End of Aura

Kahoran stayed stock-still.

Torinn finally turns to Aep and Alfred.
“Sorry, I’m already dreading a long conversation with two other gods right now, I don’t need another breathing down my neck.”
After saying that he turns away and storms off.


“Dunno what their problem was.”

“You won’t find be by waiting…come out. Come out into the light.”

Good luck with that!” Aep calls out to Torinn, although lowering his voice when he realised he probably wasn’t listening. Turning to face Alfred “I’m sure they’ve got a lot on their plate” failing to hide his disappointment.

Kahoran chuckled, his voice seemingly coming from all the shadows.
“No, I’m fine.”

“Ah well, you win some you lose some.”

Torinn goes into a bar, orders the strongest drink he can find, and waits for whatever the gods have for him.

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True… shall we go on an adventure?” proposed Aep.

“Indeed, there are many whom require protection, all kinds of horrors seek to prey on innocent souls. We must be there for them.” States Alfred

Artemis glares and walks into the light,
“And who might you be?”

Zorkhan wanders the streets it was about midday, around noon. He had lost track of his original victim and began his search again. Perhaps that hooded stranger he saw earlier would make a good sacrifice to his god.

Aru found herself at the docks and she watched the sailor unpack their giant boats, full of goods and others taking goods onto their boats. It was such a complex system and she wasn’t quiet sure of what to make of it.

In the forest a pair of silver eyes watched the city from a great distance. The deer turned back and walked back into the forest, whatever it wanted to see couldn’t be seen anymore or it lost interest.

A man watches the deer with careful eyes and looks at the port city. He jumps off a small rock and begins to head towards the city.

Kahoran watches silently.

“The boogie man”

States the voice lacking any emotional tone difference in it’s voice

“They say you have nothing to fear but fear itself…now that you have discovered me…I cannot let you leave here

Kahoran tenses as he heard this.
He reached for the two short swords strapped at his waist.

“You are going to die here.”

Artemis seems ignorant. He starts brushing dust off his shoulders and acting as if he didn’t hear the entity. He said,
“Oh… sorry didn’t quite hear you. Was that supposed to be a threat?”

“Both your words carry bravado and yet I can clearly hear the telling stain of fear. It’s echoing out from your soul, trapped in a darkened chamber cut off from the outside while dread overtakes your fragile bodies, knowing that a blade draws ever closer to your throat.”



Kahoran leaned against the wall silently.
“Ohh, scary.”

“Fear from my soul? Perhaps you hear another’s? I am the necromancer Artemis, I am not afraid by your mere barking. As I’ve seen you are a dog that is all bark and has no bite!”

“Tsk! You accuse me of being toothless yet hide yourself behind a mask of bone befitting a worthless craven leper. But enough talking! The time to bring back my silence has come…”


Artemis watches for any movement, he had ticked something off and it might just cost him his life.