Fenerak - Towering Shield (Gilahu's BP Makuta revamps)

Name: Fenerak
Kanohi: Whethron, Great Mask of Seismic Sense
Assigned region: None
Status: Dead

What was most striking about Fenerak was his size. Even though Makuta were shapeshifters, most of them usually chose shapes of average size simply due to practicality. Not so Fenerak, who made it a point to tower at all times even above Vortixx. Still, it wasn’t just a fancy of his. He used his form as a direct reminder to everyone laying eyes on him what he was and what he was capable of. At the same time, it suited him well to mislead others. Most beings would look at him and from his taciturn demeanor decide that he had only muscle for brains, only to realize too late that in fact Fenerak possessed a coldly calculating intellect many beings couldn’t hope to ever match.

Originally Fenerak chose to be a warrior within the Brotherhood, after giving up on Rahi creation, his size and skill making him a formidable foe to everyone daring to oppose him in close combat. While his talents were recognized, his silent manner prevented him from rising far in the hierarchy, however, but that suited him just fine. He preferred working alone or in small teams where everyone could count on everyone without too much verbal communication instead of commanding entire armies.

This all changed when suddenly Miserix and Teridax approached Fenerak about working with Vulon, the current Head Ambassador of the Brotherhood who had lately caused a bit of a diplomatic uproar due to her unconventional methods. Fenerak was ordered to accompany and support Vulon on her missions – and to hold her back if necessary. Fenerak didn’t let on what exactly he thought about that, yet the results spoke for themselves, as Vulon and Fenerak quickly turned out to be an unbeatable team, their natures complimenting each other perfectly – Vulon’s fiery temper vs. Fenerak’s cold calculation, her impatience vs. his calmness, her sharp tongue and his sparse, yet grave words.

When Vulon joined Teridax during the Convocation, Fenerak didn’t hesitate long to join her. As usual, he seemed like he didn’t really care, but in truth he likely realized very well which way the wind was blowing. He didn’t show if he was interested in Teridax’s plan, but he continued highly effective work with Vulon – now on Teridax’s orders starting to slowly undermine the political systems of the Matoran Universe, while also dealing with mundane affairs.
Eventually this led Vulon and Fenerak to the region of North Avohi, where they were supposed to mediate between both Avohi about what would later be known as the Avohi Crisis – a political development which threatened to make the whole Southern Continent erupt in war. Unfortunately for the tow Makuta, they walked right into an assassination attempt against the council of North Avohi by South Avohi’s ruler. As the council hall was rocked by detonations, Fenerak was struck down by a giant piece of the ceiling crushing his head, while Vulon barely made it outside, only to be killed there by the assassins waiting to finish off any potential survivors.

Teridax was furious when he heard what happened, and even though it was clear that no one had expected the two Makuta to be there on that day, he made it clear that this would be seen as a declaration of war against the Brotherhood of Makuta from South Avohi’s side. Shortly after South Avohi’s ruler was taken care of by Sidoshi and his strike team, while the Brotherhood military made sure that the entirety of South Avohi would remember exactly what it meant to attack the Brotherhood.


Fenerak wears the Whethron, Great Mask of Seismic Sense, which allows him to sense vibrations in the ground or in structures, enabling him to react to things no one else perceives and even find his way around in complete darkness.
In close combat he utilizes his claws and forearm-mounted shields.

Vulon and Fenerak

Remember when I said I won’t build anything bigger than Ornek in terms of Makuta revamps? Yeah, well…
There’s actually a little story to tell about Fenerak - I was randomly remembering something about bad guys from the Digimon Frontiers series (if anyone actually knows/remembers that) and after looking it up a bit, found this picture of the Royal Knights:

And I was just like - Vulon and Fenerak. So yeah, that’s where Fenerak’s size comes from - then again I needed a certain size to use those shield pieces on his forearms, so everything added up nicely. At least I was finally able to use some Metru torsos and even a dark grey Inika torso in his build.
Personally I really like the front of his torso and his lower arms. The head I decided to keep like this for the moment since it works reasonably well.

This revamp is based on @AdamusTheFirst’s Makuta Fenerak. Pictures are also broken in that topic, so again here’s the original:

C&C appreciated!


Woah, this guy is a beefcake, and yet, he doesn’t look unnatural.

Also, the little guy with the Mahiki you use for size comparisons needs a name.

How about Greg?



He has a name - 'nika guy

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Good as any. i just thought he needed a name.

Now he needs a backstory.:stuck_out_tongue:


While this is the better version, he almost feels completely different from the original, plus that face grate looks… derpy.


Really dig the look of this revamp as well. I appreciate how you kept enough of his original stature with the reusing of the Hordika and Metrutoran chestplates (as well as the Mistika shield pieces) whilst doing enough of your own thing (especially giving him a proper secondary colorscheme :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

The two things that do erk me are; His hands, which while consistent with the original, I never liked at all (though there isn’t really anything I really like about the original​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), and his head. Again, I never liked the original, but the head here doesn’t feel right to me (though I couldn’t really think of a better option, not that I ever did with the original :rofl:).

I definitely like this more than my original though, But I think Vulon is better overall.

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