Dark Hunter Lariska

now now i know i didnt post in a while but this time, not tooting my own horn, i gotta say it was worth the wait

have Lariska, the only dark hunter one needs to remember:

made her a stag beetle, reason for that being 1) we dont have enough bionicle bugs and 2) stream chat demanded a bug and i think stag beetles are the coolest bugs :v

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dont forget to leave a comment telling me what you might like or dislike!


interesting design…

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Stag Beetle are best beetle.


Looks cool.

Your art is always such a treat…



Oooh! Dang, you did a great job on this one!
The weird thing… Is I really like the clothing. It gives her much more of a hunter vibe and adds more color diversity.
I would comment on the oddly long legs, but we all know how bad bionicle is about proportions don’t we?

Great job overall!

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This is really good, great job! :smiley:

This looks great. Nice job

Love the unique take.
Awesome :slight_smile:


is she naked?
looks awesome, but I think the eyes are way too tilted

there are some, but they are not as cool as the drawing

well they are not really based on the drawing, so they had nothing to do with it, if you search for Bionicle Lariska on google you will find some

Is there a real life MOC version of this character art?

I wanna see them.

my MU species cant really be naked, their standard armor is basically their skin
flexible protodermis, i guess

this strangely reminds me of Warframe

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oh you dont know how often i heard that one ;u


Interesting design, cat. The detail and the subtle lighting on the armor really make this look amazing :smile:

Cat, why you so awesome?..

This looks amazing! I accept this as my headcanon!

Somebody didn’t skip leg day.


I like the head design.