Favorite Moment in Bionicle Story?

Mine is probably the time when Lewa got the infected miru. It just shows that no matter how strong the heroes are, they will always have a weak point.


And in Lewa's case, that weak point gets exploited over and over

My favorite moment is either Matoro's sacrifice or Teridax's victory.


Haha so true.

Those are great parts. Matoro's sacrifice is probably my second.

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One thing I didn't get about Matoro's sacrifice was this:

Is this the end then? Is this what it feels like?

Yes, he decided, this was death.

Didn't he already die in the Chamber of Death on Voya Nui?


He sacrificed himself because he believed he had no point of fighting, because he had no experience. but the mask of life chose him as it's guard, therefore saving him

My favorite part was when Teridax and Miserix fought over the power of leading the brotherhood of Makuta. Those turn of events with the Makuat where always my favorite.


I mean, he had already experienced death, how did he not know what it felt like the second time?

Well it was different. The second time he got exploded into atoms

One of my favorite moments in BIONICLE History was when Makuta's plan succeeded. He became the ruler of the universe, and when I read that in the comics I was just thinking, "Oh Noes." For a moment, I thought that was the end of the series, but then we saw the Mask of Life leave the universe and I knew it wasn't quite finished.


Oh noes.

-Petrus 2014


I really liked the part in LOMN where Makuta reveals himself with all the lightning and laughter. And of course what ensues afterwards.

Matoro's sacrifice was also a big deal for me. I had gotten to like him.


One of my favorite moments was when Teridax and Mata Nui duked it out. (Just kidding.)

But seriously... It is really hard to pinpoint down one favorite moment. I do like whenever a character dies, though. (Especially Matoro.) And in Matoro's case, it was a really touching and important scene.

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Am I the only one who hasn't seen matoro's death? Someone please show me...

Enjoy my last moments in the Matoran Universe


When Matoro died.

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Makuta's NOPE NOT DEAD YET mind trip after the events of Mistika.


Matoro's death is probably one of the most important events in the story.

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When Matoro sacrificed himself for Mata Nui and his friends.

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I think mine was when Mata Nui awoken though I did not understand it fully.

I will answer that with text from the ignition comics.

In his last moments, Matoro feels no fear. He knows he has succeeded-- The Toa Mahri are safe, able to resume their lives in Metru Nui. The Turaga and matoran will know that they became true heroes.
Matoro does not see himself as a hero. As a matoran, a Toa Inika, and a Toa Mahri, all he ever tried to do was his duty.
Now that duty has led him to his destiny.

I cri evrytim. ;-;