GBWC: Sunrise of the New Champion

This RP is takes place in the Gundam Build Fighters Timeline, where in a world much like ours they have discovered a new particle, the Plavsky Particle. Due to how the plastic in a Gunpla, or a Gundam Plastic Model, reacts to the particle, they have created a near future sport, a simulation battle of the Gundam World and it is called Gunpla Battle!

These battles take place on Plavsky Projectors, hexagonal tables that project the plavsky particles and controls the gunpla, allowing for a near 1 to 1 simulation. Data for each gunpla is stored on a GP base, a small cellular-like device that carries the gunpla’s information as well as the name of the builder and/or pilot.

Ten years have passed since Team Try has taken claim the championships, the overall champion, Sekai Kamiki has recently declared his retirement. Alumnus of the Gunpla Academy and ace of their team, Wilfrid Kijima, has declared himself to be returning, due to his absence from the previous world tournament, though he is angry at Sekai for abandoning this tournament. He isn’t the only bg face around, rumor has it that the fourth Meijin Kawaguchi has also thrown his gauntlet into the arena and Lucas Nemesis has returned with his latest creation the Barbatos X-4 Crossbone. Akira Suga has also returned with his improved Gundam Delta da Vinci. Lastly are the Shiki brothers with their unique gunpla. The only question on our minds now, is who will take the title of champion? It’s the dawn of a new champion.

The Regional Tournaments have just been completed, and you have passed through the regionals and are making you’re to the American National Tournament, in order to make to the World Cup.

Along the way you might lose your match or even be disqualified, but don’t worry, even if you lose at Nationals, you can still get to the World Cup. You could get a sponsorship from one of the four companies that can host a team to the world cup. These companies are PPSE (Plavsky Particle System Engineering), Yajima Trading, Gunpla Academy, and TSU (Technology and Sciences United).

Character Creation:
I bet you might want to create a character if this RP has peaked your interest, so here’s the character sheet for those who wish to play. You can always add details, but please keep to this base format.
-Pilot or Builder-

Appearance: (if you are using art, give credit to the creator)
Model Base:
Abilities: (If your gunpla transforms than the alternate modes would be listed here, along with other special abilities)
Weapon Abilities: if customized weapons

I won’t pretend I’m the perfect GM or even close to a good one. I do need help along the way, as there might be days where I’m just not as active. It doesn’t mean I’m “bored” of the RP, Heck not! I just have life and so do you guys, (well I hope you do, it would be hard to live if you didn’t).

  • Teams of 3, NPCs are allowed to fill gaps in teams. Rule Update: This change will state that you’ll need at least 3 members for a team and can only have 3 active members, as in active pilots, meaning that you could sub in team members, however you could only have 3 active during tournament matches. Hopefully this makes sense to y’all, but I can further explain it if needed.
  • Rounds consist of Races, Team Battles, Doubles, Duels, Capture the Flag, and other objective based missions.
  • Players may possess up to five characters at Max, if they want to relinquish a character, they may create a new one.
  • No OP Gunpla, look at other player’s character sheets to get a rough idea of the power levels, if that helps.
  • No Auto-hitting, Auto-dodging, and Bunny-hopping. Exception for bunny-hopping being planned time-skips.
  • Feel free to create teams with other players.
  • Players are allowed to control NPCs on their team, this is optional, though recommended. If you are on a team with an another player, please discuss your plans for the NPC with each other, create a character to fill that gap.
  • GM gets final say if something is OP (Over Powered)
  • Yes the Devil Gundam is banned
  • If I’m not around feel free to control a generic NPC to speed things up, with permission
  • If you feel I made a mistake, please tell me in a civil manner

[details=Confirmed Players or Characters]






[quote=“Bramsley, post:59, topic:48837”]
Name: Steve “Goldilocks” Tyler

Link to NPCs will be here, to be added to

Link to RP Topic


Pilot and Builder:

Name: Lacey
Team: Team Heavy
Appearance: short, with green hair and blue eyes.
Bio: an experienced Gunplar, Lacey has built many kits and even more customs. She is quiet, but smart and often times nerdy.


Name: Sazabi Rewind
Appearance: dark blue, with purple highlights. Mono-eye is bright red.
Model Base: RG Sazabi
Abilities: Beam Blast, where multiple hatches open and fire powerful beams. Rocket Rider, where all boosters simultaneously fire and launch the MS forwards. Pump Fire, where the firearm is able to be fired quickly without reload.
Weapons: double barreled beam magnum, dual beam tomahawks, beam boomerangs, missile pods, and shoulder mounted gatling guns.

Pilot and Builder:
Name: Harvey
Team: Team Heavy
Appearance: Tall and skinny, with lanky limbs and dark brown hair. His eyes are hazel.
Bio: A relatively new Gunplar, Harvey has made one custom so far. He has a sense of humor, but knows when to be serious.

Name: Chameleon
Appearance: Multiple shades of light and dark green, with reflective accents.
Model base: RG F91 and RG Exia
Abilities: Camouflage, where the MS is able to temporarily blend in with surroundings. Impersonate, where the MS is able to take on the appearance of another MS for a short time. Wall-Climb, where the MS is able to climb walls like a lizard/gecko.
Weapons: Beam sabers, beam rifle, and a modified GN sword.

Builder and Pilot:

Name: Rick Morgan
Team: Iron-Blooded
Appearance: medium height, with a strong body and dark grey eyes.
Bio: A veteran gunplar, Rick knows more about the hobby than most people. He can seem arrogant at times.


Name: TallGeese medallion
Appearance: black, with yellow highlights and a bright blue crest.
Model Base: RG tallgeese
Abilities: artillery assault, where the cannons on his back fire heavy ordinance. ranged spread shot, where the Dober shotgun fires a compact shot that has extra range. Wheel of fire, where the MS spins around and flames burst out of various ports.
Weapons: shoulder cannons attached to his backpack, modified Dober shotgun, beam staff, and shield.


How much of a change would this be?
Would the MS change scale to match another MS appearance, even if it was significantly smaller than the Chameleon?


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The armor would â– â– â– â– â–  colors to make the image of a smaller MS, but the initial size and shape would stay the same.
Basically, it would take on an appearance of that of the MS, but not size and shape.

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Alright, just wanted to make sure there wasn’t any mass-shifting here.


Name: George Baker
Team: Team Heavy, unless another player wishes to join Team Heavy.
Appearance: Dark brown hair, almost black hair. George Baker is an eccentric builder and pilot.
Bio: George is your standard high schooler, he plays for fun and wants to excel in the tournament with his teammates

Name: The Caboose Kaboom
Appearance: A camouflaged GM Cannon II, colored in olive and forest green
Model Base: GM Cannon II
Abilities: power smash, mortar punch,
Power Smash: sends a rumbling shock-wave into/through the ground. (think Hulk Smash:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
Mortar Punch: instead of explosive rounds the cannons shoot non-explosive rounds
Weapons: 2 over the shoulder Beam Cannon, connected to the backpack and Beam Axe, with an anti-beam coating shield, otherwise called a “NFHI RGM-M-Sh-AGD Shield” which is a mouthful. The anti beam shield is connected to a sub-arm Gundam Thunderbolt style to the backpack.

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Name: Julian Pick

Team: Dreadnoughts


Bio:Ex military having retired after losing his hand (and nearly his life) Julian saw the mechs that battled and worked and he was bored by the monotony of their designs so he has dedicated his life to the construction of his Locust MCAU.

Name: MCAU-Locust



Model base: custom

Thrusters: ion jets allowing for high speed flight
Stealth system: simple radar disruption creates false blips on radar to create confusion and panic, also creates white noise.
Beam shield: do I have to explain this?
I-field barrier: can deflect the beam weapons derived from Minovsky physics
Smoke launchers: small grenade launchers chambered to fire smoke grenades

Twin 60mm Vulcan autocannons,
twin high-yield missile pods,
one 180mm recoiless rifle,
claws for grabbing twisting and throwing
mandibles for attacking while grappling

Theme tune:

Name: Zan Yoffey

Team: Dreadnoughts


Bio:Former railway engineer joined the dreadnoughts after realising that building guns for giant robots was cooler than maintaining train engines

Name: SHWP “Iron horse”


Model base:custom

Beam shield:simple enough protection against beam weapons
I-field barrier:can deflect the beam weapons derived from Minovsky physics
Loader arm: loads “the redeemer” can slap things
High power lights: can range from: soft illumination to blinding
Massive size: good for tanking blows and running things over

Twin 30mm machineguns
Gatling missile array
twin-linked anti-air cannons (good for grounding foes)
Conflagration engine (a big under-slung flamethrower)
“The Redeemer”: (you see that massive cannon? yeah that thing is designed to blow apart military bunkers and small space-stations)

Theme tune:

Coach/team leader
Name: Mr Iyankovich



Bio:an incredibly old and frail man who seeks to improve ballistic weaponry before he kicks the bucket. Travels with his bodyguard Drahomir

Name: Drahomir


Appearance: See above picture

Bio: The long time bodyguard of Mr Iyankovich, fatally wounded after taking a sniper shot for him. Interred within a sarcophagus and hooked up to a robot programmed to replicate his personality.

5mm machinegun
grenade launcher loaded with tear gas
power claw

Theme tune:

                                             +EVEN IN DEATH+


Name: Logan Osborne (Team’s Leader and Ace)
Team: Iron-Blooded
Logo: Which translates to Iron-Blooded.


Age: 25
Height: 1.90 m/6’3
Personality: Kind, friendly, impulsive, respective, vigilante, good at heart, outgoing, sometimes quiet and silent, fearless, and he’ll do anything necessary to help himself and the once loved around him and he’ll rise above himself for the greater good when needed.
Bio: Logan was raised as a normal kid with a good childhood and loving parents, as he grew to be older a fascination with Mechs has sparked in his heart and so one day he volunteered to join the Gundam Academy and successfully graduated, through those years he has become an excellent Gundam fighter having fast reflexes matching to no other and were second to none, he has a mighty will and he will push himself to the limits if he has to, his strength is his heart.

Not long, he created is own team called Iron-Blooded, he has become a strong, noble, honorable and wise leader, his team is no team but rather family for in family you gain strength, he values his teammates above all else and will fight till the death for them.

Iron-Blooded will do everything in their power to become and earn the title of Champion, Team Iron-Blooded is tough and rough and they are ready.


Name: ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus
Height: 19 m
Weight: 31.2 t
Appearance: The one on the left is the one which would be looking like in the RP (The credit goes here:!!%25E6%2594%25B9%25E8%25A3%259D%25E4%25BD%259C%25E5%2593%25811100GundamBa/)

Model Base/Body Frame: ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus
Propulsion System: Thermal Phase and Transition Thrusters
Abilities: Because this Gunpla Kit called Barbatos is really great built it has enhanced strength, agility, and speed, combined with Logan’s fast human reflexes which he had from birth it makes him a formidable fighter and a fast to dodge one. He is the Leader of the Team and its main Ace for a reason.


[details=Sword-Mace]A heavy, close combat weapon developed by the Iron-Blooded technicians for Barbatos Lupus, its shape and weight is designed to avoid hampering the MS’ mobility. Although shaped like a sword, it is a chopping weapon rather than a slicing one.

This is how it should look in the Simulations, imagine it to be more realistic, rather than just a plastic weapon. [/details]

[details=200mm Gun]Mounted on forearms, the gun barrel faces backward when not in use and rotates forward when in use. The recoil when fired is absorbed by the weapon’s rail slide, minimizing the effect on the control of the MS.Close combat weapons can be held in the hand while the 200mm Gun is equipped.

This is how it should look in the Simulations, imagine it to be more realistic, rather than just a plastic weapon.


[details=Twin Maces]Smaller than the usual mace, the twin maces are easier to wield. The main weapon used by Barbatos Lupus in a melee.

This is how it should look in the Simulations, imagine it to be more realistic, rather than just a plastic weapon.

[details=Arm Rocket Launcher]Close to mid-range shooting weapons that fire 2.8m long rockets. Like the 200mm gun, they are mounted on the forearms via rail slides that absorb recoil.
The launchers normally face backward and will rotate forward when used. If required, they can be fired while facing backward. Close combat weapon can be held in the hand while the launchers are equipped.

This is how it should look in the Simulations, imagine it to be more realistic, rather than just a plastic weapon.


[details=New Long Sword]
A long sword forged by the Iron-Blooded in their base facility in America for Barbatos Lupus’ use. Its blade is made of the same rare alloy as that used in mobile suit’s frames, and in the hands of the right pilot, it can bisect a mobile suit. It’s a long katana.

This is how it should look in the Simulations, imagine it to be more realistic, rather than just a plastic weapon.


[details=Large Railgun]A large handheld electromagnetic launcher, its barrel slides forward when in use.

This is how it should look in the Simulations, imagine it to be more realistic, rather than just a plastic weapon.


[details=Valkyrja Buster Sword]Borrowed from the V08Re-0526 Helmwige Reincar, it is a large sword that exceeds the mobile suit’s height and was designed for use against mobile armors.

This is how it should look in the Simulations

[details=Variable Mace]A mace with a spike-like claw that can flip out from the tip to catch the target upon impact.

This is how it should look in the Simulations, imagine it to be more realistic, rather than just a plastic weapon.



Sub Arm

Like the original Barbatos, Barbatos Lupus has a pair of Sub Arms on its back for mounting weapons. They also contain a hidden claw each that can be used for attacking enemy units at the rear.


@Jcton (@meepinater for my team members, this is your leader, let me know what you think.)


How long does it take to fire or charge? Or reload. I understand it’s a bit of a big cannon, but knowing more would help.


For your benefit.
A decent number of mobile suits are space capable, so I don’t think tear gas would too effective in that right, but I can’t find a major issue with it.


I should mention sense this is a Gunpla, the Alaya-System wouldn’t need any form of the surgery and it could be replicated with the Embody System, which actually exists in the Build Fighters anime and is just a special suit they wear to help with control, reaction speed of the Gunpla. Though it does cause head aches, ranging from minor to strong.

@Jcton Done, hope you like it now.

The cannon takes about three turns to fully lock load and fire

And the tear gas is to deter anyone who may seek to harm Mr Iyankovich, it’s anti infantry not anti gundam, hence why Drahomir is so small and is also armed with an anti-infantry machine-gun

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Accepted[quote=“MichaelTheLightBringer, post:7, topic:48837”]
Logan Osborne


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BTW “the redeemer” is designed to be a cannon so big you can’t mount it on a gundam and expect it to move quickly

Okay, so it’s a heavy type

yeah I feel it’s fair considering the Iron horse can’t fly

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That would be difficult in space

I mean the Iron horse can still roll around on a moon

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I don’t know how many fields will happen on the moon, but there will be at least colonies


Name: Ryan Reyes (Team’s Gunpla Builder)
Team: Iron-Blooded

Age: 26
Height: 1.85m
Personality: Cool, calm, reliable, smart, cunning, clever, he has the brains and tactics while Logan has the strength and might.
Bio: Since childhood Ryan and Logan were best friends and were always down to do something together, it didn’t matter what, it didn’t matter how stupid it was and how dangerous they enjoyed the thrill and their bond as friends have strengthened, they are more than friends they are brothers-in-arms.

While Logan is the muscle of the group, Ryan is the brains behind everything, he usually smokes or likes to hold something in his mouth to better make him concentrate in his job, everything you might think you know better than him, there is a strong chance that he already knows what he knows.

He spends hours upon hours of research in his computer and datanet, as he continuously experiments with advanced pieces of technology.


Name: ASW-G-XX Gundam Vidar (Cavalier)
Height: 18.5 m
Weight: 30.9 t
Appearance: Yup, he is white and black with little bits of red. (Credit goes here:

Model Base/Body Frame: ASW-G-XX Gundam Vidar
Propulsion System: Thermal Phase and Transition Thrusters.
Abilities: Although Vidar or now known Cavalier posses the enhanced strength, agility, and speed because of its very well built Kit.

Vidar/Cavalier has incredible enhanced speed and agility, able to go to a distant place to another in just mere seconds, his speed and agility is matched to none and is second to none, he can also attack out of nowhere and deadly, his white armor might stand out however, it is quite the opposite.

Ryan has tinkered a little with the armor and now, even in plain sight his armor would act sort of camouflage, making the opponent’s tracking devices almost completely useless and in doing so you’ll never see him coming, however, the camouflage wears off when he attacks but by the time you see him coming it’s already too late, however, he is not undefeatable, you’ll have to think your way instead of bashing swords.

[details=Particle System]This allows for the Particles to flow through Cavalier’s body and enhancing the performance significantly also Cavalie has the Assimilation Ability causing the Gunpla and the Pilot to become as one and more powerful, and also has the ability of a powerful Particle Burst attack, while in itself it is a strong Ability if it’s combined with every arsenal the Gunpla has it makes of a one devastating finish move but not without its drawbacks.

While the Gunpla significantly becomes stronger, if it were to be damaged that damage will be taken as well by the Pilot, the worse the damage the worse could happen for the Pilot.[/details]


[details=Burst Saber/Burst Shield]Gundam Vidar/Cavalier’s main armament, this slim saber is used in combat styles like striking and thrusting. Its blade can be disconnected from the hilt to serve as a Napalm based explosive, or if it becomes entangled. Replacement blades are stored in his shield, three blades pers are stored in his shield.
When attaching a new blade to the saber, the shield armor will slide back to expose the blade. The burst saber is stored in the shield when not in use.

His Burst Shield is made out of the same material as the mech’s armor, a rather quite powerful and strong shield, capable to tack destructive punishment for a period but not for long.
It can withstand generic/normal base weapon attacks, rockets, missiles, lasers, and beam sabers.

Brust Saber and Burst Shield look like this:


[details=110mm Rifle]A highly versatile rifle that can be used in any range, it is stored on the side of the side armor when not in use. Manufactured by Iron-Blooded’s development department, it is in test operation when adopted by Gundam Vidar/Cavalier.

110mm Rifle looks like this:


[details=Handgun]A compact, easy to use, close range shooting weapon stored on the side skirt armor. It is primarily used to contain the movements of an enemy mobile suit in close combat. Both handguns can be used simultaneously for concentrated fire.

2x Handgun looks like:


Hunter's Edge

A close combat weapon consisting of two extendable blades per foot, one in the tip and another in the heel. Classified as a blunt weapon, they are incapable of slicing. They show their true value when used in combination with leg-based attacks such as kicking and stomping, turning the entire leg into a weapon.

[details=Swords]Lastly but not least, he has two swords he stores on his back. They are also made in the same material as his armor, they are quite durable and can cut through hard metal.

They also possess a heating ability (look at the red bits of the sword that it is) when heated to the max it can cut through almost anything, but that is not always guaranteed.

Here you can see his swords are stored behind his back.[/details]



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You do know that Thermal Phase Transition Thrusters are one thing?
Other than that small nitpick it’s good

Is he accepted? You like it?

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