End of Aura

Now lets not be too hasty to judge sir, Leviathan is a great big friendly Whale god who brings vast bounties of Fish and other Seafood to his worshippers

“Ah so it’s another name for Ahti! God of the sea, I’ve heard many different names for the gods. Leviathan is a new one though.”

Yes… but we call him Leviathan… because it sounds better!

“Y’know what, that’s a completely fair reason.”


Artemis decided that he needed to do something about this, knowing his spell-set. He thought that if he could find a dead minion he would be able to use it to deactivate any traps if there were any.[quote=“meepinater, post:53, topic:49509, full:true”]
Kahuna stepped from a shadow into the light, watching him carefully, before continuing his following.

Kahuna would see Artemis stand in a room or rather a chamber with a basin of water, a mirror and a old big box. It was a cathedral hall and the constant trickle of water echoed through it.

As they entered the room they could now see that in a corner that couldn’t be seen from the staircase was both a grand piano and what appeared to be a dusty picture frame.

Dust. It suddenly clicked with Artemis, the box, piano and mirror were all completely dust free, as if they had been recently used.

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Kahuna stepped towards Artemis silently.

Artemis walks towards the piano in order to inspect it.

Aru walks through the city streets. She had a pleasant smile of genuine happiness to see such structures built by the water.

The piano was incredibly well maintained, it was quite modest in design however featuring no decorations other than its frame, which appeared to be made from a dark wood such as ebony, the piano stool was cold, it hadn’t been used for a short while as there was no hint of an indentation in the cushion. The piano lacked any music sheets on it, suggesting that either the mysterious pianist played from memory or that the sheets were stored somewhere else.

Kahuna watched Artemis from the shadows.

Both heard the sound of stepping coming from the staircase, as if someone was slowly making their way down, perhaps to practice piano?

Artemis dashed looking for a place to hide himself.

Aru walks around eyeing the port-side buildings, and is amazed by the really large lake (the ocean).

As Artemis dashed behind the wall attached to the staircase (the only blind-spot for the person on the stairs) the footsteps got louder, then just as the figure was about to come into view behind the banisters. It stopped.

Leaving only the gentle dripping of water.

Artemis takes in a quiet breath, he wonders if this person heard him.

Aru gets some strange looks as she passes by. She could hear murmurs about her red cloak and how it was similar to the prophecy. That being said Aru never actually heard this prophecy and so was very confused by their words. She went off to the ports to watch the ships come into port or to leave. After all this lake (ocean) was extremely huge.

The sound of the piano playing could be heard however it didn’t move, and there was nothing at it.

Kahoran crouched down in the shadows, reached a clawed hand to one of two small swords strapped to his waist.

The music continued but there was nothing on or around the piano, as the song drew to its conclusion a deathly stillness came over the chamber that seemed to drown out even the water.

Kahoran tensed, ready for anything. He stepped back further into the shadow, almost completely hidden from sight.

“Just how long do you attempt to hide from me? I can see you.”

Comes a soft voice like poisoned velvet cake echoing through the darkness

Artemis keeps his eyes peeled open, watching for any movement.

Zorkhan walks down the street and passes by Aru, who gives him a glance. He watched her for a bit, wondering who she was and why she was wearing a red cloak.