End of Aura

It was the dawn of sunlight for the city of Pormalion. Ships were coming into the harbor and the waves rolled back from the beach, revealing the sweet scent of the sea. Rumors were spread about the famous prophecy and many feared anyone who wore the color red…

Zorkhan awoke and walked the streets. He has been watching the moon, and in one moon it should be a moonless night, he needs to fulfill his contract and find his victim, so he can keep his magic.

Zorkhan watches several people, in the market streets, as he plans his next moves.

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“I don’t like killing my enemies…” Artemis pauses, choking the unfortunate villager who had dared to rebel against him “But I must admit I am enjoying this!”
“Mercy, I’ll do anything!” The villager gasped
“I don’t grant mercy, coward!” Artemis spits

Torinn steps out from an Inn and sees Artemis choking someone out.
“Excuse me, sir? I would very much like it if you’d stop that, I’ve taken a liking to this town and I’d rather not see it or it’s people damaged.”

Alas he would be too late, the villager was dead
“Keep the body if you like it so much…” Artemis says, leaving

Torinn walks over to the body and kneels next to it.
“Sleep well, my friend.”
Torinn leans over to s patch of grass on the ground and whispers “don’t let him leave”. Torinn stands up and conjures a wall of force in front of Artemis.

Artemis simply walks around the wall

Torinn starts walking after Artemis.
“Hey! I didn’t put that wall there so you could just walk around it!”
Artemis would soon find that the grass had wrapped itself around his legs, trying to slow him down.

Artemis picked away the grass, and went away in a very flamboyant and pronounced march/stroll

Torinn casts a spell to put magical darkness over the town, so much so that it’s impossible to see anything that isn’t centimeters from your face. He then puts walls in front of and to the sides of Artemis.

It was too late for Artemis had left

OOC: do you mean that he left the range of the darkness? Because the walls would go up anyway if he’s still in the vicinity of where Torinn is.

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OOC: Sorry I didn’t phrase it well

Artemis was long away from Torinn at this point, he was out of his vicinity and so he would be unable to surround him with walls

In the same Inn that Torinn had just stepped from, Aep sat inside on a bench in the corner happily sipping a mug of Warm Ale.

Across the inn a man in polished armour stopped sipping his tea, tossed a handful of coins towards the innkeeper, put on his helmet and exited, rapier draw.

“Why is it so dark out!?” Asked Alfred “It’s midday!”

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Aep stood up and peered outside, noticing the same phenomenon and shrugged, he returned to his seat and Ale. After finishing his drink he took out a small dagger of a hard yellowish substance and began carving small flowing runes across his cup.

Alfred attempted to grope his way through the darkness leading him to impact a few of Torinn’s walls

“Excuse me?!” He started “Could whoever is doing this please stop?”


Torinn moved the cloud of darkness so that it was centered on Artemis. He ran forward trying to catch up him, and started preparing a counterspell for whatever Artemis might throw at him.

“You there!” Exclaimed Alfred “What di you think you’re doing!?”

“Can’t talk, fulfilling a contract!”

“You…don’t look like a bad person…did you do that darkness spell?”