper draws his sword.

Ready…” The barkeep says, raising his hand, before quickly dropping it. “Begin!

Nacha draws his knife and clasps it in both hands, he circles The shopkeeper, his eyes remain locked on The shopkeeper’s hands and the blade clasped in them.

The Shopkeeper held his rapier in one hand, circling as well, inching closer.

Ryko taps his sword against the ground.
“Let’s get on with the training, shall we?”


Sarah drew both of her swordbreakers and took a defensive stance. “Whenever you are.”

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Ryko spun his sword and drew back into a lighter-footed stance.
“If you say so.”
With that, he quickly leaped forwards with a thrust, not aimed directly at Sarah so as not to hurt her.

Sarah sidestepped and brought one of her blades down onto his sword, twisting it to try and lock it into the crevasses in her blade.

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Ryko quickly brought the sword back in a straight line, slipping it out of the blade’s grasp.
“Close.” He grunted, lunging again.

Sarah would go to the inside this time and try the same tactic, but also slice down at his wrist, with the intention to stop just before contact.

Ryko’s sword was caught, but the instant it was, the veteran fighter released his grip on the rapier, ducked under the slice, and spun up behind Sarah.

The sword would fall out of her blade without his grip holding it in place, as she spun to face Ryko and stand between him and the sword.

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Ryko flashed her a grin as he rolled diagonally past her right side, back what was now her back. As he stood up, he wedged his foot under his sword and kicked it into the air, catching it.

In his prone position, sword still in the air, she lunged for him, aiming her blade under his arm, simulating a heart shot.

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Ryko caught his sword and proceeded to quickly spin to the side and slash, stopping short so as to not hit Sarah.

Sarah ducked as she went forwards and slightly to the other side, getting up and facing him from that side.

Moenir charged at his father taking the first strike, thrusting his rapier forwards towards his father, a killing strike. Blud rapidly parries with his cutlass, using the curve to his advantage and forcing Moenir back to a guard. Moenir dropped low from his guard and thrusted again with his rapier, which was deflected again by Blud, using the pommel of his cutlass to catch the sword. Blud strikes a killing blow, hitting with the blunt edge of his sword. Moenir drops to the ground breathing heavily like a dog. Blud quips,
“It’ll take more than that to get me to fall so easily.”
Moenir groans,
“It’s not like I have the experience you do…”
Blud nods,
“Then to the basics we’ll go to again. Grab a stick and two water buckets, time for some running, and you better not spill the water.”

Ryko eyed Sarah for a moment, then quickly tossed a vial at her.

Nacha’s left hand slips from the knife and reaches towards his belt, unbuckling it and pulling it free he cracks it like a whip. He releases a series of lashes at The Shopkeepers hands and legs.

Sarah, trying to think quick, attempts to catch the vial and throw it back at Ryko.

The shopkeeper parries the first blow, and if the belt ends up wrapping around the blade, he yanks it back, trying to pull the belt out of his hand.

Ryko caught the vial.
“Not bad. That’s a good instinct.” He said.
He showed her the vial, which was empty, then slipped it back into his coat.