[Digital Render] Jungle Slizer | Throwbot Amazon

[Digital Render] Jungle Slizer | Throwbot Amazon by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr

This is a reimagination of a set “8505: Amazon” from classic LEGO action figure line Slizer/Throwbots.

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The arms are reversed again…

Like all your other ones, great job. I especially like the toes on the one, although I question how well it would stand irl.

With proper balancing I think it can be stable.

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The torso looks great and the feet are quite cool!

That feet design is amazing.

I think this is your best so far personally.

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Wait to see my Slizer revamps of others’ mocs…

It looks boss now!

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Nice! The vines on the head and the clawed feet do a nice job of adding a feral look to him, but not to the degree that he’s a savage.

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Oh, he’s a refined fella alright. Wielding a katana has this effect on people, or so I’ve been told… :smiley: