Greg Farshtey potentially laid off by LEGO

Greg posted on his Linkdin account that his journey with the company may have come to a close. His last day is scheduled for the end of July.


Welp, I guess the canon contests aren’t going anywhere.


That is an unpleasant surprise. I hope he can do without Lego in the future.

But there are also consequences for the message boards, like the potential end of AskGreg and the canon contests. So pretty much the definite end of official G1. This community will be a quite different one once he is gone.

He has done a lot of things both for Bionicle and Lego as a whole. I am just surprised it ends this way.


All good things must come to an end.


uh oh
This is not good.

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Would you suppose that he could continue to moderate the contests without LEGO’s permission?


So this means he cannot canonize new info anymore?

hypothetical at the moment, but most likely he will not be able to.


So the canon contests will be rendered obsolete in the near future … shame it had to end this way :cry:

Hopefully Greg can put his awesome writing skills to use and publish independent books. He’d surely succeed at that.


Actually, since he made the majority of the G1 story, I don’t see anything other than copyright technicalities stopping him from doing the canon contests or providing answers to questions. I mean, how can LEGO claim to have all of the answers to stuff he didn’t answer? I’m sure they can’t just say “We made the sets, therefore we should be able to answer every question related to them, even if it is an obscure one that comes from an even more obscure point in the web story”, right? But if I’m wrong about that, I still don’t see how the contests are prevented from happening if Greg Farshtey is one of the few people who can actually provide a definitive answer to these problems.


Is it something he could do?


Would Lego care?

Probably not.

Would he do it?

I’m doubtful. Greg’s always strictly followed the rules laid out to him in terms of what he is and isn’t allowed to canonize, and he wouldn’t be allowed to do anything if he is no longer an employee.

Again, I doubt Lego would go after him if he did choose to continue adding information, but then you also get into the question that’s been asked for the last 20 years: does Greg make the story, or does Lego (through Greg)?

Since Lego owns the Bionicle IP, any information that doesn’t come from them would be canonically dubious at best, though there is certainly debate to be had there.

Ultimately, the best source for answers to these questions would be Greg himself. I’m hoping he will eventually address this directly, but there’s no reason to hound him for an answer right now.

That’s a little more than a “technicality”.


I think at the point that Greg leaves Lego, as long as he doesn’t violate an NDA, he has as much of a right as any of us to create content. It really depends on if he wants that kind of relationship. Ironically it does actually free him to complete the serials if (huge ‘if’) he wanted to.

To what degree anyone would consider it ‘canon’ is a whole other matter…


I do not think he will be able to. He answered me that he is not able to write bionicle or bionicle fan fiction no matter how much he wanted to.


Could you link to where he said that?

So Faber, you remember how you have a really real and not at all fake project that you’ve been teasing for so long about something vaguely Bionicle?

By any chance are you in need of a writer?


A shame to see Greg go, but I hope he can continue his novel writing. From what we saw in the BIONICLE novels he is a great science fiction novelist and gave life to many of the characters, including side ones. I would totally read anything else he has to offer.


Yeah, but that was when he was a Lego employee. The whole point is that he isn’t now.


Yeah, me too. that would be really nice.


I was joking there. If he didn’t get in trouble with LEGO, though, it would be nice to at least have it all wrapped up, from his part, anyway.