[Digital Renders] Uxar and Ketar (G2 reimagination, Commission)

A friend of mine that goes by the name of Ghost-Mantis on Tumblr have commissioned me to completely reimagine the Elemental Creatures of Bionicle G2.
She gave me a full creative freedom, so it’s okay if any one of you will disagree with my creative vision. =) That’s what we’re here for: to share our creative vision.

[Digital MOC Commission] Uxar and Ketar by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr

As you all can see, I took a very drastic approach. They do not look anything like their sets, and both me and Ghost-Mantis are okay with that.

[Digital MOC Commission] Uxar by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr
I made Uxar to look like both a moth and a dragonfly, with fluffy body and long tail.

[Digital MOC Commission] Ketar by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr
As for Ketar, I just made him a scorpion which he supposed to represent. I am quite proud of this segmented back and organic pincer design.

The rest of the Elemental Creatures could be found here and here.


You seem to post activity of prior moc after Greg introduction on the boards.

Not a huge fan of the wing plate and legs, but the body and head looks rather decent.

Less accurate recreation; but still better than the original model. I’m impress of the exo-force arms use for the “spine” and interesting shaping for the face.


I like what you did with Ketar. Uxar is meh though.



I do agree though. :stuck_out_tongue: Uxar and Ketar were my first (actually second) digital MOC commission, so I was not as good as I am now. I hope when you’ll see the rest, you’d agree I made some progress. =)

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You were inactive on the boards for nearly a year and you came back after posting an Ask Greg topic.

So? Is there a problem?

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Not too big on the way those wing plates, but Uxar is otherwise well designed.

Ketar on the otherhand solves many of the issues I had with that set regarding the color scheme. This is a lot cooler to look at, particularly with the substitution for Keetorange, a nice accent. I like the general design as well, namely the torso, though I do miss the uniquity those blade-claws gave him.

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Thank you! I am actually super proud of how Ketar came out. Might be my favorite Elemental Creature revamp out of all I’ve done. I will post more tomorrow! or maybe later today if I’ll prove too eager to show more. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s no problem here, it’s just um

######Square likes his critical posts as smol as can be

Also, good MOC. Really like the overall aesthetic on these two.


Well, it’s kinda my personal business why I returned to TTV after a long downtime. Greg was certainly the reason, and I decided to stick around and show my new MOCs.

Thank you. =)


These look really cool
I like Ketar better

“Inaccurate” how?

I just saw the whole title so I wouldn’t worry about that since their reimaginations
My bad

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Yeah, I feel like you didn’t bother to read the whole post where I explain that. But that’s okay. =)

Thank you.

Very nice spine on Ketar.

Since I don’t see the original in either one of them, I’ll judge them as their own MOCs.

Uxar is okay, he’s simple but doesn’t look bad. 7/10

Ketar is the better of the two (for once), and the designs are absolutely awesome. 9/10

What part of “reimagination” did you miss?

A reimagination doesn’t mean it has to be totally disconnected from the original.

Theme-wise, it’s not disconnected. Both retain their respective themes (Uxar is a flying insect, Ketar is a scorpion, and even Pohatu made countless remarks on that). But okay. I mean, it’s your opinion and your vision.