End of Aura

Torinn doesn’t respond and keeps running.

He would here Alfred clanking as he ran behind him

“Would you like some help? You appear to be chasing a lich, my specialty!”

“Really? That’d be great!”

“Silver knight Alfred. Pleased to meet you” he says dashing along beside Torinn… wait wasn’t he far behind earlier?

Artemis wasn’t any old Lich, he was so much more powerful, older and wiser, in fact he may’ve even fought Alfred before!

OOC: do you know what a lich is? It’s an undead mage, Alfred is currently mistaking Artemis for a lich due to him dressing like one. I also doubt that they would’ve met each other as Alfred tends to kill Undead not edgelord humans who cosplay as liches and play overlord

IC:“What a rotten fashion sense”

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Zorkhan paces down the market streets, watching one of the the civilians. He had decided his victim and was now taking mental notes of the his future victim’s daily activities. He needed this information, so he could prepare himself.

A gaunt figure in dingy robes bumps into Zorkhan, dropping a small golden disk by his feet, the figure bows his head in apology before hurriedly leaving.

Meanwhile, back at the Inn Aep begins to draw a small crowd as he creates a small flying fish from his mug, the runes glowing greenish blue as the fish continues to swim in and out of the mug.

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Zorkhan grabs the disk which the gaunt figure had dropped and inspects it, wondering what it may be,

On Closer inspection the disk bears an image of a strange set of weighing scales on its front.

Zorkhan inspected closer, half wondering if this was some kind of turtle or similar reptilian.

At the centre of the scales was an eye with a razor thin line for a pupil. At both ends of the scale were two horned spires, which suspended bowls via chains. Surrounding the Scales were a series of runes, though Zorkhan couldn’t decipher the exact origins of said runes they were evidently used in some kind of ceremony, though it must have been dark given the similarities it bore to some his own rituals. On the other side of the disk was a carving of a human skull, it’s eye’s seemed unnaturally deep and dark however.

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Zorkhan now very interested decides that this is more interesting then his current target and leaves to find the individual who dropped it.

Ahem. @TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika

Though reasonably far away Zorkhan would spy the dingy robed figure making their way towards Pormalion’s Docks.

Artemis was already long gone

Whilst fleeing Artemis would catch a glimpse of a dingy old cathedral

He resisted the temptation to destroy it

It was old, crumbling and easy to overlook due to overgrowth, with a bit of refurbishment it might do nicely as a stronghold. Artemis then noticed that it had a very modest barely visible vine-covered graveyard.


Zorkhan follows his interests, wondering what wandering folk brought such an item to this port town.