Hahli (Post-Reformation)

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Since migrating out onto Spherus Magna, Hahli has mainly remained with the rest of her now 5-man Toa Mahri team. Between the usurpation of Teridax, the conflict with Velika, and the new world as a whole, there seemed little time to mourn the loss of a dear friend. Only after the first year Post-Reformation did she and her teammates finally earn a moment to breathe and to commemorate. For the next century and a half, she assisted her team in various missions across the four Tribes of Ice, Fire, Water, and Jungle now united under the Octerran League. Toa in these early days were always in short supply, and under Tahu’s influence the Toa were to be cautious of direct involvement with the sovereign League militaries. They were protectors, not soldiers. But nevertheless the Toa often worked hand in hand with the League’s official leadership in stabilizing the nascent union. In the year 161 P.R.E., Jaller led the Toa Mahri including Hahli to assist in the successful Castra Magnan Campaign to rid the pre-Shattering strongholds of the Cruenti Skrall. Afterward, Hahli and many of the Toa Mahri could often be seen accompanying Jaller in his unofficial capacity as trainer to new generations of Toa in the Octerran League Guard next to Verico.

Hahli was the first to formally invite Takanuva into their team fully after having accompanied them in the early days of the Post-Reformation, but the Toa of Light politely declined feeling that the Mahri had earned their team’s cohesion together and wished not to intrude or replace it. In the end, his Destiny would lie with an unexpected team of his own in the third century. But outside of official Toa duties, the trio of Hahli, Takanuva, and Jaller were still often found in the casual company of one another in New Atero.

In the middle third century, Hahli like all others on Spherus Magna would be confronted with the disturbing and unforseen reemergence of Energized Protodermis on the surface of the world for the first time since before the Shattering. She and her team would be among many critical to the League’s response to the sudden crisis that was developing in the remnant Wastelands, at the contested borders between several newly developing civilizations…



Download a studio file version here.
This also requires: the latest Biopack and part 44847 by TheNinjaWhippet

Oh no NO NO-


Looks pretty nice, despite all the non purism!

The last picture is quite obvious :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good build, a shame she is pigeon toed

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Wow… wow. The colors and build are great, but that claw really blows the whole thing out of the water. (Heh.) Nice work!


Very nice work here. The claw looks great. The build is really cool.

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Amazing recreation of my favorite Toa Mahri! :smiley:
(hopefully this one is less prone to breaking than the original one :wink: )


Wow great job! It took me quite a while to figure out which pieces were painted, great interpretation of her claw

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There have been a few good Hahli re-vamps, but this one really feels like it
embodies her personality in Mask Of Light. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Now do Matoro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@MooCowsRock @Rukah Honestly I was struggling with whether to include her original claw piece or not, but it just didn’t work out. I wasn’t sure what to make of the piece in the end.

I’m afraid that’s it for Toa Mahri revamps for me though. I was never planning on building the whole team, I just really wanted Jaller, Takanuva, and Hahli together in moc forms. There’s something I like about the idea of that trio.


Really solid MOC and creative interpretation of the Claw. Quite a good show.

The instructions vid is just extra awesome, thanks for that!


@Kirathel I think that was my favorite thing to build on this moc. Weapons are always fun.


Phenomenal-looking build, but that just goes without saying at this point. Really like the shaping of her armor, and the custom build for her claw that attaches onto her forearm is absolutely rad. The tubing on her shoulders is also a really nice touch.
I always thought it awkward that the Mahri kept their clearly underwater-specialized forms after 2007, but these builds keeping the best of both worlds really helps to sell the idea for me. Seeing her with Jaller is also incredibly satisfying, and a group shot of the three MOL stars in their new toa forms would be a sight to behold (especially with Takanuva’s update, what a chad lad).


i love this, another amazing moc as always. 10/10
except for the last pic. love isn’t canon.


Looks fantastic!


That’s exactly it for me too. I prefer to think there was at least some kind of physical transformation to accommodate their new amphibious modes after the whole mask of life change.


What paint did you use for dark red and dark blue?

@Zarian They’re rustoleum spraypaints, Colonial Red and Deep Blue.


I just found you on youtube and I must say that your designs are really fantastic. Can’t wait to see more.


Just an idea: I am making a story using some of my characters that will feature your character Nerix in her Zanite version, as well as some custom Toa of my own. Would it work for your story, as concerns the energized protodermis, if some of it is made by Vortixx scientists using a particle accelerator and an energy generator from the Great Spirit Robot? Just asking, because I want my story to work with your lore, since I have borrowed one of your characters for part of the plot.

Also, many thanks for making your versions of these heroes! It would be great if they were made as sets someday! They put LEGO’s versions to shame.

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*I’ve updated the first post to include a studio file of Hahli at its bottom.

My man :facepunch:
I appreciate that.

Well I wouldn’t want you to change any of your own story ideas purely on my account. But if you’re asking directly if that’s consistent with my mocs’ shared story setting I’ll have to say no. I don’t think I’ve said much on this yet, but there’s a deeply transcendent nature to Energized Protodermis in my own fanon. Why it was inside Spherus Magna, why it reemerges later, its quasi sentience, and it’s potential relation to Mata Nui are integral to the future of that setting. And part of that means that it is absolutely beyond material means to reproduce it, as it’s eventually understood not to originate from the immediate material universe to begin with. Relative to ordinary Bionicle characters, it’s a finite resource.

But you can take that or ignore it however you wish, along with any moc I make certainly. It’s all fanmade stuff in the end.